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Friday, July 24, 2009

What's on Monday?

It's going to be the State of the Nation Address on monday. I thought its going to be a holiday but nah! The declaration was claimed back. Well, I hope to hear nice things from the speech. But all will not be wasted if everything that would be promised won't be executed. Same way if the address will just talk about false review of the past year's accomplishment. There are many things the government should focus on. Quality Education, Housing for the poor, Employment and a lot others. The government should also ensure proper empowerment of those in public service. But the empowerment shouldn't be abused at all. I hope the government would also look into auditing of all government agencies. I wonder where all the budget is going to when for example a typical policeman doesn't even have a decent Police boots. Government should extend all efforts to actually review all their suppliers even those providing just the supplies and uniform of the ones in public service. They should have just gotten like the police gears from Chief, a known provider of all military gears. Let's see if those things would be addressed during the SONA.