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Wednesday, September 30, 2009


The picture above was lifted from reuters. It was in Ortigas Avenue Extension right after the floodway bridge. No one was spared from the neck-deep flooding in the area. The east of metro manila was badly hit. Our families are victims of this grueling experience. Its like you would have to run for your life for the immediate rise of water on the roads. Most of the vehicles were submerged in water. Most of the roads are non-passable so the commuters and even those with their own cars have no choice but to bravely walk on flooded areas. And on those areas without flood, vehicles are not moving at all because of extremely heavy traffic. So even if you are riding those beach bikes like what you used to have when you were a kid, you won't be able to pass. Rain was pouring like there's no tomorrow!  It was scary! In fact, I still can't imagine how I managed to cross Marcos Hi-way in bare feet (slippers untangled) in a chest-deep water with current.  I was like swimming in coffee with cream (read: brown color) water!  Arg!  Nevertheless, I was just glad to be home with my family! 

Need a photo stationery?

Are you looking for Photo Stationery Invitations? Would you like to personalize your photo cards? Whether it is some photo invitation, photo announcements, or even holiday greeting cars or birthday cards, check out below what I would have to recommend.

You can choose from their different Unique and Exclusive Designs Available ONLY at . CardsPersonalized uses patented Instand Preview Features where you can view your personalized invitation before you even place your order.You would atleast see clearly how your card would look like especially if you are placing your own picture.  As early as now, I'm ordering from them for our family's christmas greeting cards. 

Friday, September 25, 2009

Still a no...

The husband forwarded to me a site where you can buy harley accessories. Is he trying to convince me that he would like to buy a big bike? Ahm, no, I am not yet solved to the idea. But the site has  over 30,000 different motorcycle parts and accessories to fully customize a Harley and at a hefty 60% off from most of the brand names! Very good deal if you are looking for one.  I ym'd the husband and said, it's still a no, period! :P

Another Birth Announcement

I have been receiving a number of Birth Announcements. I came a party last night and almost the other mommies on the table where I was seated made some baby announcements! I almost transferred to another table! lol! But indeed, those were very good news for everyone. I am happy for a friend who is pregnant for her 3rd baby already and she's hoping for a girl this time.

She's really excited for this pregnancy since we started at the right weight as she said.  I got inspired with her to really trim down first before planning for another pregnancy so it won't be much of a problem in gaining some more lbs.  I am pretty sure she would make some photo baby announcements, maybe even video? Her husband is the Filipino Videographer so making some photo birth announcements won't be a problem at all.  They got some suggestions last night to have it printed from In CardsShoppe, they can really add photo or images to any card designs. Plus they do print and ship the orders the same day as the layout is approved. I'm looking forward to receive a copy of one from them!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Twitter/Bebots Exchange Gifts

So its now my turn to post my wishlist for the Twitter/Bebots Exchange Gifts this time. Here's my list:


1  Bath and Body Works Products.  I am choosing everything from SALE items (if this would be the choice, the items would have to be shipped in an address in either Texas or LA; would send it separately)

a.  3 for $10 Hand Soaps (scent preferences: country apple/irresistable apple; fresh lime     basil; white citrus)
b.  3 Room Sprays at $3 each (scent preferences: Fresh Bamboo and Cinnamon and Clove Buds/Spiced Cider and Sweet Pea)
c.  5 for $5 Pocketbac (any scents)
d.  1 Body Cream for $6 (Scent preferences:  Cucumber Melon or White Citrus)
Total of these is exactly $30.  Ang saya diba? coz madami! ;)

Ok, I have a disclaimer for not requesting for a bath and body works gift card instead.  It states kasi that the value of the purchase of the egiftcard is not applicable to offers.  But if it can be confirmed that I can use it for sale items online then I'm fine to just receive the e-giftcard.  

2.  Old Navy E-giftcard. Check it here.

3.  A 3-piece cardigan pajama from Victoria's Secret. Click here for the exact item. I prefer it in the same color as in the picture. Color: Coral. Please get me a size 12.  I know this is at $35 but I am willing to pay back via paypal the extra $5 and if there's an extra shipping charges.  It should be shipped in an address in Texas or LA. 


1.  Magazine Gift Subscription of Good Housekeeping (12 months) and Yes Magazine (6-months). You can order through their site. I super like to receive this gift! been meaning to subscribe but really can't find time to do so thus a gift subscription would be a pleasant suprise. 

2.  Some kitchen products but I would have to repost again specific items as I need to check first.  I prefer getting from Gourdos or Living Well. 

3.  Starbucks GC - equivalent value in 100 denomination ;) (hahaha!) Starbucks is my office actually when I meet clients so getting a GC from it would be a lot of savings for me!  

I'm excited for this!

Bianca's Wishlist

Here's Bianca's wishlist for the MBAP Christmas Party...

