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Wednesday, November 16, 2005

I'm still in love with this man!

Yes, I am still very much in love with this man...

He is my daily dose of sanity and my daily breakfast to live my life beautifully...Dicky and my daughter Margaux makes my life complete.

I was cleaning up the junk files in my computer when I came across a letter...a letter I wrote and gave to my husband over a month before my delivery. I want to be sentimental about it. It's so good to reminisce.

February 24, 2005

Dear Dicky,

Being pregnant is a time of such anticipation, optimism and dreaming…of fear and insecurity and even self-doubt. I have felt all of these in the course of my pregnancy. At first, the joy of finally having our gift after more than two years of waiting made me feel so blessed. Until now that I am close to the final track, I almost can’t believe that I am capable of making one and carrying a life in my womb.

It is an extraordinary experience to go through all this pregnancy business. And nothing can be more rewarding than the very support of all the people around you, most especially from someone who was part of all this conspiracy (hehehe)…your husband.

Babes, I want to express my wholehearted gratitude to you for all the encouragement, support and pampering you have been extending to me the moment you learned that we are pregnant up to this very time. A lot of things are going into my mind but you were there always to keep me sane. I know that all these experiences and confusions are also very new to you but I’m glad we are together on this matter.

Thank you for regularly accompanying me to my doctor’s checkups. It makes me feel secured and just be excited on every visit rather than focus on how much weight I have already gained and if I would ever go back to my normal size! (huhuhu)

Thank you for attending the childbirth class with me. Although I know that it is something very strange for you initially, still my persistence proves to be effective for you. I hope the classes made you see the beauty of being part of your wife’s delivery time even if it takes you to clamp and cut our baby Margaux’s umbilical cord. Baby, you can do it. Talking about my persistence right?

I appreciate you being open to the idea of being with me through my labor pains up until we can hold Margaux in our arms already. Have I convinced you about it? Not to put pressure but I want you to let me know ahead of time if you can withstand the pain that I will go through. Of course, I want you to be comfortable as well during those times and not be annoyed for being part of it. Don’t worry, I promise not to shout on you whenever a contraction strikes! But I would still count on your PATIENCE on me. That is one virtue I appreciate mostly from you.

Thank you for being a good provider for me and of course for our coming baby. I know how much you are striving hard to ensure our family’s future and to just provide the best. You are such a responsible man and that is something I really look up to you. I know you have problems/concerns in the office but you are not letting it get in the way or even make me worry about it. I want you to know that I value each day that you go to office and all your hardships. Will always be there for you to support you and I’m proud for what you have become already in your current state. Now, it isn’t just me who will be there for you always, supporting you to take more leaps and conquer more worlds, our daughter will also cheer to you: “Go, go to the Best Dad in the World!”

Now that I am coming into the homestretch, each day requires a lot of endurance as I finally wait to end this maternity marathon. I sometimes feel guilty that I haven’t been taking care of you lately, sorry not just lately but since I got this big ball in my stomach. I am so preoccupied with the things to prepare for the baby not only materially but also physically and most importantly emotionally.

I would like to take this time to apologize for the times I have not been a good wife to you. I haven’t been sensitive to your needs nor have I been thoughtful and sweet lately. I always want to take the prime seat and would always want to be pampered. I didn’t realize that I also have some obligations to you as your wife and as your partner in life.

You talking to Margaux every morning and evening makes us bond as a family. I can now feel that we are a FAMILY! I can’t wait to hold our daughter in our arms as we play with her. I’m sure she would be our angel.

When the time comes that Margaux is beside us already, please don’t feel insecure just in case I would sometimes neglect you. It isn’t intentional. I would appreciate you constantly reminding me to take care of you as well. And if sometime, I feel so stressed and harassed already with the demands of motherhood, a big hug from you will do. I may not be perfect but knowing that I have you beside me, supporting and appreciating me even in my mistakes would be a perfect compliment already.

I am looking forward for our future life together now that we will have our 1st born already. I am sure we would still want to have another one or more children, depends on what the Lord will provide. It makes me anticipate of more good times together as a family.

Life is really so sweet especially with you. I thank the Lord everyday for bringing us into each other’s life.

I love you so much daddy babes!

Mommy Jody


Cynch said...

hey jods! this is so nice and heart-warming! thanks for sharing this letter...! im sure your hubby felt delighted upon receiving this letter. and look naman how time flies... Margaux is now growing up so fast. Its really good reminiscing the past noh? Bringing back the anticipation, the excitement all over again...

Congrats again for a very beautiful family...

apple said...

aaaw, how swit! parang kelan lang when you were writing this and soon, mag-1 yr na si margaux! hay, savor each moment talaga. =)