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Friday, February 29, 2008

The result...

It’s primary complex!

It’s sad. It’s a long process of medication but come to think of it, my “mommy’s instinct” worked. I have a bad feeling she has that’s why I really insisted for her to be tested. We have started medication yesterday.

Now, all of us in the house must be tested. I want to know who’s the culprit!

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Sports Memorabilia

I have a cousin who is very addicted to playing football. I know it is kinda unusual that he prefers football over basketball cause we Filipinos are more accustomed to basketball. He's been dying to get football memorabilia of his favorite football players like Lee Dixon, Johan Cruyff, Sir Bobby Carlton and Ruud Van Nistelroy. He even wants to order online these memorabilia shirts he saw from This site offers a variety of sports memorabilia of popular sports players from different categories like football, boxing, golf, and tennis. My cousin said buying from the site is such a breeze. Everything can be browsed from the site and it has a shopping cart feature making it easy to use multiple items. A contract will be made after the order. They can ship the product worldwide. It normally takes around 14-21 days for delivery after order has been placed. So my cousin is so excited to receive his first memorabilia from Lee Dixon. He said he's going to buy more after few months or so. This is his new addiction.

I hope it's not...

Brought Margaux yesterday to Medical City be tested for primary complex. I'm suspecting it but I really hope it's not. She had chest x-ray yesterday and had PPD skin test. Will know results by tomorrow.

So we decided not to send her to school for the meantime. I know primary complex can still be treated but I know it has not to be taken for granted cause it could develop to more complications.

We really pray it's not.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Mommy Bloggers Coffee Date

Read here.

For Margaux's 3rd Birthday...

My kumare Mimi, introduced me to Level of Discovery kids furniture and I got so excited when I saw the items. They are carrying the products and all are from US. These are currently available in Rustans. I'm so proud of my kumare cause recently they were awarded the distributorship of these products in the country today.

I think its timely cause I have been looking on what to give Margaux for her 3rd Birthday.

Help me decide which one...

1. Prima Bellerina, has a ballerina on the arm and has music as well.

2. Always Princess. This has an adult version, which I want also!

These products have 3 years warranty on parts and 100% lead free!

I also love this but we still don't have a place to put it. Maybe, when we have the dreamhouse built na lang. Its going to be perfect for the kids room.

Which do you think of the two rocking chairs above is better? I like the music in prima ballerina but i like the always princess color better.
Hahaha, I get two kaya? One for Bianca naman!

Friday, February 22, 2008

Go Pinoy Bloggers!

Blogger now in Filipino

February 19, 2008 — permalink

This is a quick post to announce that, in addition to Blogger’s recent improvements and fixes, we are now available in Filipino.There is already a very strong blogging community in the Philippines, and we’re very happy to support that and be a part of it.

I'm a proud Pinoy Blogger!

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Trial Class in Gymboree

Brought Bianca today in Gymboree Shangrila Mall for a trial class for the gymplay. She enjoyed it a lot. It's her first time to attend a class such likethis. Will also check out Kindermusik next week.

Some pictures here...

Monday, February 18, 2008

Dicky Jr.

I don't need to say more...

Best Blogs in the Digital World...

Thanks to Jean for this award.

Snag it!

Family Day in Eco Park

Margaux's school had a family day in La Mesa Eco Park yesterday. We had so much fun. The kids enjoyed it. The teachers prepared good activities for all of us who were there. They divided the families to two teams: Blue Team (that's our team) and Red Team.

First, we had an icebreaker game. We were asked to do the "arrange yourself according to certain categories". Our team won that category.

Then, we had a cheering competition. Our first cheer goes like this...

Give me a B...
Give me an L...
Give me a U...
Give me an E..
What does it say?
Black este Blue!

Hay, ang may pa-uso nito eh ang magaling kong asawa. Hehehe.

Then we had the amazing family race. Hay, kakapagod this one. I think I lost 10 pounds there after going up and down twice to the stairs leading to the dam. The last challenge wherein its a mom and dad team up, Dicky and I performed it. We were asked to count the steps in the stairs. Imagine on our first round of going up, Dicky's count was 118 and I counted 116. When he went down to tell the teacher, it was incorrect and my number of 116 was also incorrect so we had to do it all over again. I felt the pressure, the red team was there already catching up on us. (note: now I knew how Marc and Rovilson felt when they counted the steel bars in a bridge incorrectly and they had to do it again). On Dicky's second round, he counted 117 and I was able to confirm the same number when I reached the top so one member has to go down again and tell the teacher. Dicky did that and finally, we got it correctly. Blue team won the race.

But can you imagine, after going up twice, I didn't even bother to look at the dam?! Pathetic. I wanted to see it pa naman. Pero wala na akong pakialam, we wanted our team to win.

Our team (Blue Team) was the over-all champion for that Family Day. It was all fun.
Some pictures here...(sayang, we weren't able to take pics of us doing the amazing race challenges).
On the way to the picnic area...

In the playground...

Bianca on cheering squad...

Margaux playing balancing...

