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Friday, July 29, 2005

One Happy Family

Everything is beautiful. I thank the Lord everyday for the many blessings in my life, one of which is my family...a FAMILY which i can now call my own.

I have a very loving husband and a super cute daughter (of course, you have to love your own!). Dicky and I waited for more than 2 years before our little angel has come down. But i have to say, it is worth all the wait!!! We savoured so much our life of just being together, of being careless and childless. Now, it's a whole different experience as we are now PARENTS but we wouldn't trade it as well.

God is so good. He really knows what's best for us, when's the best time to give to us. I always believe that there is a reason for everything. For the 2 years that we have waited, we had so many good memories as husband and wife, our late movie nights, dining outs, travels together and even just snuggling to bed on a late sunday morning. Now, we can't even watch a movie anymore, few dining outs and even have to check if the restaurant is condusive for us to bring our baby. No more travels and we really cannot cuddle around each other's arms anymore cause Margaux is co-sleeping with us.

Nevertheless, parenthood is very rewarding. And I am very proud of my one happy family--->my husband Dicky and my daughter Margaux.

By the way, we don't mind adding another member in the family in God's perfect time as well!

my first notes...

Welcome to me!

This is my first ever post. I'm still learning my
way around here. I'll be putting down my notes, my thoughts, my feelings about
being a wife, a mother, an entreprenuer or just about being myself. This will be
my EXPRESSIONS! (whether a happy note or a violent reaction!)

I will share my activities, my emotions and even my plans/goals in
life. It's a good way for me to document everything here as there will be a time that i can just look back to the memories.

I'm looking forward to my next post...