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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

The shoot...

can be read here.

Friday, May 23, 2008


Read here why I am currently in panic! I'm still sitting here in front of Amanda! Got to have a blowdry man lang. It's less than 40minutes!

Different kind of bday theme...

A friend who is married to a policeman asked me as to where she can get tactical gear costumes since their only son will be celebrating his first bday on August.  Isn't cute?  Since the dad is in service police, my friend wants to have a "police party!" where she would ask the little boys to come in those costumes.  I'm sure it would be a great party.  It would be very cute to see the little boys lined-up in those firm and manly-looking gears.  Now, I wish I have a boy!  Hahaha.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

What's up?

If you haven't seen our pics in our recent stay in Manila Pen, then you can check it here.  Yesterday, had a fight with my little girl Margaux.  Check the stories here.  But we are all good now.  I wanted to blog and blog some more and check all updates with my friends but there are just so many things running in my head that I cannot concentrate.  Hopefully later, I'll be able to bloghop.  I'm also busy reseaching ang reviewing options for our hotel accommodation in Singapore this July.  And I'm also contemplating on planning a trip to Kota Kinabalu.  I might really take the husband's offer.  I'm a sucker for travel.  I might really be broke at the end of the year.  And I have been bidding and winning with my online shoppings recently.  I'm getting addicted.  This is bad!

Friday, May 16, 2008

Stark Museum of Art

A good friend recently moved in Orange Texas. They bought a house and she showed me the house pictures online. I was amazed as how much art my friend has put up in their house. She is actually an art collector and she said she was also recently inspired of what she has seen from a well-known museum in their area. She was talking about Stark Museum of Art. The museum actually houses one of the nation's most significant collections of American Western Art. What started as a vision from H.J. Lutcher Stark and his mom who wan an enthusiastic collector of art, furniture and other decorative items around the world is now a landmark in Orange Texas. The place actually showcases all their collections over time. They have the finest collections of 19th and 20th centure of Western American art and articrafts. They are showcasing some diverse wildlif, stunning land, dramatic people of the American West. They also have American Indian Art and even glass and porcelain collections. You will be suprised that they also handle rare books and manuscripts. They are actually holding some exhibitions as well. They do this to explore different themes in greater depth and new approaches. The special exhibitions are available to showcase individual artist's art. I have been browsing their site and I learned that they are also offering great items for sale online. These items are offered for their educational outreach goals. They do sell books, posters, magnets, catalagoues, notecards and some limited-edition gofts that can coincide with their special exhibitions. My friend told me that since of limit of space of their online gallery, she actually been convincing me to visit their family so we could also see personally this beautiful museum.

Thursday, May 15, 2008


we will be checking in Manila Pen as an additional wedding anniversary celebration. We got married in that hotel so imagine how much i was affected when Trillanes chose to lodge his massive appeals there! Hay, I'm super pissed with him. But the hotel has not lost its grandeur. It's still for me the best. I'm biased ok.  We do stay here every year.  And this year, we are staying till Sunday!  Sayang ang vouchers!  Yahoo!  I bet it would be swimming again for the kids.  I just hope the sun will rise already by tomorrow. 

To Reno

Few years back, contracted the service of a car rental company for an SUV, which we used when we travelled for a 5-long hour drive to Las Vegas. I could remember that it was Advantage Rental Company, which is the largest and one of the major car rental companies in the US. Now that we are travelling again, we would looking again for an option to rent a car this time from Sanfo to Reno. Since we are meeting few friends in San Francisco and would only be staying for few days, we would definitely stay in downtown so it would be easier for us to go around. Our concern this time would be our travel to Reno. So I have searched again their site and was a great find to know that Advantage is now committed in providing 100% fuel efficient vehicles by end of 2010. It is such a good move of the company to protect the environment and it is such an advantage for them to be considered again.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

I need your votes!


Please click the 3 designs options for my company website here.

These were all made by the competent mommy blogger Joy.

I can't decide which template so I'm asking for votes which one looks appealing.

Describe yourself today...

I got this tag from Yen. 

1. List 6 things that describe yourself today.
2. Add your blog to the list. Feel free to add all your other blogs.
3. Tag other online friends you know.

Today, I 
+ miss Margaux
+ feel accomplished in doing things in my Mac. 
+ light, i ate light lunch
+ am excited about our weekend stay in Manila Pen
+ am happy about the good things in business
+ am blessed. 

Creative in Me, Little Peanut, Me and Mine, Pea in a Pod, Sugar Magnolias, Scribbles of My Life, In This Game of Life, YOUR BLOGS

I'm tagging Nice, AA, Jane, Farah and Nol.

Missing Margaux

Missing the little girl.  She slept last night in my brother's house since she wants to be with her cousins Hans and Seth.  She called us up last night saying she won't go home and would stay there until today.  When I called this morning, she told me that she won't go home still until tomorrow!  Aba, di man lang kami na-miss!

Monday, May 12, 2008

Clearwaters, Clarkfield Pampanga

Dicky and his team had the yearly family outing last friday-saturday in Clearwaters, Clarkfield Pampanga.  We hit the road at 620am to be in Shell NLEX at 730am calltime.  We arrived almost at the same time with family of Jacqui boarding their new Toyota Fortuner.  We had breakfast in Jollibee.  All the rest of the families came after:  Colleen and her son Kevin, Ruth and hubby Joel with their two boys, Beng and Roan with Nica, then the two single men for that weekend, TJ and Jun.  The last family to arrive as always is Oye and Wendy with their two kids.  