1. A baby doll (not necessarily the Baby Alive! (wink,wink) but it just have to be soft and cuddly).
2. A clay set - preferably like into cooking (example: Pizza Set; Burger Set)
3. Anything Dora - but should be a toy (not bags, no pencils, towels, etc--->dami na naming ganun eh)

A Baby Shower Invitation

I love receiving Baby Shower Invitations. It's a symbol of new beginning and new life.  Take for example the image of a baby shower invitation on the side.  It says that "their dreams finally come true." I can very well attest to that. My husband and I were blessed with our first-born Margaux after being married for more than two years.  It was the sweetest baby announcements when we finally told our friends and family.  It was worth all the wait.  

Next year, we would want a boy hopefully and I also look forward for another baby shower of course.  I hope the chinese calendar to have a boy would work as I really plan things to be thematic this time.  I have sourced from If I am lucky enough, Cards-411 offers some free invitations and even free shipping to some orders. And I can even request them to modify any card design or color based on what I have chosen. I am thinking of a sports theme already since the husband/daddy is so into basketball and golf. I'm getting too excited here, you know.  It's not to early to prepare for next year right?

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Margaux's Wishlist

So for the upcoming MBAP's advance christmas party in two weeks time, need to post already the wishlists of my little girls. Will start off with my first-born:

Margaux's Wishlist (these are all according to her ok)

1. Barbie doll (with some accesoories please!). Not her first actually but she would just love to receive another doll. Besides, she really loves to play with the house sets of Barbie I got for her last christmas.
2. Ice cream Clay Playset
3. A dog toy in a cage. I don't know if this would be within the budget but if not, never mind, hehehe. She saw this from a little girl in the mall once time. Its a playtoy dog with a cage that you can bring around with you.

Next up, Bianca's wishlist...

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Back from HK...

since last night but I am still wishing we are still there!!!! yep, 4 days was really not enough. I feel like it has passed so quickly. The kids had a blast. But I was so tired tending to the two girls (parang mga boys!  hehehe).  Thanks for the very helpful and responsible husband. I tried to quickly move around Harbour City for like 1.5 hrs only while I left the kids with him in our room in Marco Polo Gateway. I was hoping I could still go to Ikea in Causeway bay as I would like to see if they do have those tables in Toronto like the tulip oval table which I want to put in our lawn but didn't really got the chance to go there anymore.  Shopping was not really a priority for this trip anyway but I was able to sneak in some purchases still.  Well, mostly for the kids.  I barely got something for myself but I managed to bring home one atleast.  Still downloading our pictures and need to find time now to post our vacation story.  Tons of work is also waiting on my desk! Yes, after being gone for just 4 days!!!  Arg, this is what I hate after coming from a vacation, getting back yourself to the groove again.  Wish me luck tomorrow!

Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Things I did yesterday...

I was so glad that it was a holiday yesterday. I was able to finish a lot of things which include the following:

1. Finish answering all emails from clients.
2. Finish all pending checklists for clients.
3. Buy food to leave for the maids.
4. Clear up memory cards of both cameras.
5. Finish packing the luggages to bring for the trip tomorrow.

I am busy today as I still have meetings till evening so I was so happy that I was able to prepare things already for the trip. Now, I am ready to relax and enjoy the vacation after tonight! Leaving the house early tomorrow morning to catch first flight to HongKong!

Monday, September 07, 2009

One day to go!!!

Those were the words of my daughters when they woke up this morning! We are leaving on wednesday morning for a quick trip to HongKong. Would spend 2 nights in Disneyland and then move to the city afterwards. I'm kinda worried about the weather. I hope it would cooperate on us. I checked the weather forecast in Hong Kong and it says that its generally Sunny with isolated rainshowers. Hoping for a nice weather while in Disneyland atleast.

Thursday, September 03, 2009

Their play...

I love these photos of the kids with their playmate, Cate (daughter of my friend Mai). Looks like they had so much fun!

All taken last saturday...

And this shot is my favorite...

Cute right?

Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Rolex anyone?

Some of my friends were talking about owning a piece of Rolex Watch. They have been wanting to get the two-toned oyster lady perpetual. I am actually not a watch person but getting one could also be a real treat. I was browsing through the site of I must say that I was quite glued to the the site after a while. They do have great pieces. I wonder if my friends know about it. I should tell them to check it as well. One of them is actually flying to US next year so I guess it would also be best for her to check it out especially if they are going to Atlanta. The company offers genuine Rolex watches at great discounts from the manufacturer's suggested retail price. In the country, the prices of Rolex watches are soaring high. I am not sure actually if I can own a brand new one so I am even considering looking at pre-owned pieces. But Best of Time also offers pre-loved watches so its really a great site to check when you are shopping for one. They even provide 3-year warranty and free fedex shipping.   Such a great deal at substantial great price.  So anyone considering to get a Rolex watch should check out the site too.