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Saturday, July 24, 2010

Books for the Girls...

I got a number of books from "Books for Less" the other day. I was so happy to get these since most of these are just worth Php 50! But they are all in good condition. I took those easy reading books that would help in training Margaux to read. The books are really geared for Kindergarten students and there's even a process to follow for the parents in helping their child to read. I think these are good deals from Books for Less. Some are even Dr. Seuss books. I am making it a point to read books to them every night before going to bed. I have actually planned out already the books that they are going to read every week. We have a number in stock so I have no worries...

Monday, July 19, 2010


Thanks to one of my clients for giving this to me! I love combos but I am in South Beach Diet now so I would probably pass this up. The husband and the kids are feasting on it on the other hand.  Speaking of my South Beach Diet, I am on my first day.  Goodluck to me!  I would really like to survive this cycle.  In fact, I am thinking to go on Phase 1 for a minimum of 1 month.  Dieting is really taking its toll on me.  It's hard to lose those stubborn extra pounds and no matter how I don't eat much, it's just there.  Is it because of the age?  Oh well, I hope the SBD could still do the trick.  I'm taking it one step a time.  Will post also my progress. 

Saturday, July 17, 2010

On Sunglasses

This is one of my favorite photos taken in Griffith Park. Obviously, the sun was up so high during our visit there since it was noon time. The kids love wearing sun glasses. And they actually got that fondness from me since I always wear one whenever I am out. Of course this is to protect my eyes since I have been wearing contact lens for years now. And it is important to actually ensure as well that the contact lens I am wearing fits me well. Don't want to be like Lady Gaga on her music video of Bad Romance who was actually wearing huge eyes. I think she should just have gotten her lens from Stahl Eye Center, a known eye center in New York. 

Friday, July 16, 2010

Researching on Lasik...

Yes, I have been doing a lot of researching about Lasik as I am highly considering to do have that procedure. Check also what I found out on the internet. You may google USAEyes and find out about "The Best of Ophthalmology...EyeWorld News Magazine" article. is a known patient advocacy organization that conducts a national Lasik results survey to certify select Lasik surgeons. The site actually is full of information for those who have a number of questions about the said procedure.  I am picking out a number of reliable facts from there.  I hope there is something like that in the country today.