At 830am, we all drove directly to Clarkfield.  It was good that Jacqui arranged for an early check-in.  It was a quick trip as we were in Clearwaters before 10am.  The rooms were available to us at 1030am so while waiting for it, we allowed the kids to have fun in the pool first.  They were accompanied by the yayas.

We were then able to go to our rooms at almost 1130am.  We had few picture-taking outside our room.  

We had to settle back in the rooms as we had a  birthday party to attend to at 1pm.  Ruth's son celebrated his 6th birthday in Mcdonalds inside Clarkfield.  It was just arranged that day.  The kids had fun for the party as they were few to scramble upon the prizes.  

The whole group...

It was raining hard after the party so we weren't able to leave Mcdonald's right away.  Most of us, except some of the kids headed to Parkson Duty Free.  Bought few items!  Hehehe, I don't think it was few as I spent almost Php2K the first day and went back again the following day to buy more of the Vaseline Cream Type Petroleum Jelly.  It is Bianca's lotion for her atopic dermatitis so I had to hoard as we have been asking friends and family to buy it for us in the States.  I think I got about 15pcs.  That's enough to last until December, in time for our US trip. (hehehe).

When we went back to Clearwaters, we headed already to our new room.  There was a problem in the first room that was assigned to us.  It always come in three:  first the flush wasn't working, second, power failure and last, it flooded because of the heavy downpour of rain.  They gave us the VIP Deluxe room which was near the pool area.  That's why the kids were able to swim again that afternoon.  We joined them that time.

The whole group decided to have a late dinner in SM City Clark.  We had a heavy dinner in Flavours of China as most of us were craving for Chinese Food.  Jacqui ordered a lot and we went home with a lot of take-home viands.  The kids had a great time running around the mall, infront of the restaurant as it was closing time already.  We allowed them to have a blast since we really want them to tire themselves so we can already start our red-dog (card game) session.   Imagine, we had to move some kids to another room so we can just play este gamble!  Hehehe.  

Too bad, we didn't win this time.  Stake were as high as Php5K but we lost almost Php2.4K.  :-(  It wasn't our lucky night.  We ended up the booze and the game at 230am!

As it was, expect that we would not be able to wake up early.  I checked from our window if the other families were there by 730am as what Jacqui told us, but at 8am, the pool was still empty.  I decided to get up at 830am and I was suprised to see from our door, flanks of buses arriving in Clearwater!  There were about 3 companies having day tours!  We immediately called the group to prepare so we can all go swimming before these people jumped into the pool!  We had breakfast in the Bistro and then headed back to the pool.

It was a fun-filled family outing!  We look forward to next year!

Thursday, May 08, 2008

Outing again...

We are off to another quick getaway tomorrow.  

We will be in Clearwaters, Pampanga together with the team of Dicky (officemates) and their families.  I bet the kids will have fun in the pool, while us the parents will enjoy the gambling!  hahaha...

I wish we can win P6K again in red dog (the favorite card game of the group!)  just like what happened last year in Subic.  We are bringing booze so walang tulugan ito!

Be back with pictures!

Wednesday, May 07, 2008



Halos Php 50/liter ang gasolina!!!

Kamusta naman ito?


Monday, May 05, 2008

The Gifts...

So here are the gifts for the great man for our 6th Year Wedding Anniversary...

It was a well-spent celebration.

We feasted on this triple decker cake, which was a gift from a client...

Pictures from Kindermusik...

Just came from Kindermusik class of Bianca...

Looks like the litle girl had so much fun!

This Morning...

i had an interview with Special Features Writer of Businessworld re weddings.  The issue will be out on the last wednesday of the month of May.  

Things like this makes me feel I'm a reliable source!

Friday, May 02, 2008

A Different Kind of Cruise

While checking on possible vacation options, I got across online a different kind of cruise.  I was suprised to learn that there are Christian Cruises already.  These are innovative and wonderful way to spend a holidays.  Imagine being on board a luxury yacht where there would be bible teachings, tour of beautiful islands and at the same time relaxation not only of your mind and body but of the soul as well.  One popular Christian Cruise is the Footsteps of Paul.  This pilgrimage have a schedule that would start on July 19 and end on July 26.  The itineray would start with a special private teachings in Mars Hill, Athens.  It will be followed with fellowship and teachings at the sea.  There would also visit to famous preserved churches in Pergamum which is overlooking the Mediterranean Sea.  There would also be visit of some beaches and teachings in actual amphitheaters where Paul spoke to the Ephesians.  A visit to some caves in Greek Island will also be part of the itinerary.  Of course, for any travel, good finds in some shopping outlets would also be available.  It will be in Akritori which is the Pompeii of Greek Islands.  It s a haven for shopping devotees.  These Christian Cruises have been gaining popularity already so I think it is really worth to check out.

A rebate...

I have been a loyal Globe Handyphone user for several years now and I have not availed of any of their loyalty promos eversince until yesterday.  I called up to inquire for any free phone as loyalty promo.  The customer service representative I talked to on the phone said that they don't offer it anymore instead they do provide rebates instead.  So she checked on my records and told me after few seconds that I'm qualified for a rebate!

I was giddy happy to learn that I can get Php 1,386.72 as rebate each month in my billing for 24 months starting June of this year!  WWWOOOWWW!  That's a lot of savings to me!  Multiply, multiply that is Php 33,281.28!!!  That's even better for a free phone since the value depreciates!  

I'll recover cost of my new bag in 24 months!

Ah, such a blessing!  Thank God!

Those globe subscribers, do check out this promo.  They are actually not advertising it but you can just call 211 to inquire.  Hope you can get rebates too!