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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

He wants to buy...

Yes, I know there is really something with the husband recently. He is haunted by his wish to buy a new vehicle. How would I know? He sends me everyday pictures of SUVs he has been browsing online. Those second hand SUVs that he finds worth looking at. I also caught him over the weekend talking to a seller. And last night, he admitted to me that while in our bank, he also asked for a quote for a car loan! He was telling me that it won't be a cut to the budget especially if we would just sell the other vehicle to get a new one! Ok, so he wants to buy a new vehicle really. I just told him to make sure to buy one that won't be a pain in terms of finding its auto parts, especially if he's considering getting just a second hand. He said checking out Great Auto Parts site would be a big help since they have a complete catalog.  But I am still not giving in to this option of buying another vehicle.  And if ever I would, I would prefer a brand new.  (wink!)

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Lovely dresses for kids...

We went to Eastwood Mall last saturday since we have to get a birthday present for a party we had to go to. We went to Baby Fashionista's store (Prim's store) and there Margaux found a lovely dress. She never took off her eyes from the dress and she fitted it herself.

So I bought it for her and also got a red dress for Bianca. They both look so lovely...(manang-mana sa mommy! hehehe!)

Friday, July 24, 2009

El Nido anyone?

What's on Monday?

It's going to be the State of the Nation Address on monday. I thought its going to be a holiday but nah! The declaration was claimed back. Well, I hope to hear nice things from the speech. But all will not be wasted if everything that would be promised won't be executed. Same way if the address will just talk about false review of the past year's accomplishment. There are many things the government should focus on. Quality Education, Housing for the poor, Employment and a lot others. The government should also ensure proper empowerment of those in public service. But the empowerment shouldn't be abused at all. I hope the government would also look into auditing of all government agencies. I wonder where all the budget is going to when for example a typical policeman doesn't even have a decent Police boots. Government should extend all efforts to actually review all their suppliers even those providing just the supplies and uniform of the ones in public service. They should have just gotten like the police gears from Chief, a known provider of all military gears. Let's see if those things would be addressed during the SONA.

Friday, July 17, 2009

Can I survive the Arctic?

Merchandise Liquidators

This quiz was provided by

Merchandize Liquidators

a Wholesale Clothing Company

Gee, I cannot! I saw this quiz from a friend and thought that it's cool to try as well. True enough, I can't last a day in the arctic without clothing. Who could be? It's so freezing cold there. I would have wanted to stay in an igloo though and see for myself a polar bear! But I still want to experience winter and be able to wear some fabulous winter clothes.   I have always wished for it.  

Friday, July 10, 2009

Presciption Glasses...

I saw some $ 8 Rx eyeglasses from a commercial I saw the other night. Apparently, Zenni Optical on TV!!!. Amazing, this great company have work its way to also make a new TV ads to entice moms to consider getting prescription glasses for their children who might need it. High Five to Zenni Optical because they really offer affordable glasses even for kids.  One f my daughter's classmates do wear something to correct her eye concern.  I should have recommended the company to my co-parent.  

Thursday, July 09, 2009

Ever been in a collision?

This is one of my fears when driving. One of my collegue got into an accident on their way back to Manila from Tagaytay last week. This happened after an event. Good thing, nothing bad happened to them physically but he has to shoulder the expenses of all the injuries suffered by the passengers of the other car. Now, he is looking for a good repair shop to fix his car. Told him about auto body yorba linda, which is the largest network of collision repair experts. Their network of auto body shops has a lot of good feedbacks on how they actually put the vehicle back to pre-accident condition.  In case you get into something like this, just hover to the site.

Thursday, July 02, 2009

Supportive Wife!

Yes I am. Well, as far as I know I am. lol! Like accompanying the husband to watch Transformers on its first day of showing despite the heavy rain and being so tired from day's work. Then again last sunday. since it was his birthday last 27th, he requested that we watched PBA game in Araneta Coliseum. Why? Because his favorite team, the underdog Ginebra Kings was on its way to finish the semi-finals. Good thing, our trip to Cubao didn't go wasted as the team won and now competing for the finals. The husband is now even asking me to watch again, likely by next week. It is actually fun to watch the game. I also had a great time as I too was shouting and jumping for joy whever Artadi and Helterbrand would make their 3-points.

Here are some pictures that I took:

Wednesday, July 01, 2009


to gardening lately! I bought new sets of plants again today in my fave landscaping store, cause they offer their plants cheaper other than any other store along their street. And with me watching Home and Garden Online TV during my free time, I have been getting a lot of tips on how to really make gardening a good way to relieve me from stress. Yes, I have found my new outlet.  Maybe, I should start growing orchids as well.  Also, I have been hooked as well to Spreety TV Online : Watch TV Shows Online Free. Its a great site to watch legally your favorite TV shows. They have lots of channels to choose from which can be for any genres. Try it yourself sometimes. For the meantime, I'm gonna catch again a new episode of the gardening show I have been watching.