Dad and Margaux biking...

Ready to go home...

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Saturday, February 16, 2008

Amazing Race Asia Finale

I was ecstatic when Marc and Rovilson were running first but my heart fell when Collin (Singaporean) came and seemed so sure in what he's doing about the flags. Team Philippines came in 3rd. I felt sad. Parang the finale was so bitin! I can't believe that it was the pitstop already after the roadblock. I want more!

But Marc and Rovilson really did an amazing race! They did their best. They were not quarelling, they have strategies and really came prepared for the race. They were so cool! Love them.

And I was so touched when they were running to the pitstop carrying a Philippine Flag, makes you a proud Pinoy!

Go Tara2! Go Team Philppines! You raced amazingly!

And I still heart Marc Nelson! (hahahah, love ko na sya!) I heard his dating na Natasha now!!

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Virtual Casino

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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Margaux's Journal...

From her teacher: "Margaux has always been very excited when coming to class. She skips into the classroom with a big smile on her face and immediately goes to her friends. She is also very enthusiastic every time we introduce something new to her.

Last week, we started a our new theme: I love my family and friends. Margaux continues to tell stories about how she takes care of baby Bianca and how she shows her love to her family and friends. She has become very confident with speaking in class, and now even says "Good morning, Teacher Kara." Margaux was very eager to try out our different Valentine's activities. We made valentine cards, heart wand and put together broken heart puzzles. She made a card for her family and even drew baby Bianca and the rest of the family in the card. She also didn't forget to draw her "ate's".
Last Friday, we also had a field trip in McDonald's with the preschool kids. (note: I missed this:-( as i had an event) Margaux was very excited to go to the field trip. She kept on saying she was going with her daddy but when it was her Ate En-en(margaux's yaya), she was still very excited. (note: Dicky has to bring Bianca for pedia check-up, thanks to very supportive husband). Margaux wasn't able to sit with her Ate En-en on the way to McDonald's but this did not upset her at all. She just sat and confidently called out the types and the colors of the different vehicles passing by.
During the field trip, Margaux was always in front of the group listening quietly at our guide.
Reading weekly the teacher's journal, makes me a very proud mommy for the little achievements of my Margaux. She has really been a very good sister to Bianca. I can attest to how much she cares for her baby sister. All these small things are big for a mommy like me.
This is also what I like about her current school because the teacher really take time to give progress report every week. I guess this not available to all schools. I'm happy with the way they are handling the kids. Still considering to send Margaux to same school next school year. But that would still be dependent if we are moving house already. Another decision to make.

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Kiddos are sick...

The two kids are down with colds and I'm starting to catch it as well. It must be the weather. When I went to Mercury Drug this afternoon to buy medicines, a number of other customers were also buying medicines for colds.

So be careful, there's virus in the air.

Medical Career Training

I have few cousins who are graduating this year. Most of them are looking to get into the medical field. One of my cousins told me about becoming a sonographer. I know it is about being an ultrasound tech. She has been researching about it. She came to the site of Medical Career Training that talks about the different careers available in the medical field. is actually a website that provide information to its visitors about Medical Training programs available. They provide comprehensive information about career options, and degrees and courses being offered by leading institutions. They are updating constantly their database. My cousin learned from the site that they do have selections of ultrasound tech school that she can look at. In one ultrasound technician school, they provide training for those who wants a career as a sonographer. Sonographers may specialize in obstetric and gynecologic sonography (the most common, the study of the female reproductive system, and examining a pregnant patient's fetus to track it's growth), abdominal sonography (the liver, kidneys, gall bladder, spleen, and pancreas), neurosonography (the brain) or opthalmologic sonography (the eyes.). A number of schools are listed in the site that offers this course. My cousin is reviewing on each of them. I hope she finds the right school for her.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Happy 40th Anniversary!

It's my parents' 40th Wedding Anniversary today!

To Nanay and Tatay, good health to both of you always.

We love you!

I'm Five Star!

Wow, got this 5-Star award five (5) times!

Thanks to Peachy, Nol, Pheng, Jesse and Arlene. Really appreciate it girls. I'm so flattered.
This 5-Star Blog Award is given to a blogger whose blog is of highest classification. A blog of excellence in the following criteria: content, design and style, informative and accomodating. I'm passing on this award to: Apols, Aggie and Joy. You also deserve it girls.

On Business Loans...

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Update on my brother...

Read here.

Thanks for all the prayers.

Thursday, February 07, 2008

On Research Papers...

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I'm occupied.

Read here why I am occupied since tuesday evening. Please pray for my brother. Thanks in advance. I will get back to you on all your comments, link ups, tags and awards once everything is fine.

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Starting a business?

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Sunday, February 03, 2008

Amazing Race Asia

Is there any news if Marc and Rovilson bagged the final leg? I wonder. I'm really looking forward to watch the finale. Too bad, they weren't able to get the Fast Forward last episode. They miss the count of the bars in the bridge with just 1.

They are racing wisely. I so like both of them! And I heart, Marc Nelson! Hahaha.

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