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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

For Margaux's 3rd Birthday...

My kumare Mimi, introduced me to Level of Discovery kids furniture and I got so excited when I saw the items. They are carrying the products and all are from US. These are currently available in Rustans. I'm so proud of my kumare cause recently they were awarded the distributorship of these products in the country today.

I think its timely cause I have been looking on what to give Margaux for her 3rd Birthday.

Help me decide which one...

1. Prima Bellerina, has a ballerina on the arm and has music as well.

2. Always Princess. This has an adult version, which I want also!

These products have 3 years warranty on parts and 100% lead free!

I also love this but we still don't have a place to put it. Maybe, when we have the dreamhouse built na lang. Its going to be perfect for the kids room.

Which do you think of the two rocking chairs above is better? I like the music in prima ballerina but i like the always princess color better.
Hahaha, I get two kaya? One for Bianca naman!


Mich said...

Buy 2 na lang Jody! hehehe! :) i like both too!