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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Sports Memorabilia

I have a cousin who is very addicted to playing football. I know it is kinda unusual that he prefers football over basketball cause we Filipinos are more accustomed to basketball. He's been dying to get football memorabilia of his favorite football players like Lee Dixon, Johan Cruyff, Sir Bobby Carlton and Ruud Van Nistelroy. He even wants to order online these memorabilia shirts he saw from This site offers a variety of sports memorabilia of popular sports players from different categories like football, boxing, golf, and tennis. My cousin said buying from the site is such a breeze. Everything can be browsed from the site and it has a shopping cart feature making it easy to use multiple items. A contract will be made after the order. They can ship the product worldwide. It normally takes around 14-21 days for delivery after order has been placed. So my cousin is so excited to receive his first memorabilia from Lee Dixon. He said he's going to buy more after few months or so. This is his new addiction.