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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Do you know your Precinct?

Pretty sure you are already preparing for your candidates to vote. But do you know already your precinct number? You can find out if you are still registered by checking this site.

Go out and vote wisely on Monday, May 10.  The future of our nation is in our hands. Exercise our right to choose the right leaders for our country.  

There is still hope if we do our part as a good citizen of this nation.  

Friday, April 23, 2010

American Idol Season 9

My bet to win the finale...

He's like a combination of David Cook and Kris of both: Acoustic Rocker!!!

Way to go Lee Dewyze!

Summer Class...

for the kids = NONE!!! Hahaha, I'm such a good mom right? Oh well, the husband doesn't want them to go for swimming lessons anymore since they really might get dark. Not a nice sight to behold when we go to the US. I enrolled them to Trumpets in Podium beforehand but I have to retrieved back the fees since they really cannot finish the entire summer class. The culminating activity, their stage play is actually going to be shown my mid-May. So we won't be here anymore.  Instead of going on any summer class, they are just enjoying non-stop watching TV, DVDs, eating and just lazing around our house. I must say, I have saved few thousands because of it. 

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Beach, Beach, Beach...

Too bad, no beach for us this summer. But would really love to go to one soon...

You Should Spend Your Summer at the Beach

You're a free spirit who is always thinking of new ways to have fun.

And you don't just love summer... you live for it.

So, you really should blow off your responsibilities and head to the beach!

For truck lovers...

Should you need a ladder rack like this, no other store offers a number of options than They do have all kinds of truck accessories to enhance and upgrade your vehicle. They do have truck bed cover. They also offer car covers. Should you also need bug shields especially if you are on long road trips, you can order from them online as well.  Even vent visors, chrome door handles and grilles are available.  I'm sure my uncle who loves trucks would like this site.  He really loves enhancing the look of his pic up truck. 

Monday, April 19, 2010

Part of Itinerary...

Pathetic as you may say, but I am wishing that our trip to Los Angeles can include meeting a world renowned Beverly Hills cosmetic surgeon. lol! Oh well, it is not that I am interested with those beverly hills liposuction but I just wanted to see the famous clinics of the popular Beverly Hills plastic surgery center. Rodeo Drive is one of the places we would visit in California. It is indeed part of our itinerary as I am still wishing I can bring home something from there (wink!) I am curious as well as to where is the exact location of this popular clinic. Based on my reviews and readings, they have built and maintained a very elegant office that is sure to be in standards of rodeo drive elegance.  It would be nice to peek at their state-of-the-art facilities which has been fully certified by government agencies.  You will be surprised to know that they are almost frequently featured on television and radio, even for magazines and newspapers.  And most of their patients are really not just from California but from all over the world.  

Their centers are known to provide excellent and beautiful designs.  They use materials that are very welcoming like stone, bamboo, glass, marble and steel.  I'm sure the inside would be a pleasing environment.  As I have read, they also have many fine pieces of art for showcase which they actually feature even on events or exhibits.  I have taken note of its address since it is just located at North Rodeo Drive in the Second Floor of The Terrance Level.  I would love to have a picture of myself in front of their office.  Something that I am just writing about would be something that I could see myself soon.  That would truly be wonderful. 

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Counting the days...

It is just exactly a month from now, we are just counting the days. We are all excited. After a day of landing in LA, we would already proceed to Grand Canyon and then to one of my favorite destinations, Vegas! I am pretty sure it all about munching around for our stay there as we hop from one hotel to another for their buffet lunch or dinner. Aside from that, planning to watch few of the shows there like the one from Cirque de Soleil. It would be great to also try riding a Las Vegas limo. I know of a popular and highly recognized limo company in Las Vegas. They are known for very good customer service. They have variety of vehicles available for fleet. Whether you want a newer model or would you like to try their vintage class, they are the go to company for Las Vegas Limousines that even celebrities do use.  Wonder if we would have time to try this out.  On the other hand, I would just be happy to walk around Vegas as well.  I look forward to seeing new hotels and  I'm pretty sure I would be happy as well to see my favorite brands just around the corner.  I would try my best to be good while I'm there!  lol! 

It's been a year...

Yes, we are almost celebrating our 1st year in our dream house. It's our first year of celebrating happy memories from what we have built in our home.   The kids love our area. We adore our location being near to other major cities.  I love our community. The amenities inside the village is just superb. In fact, I have recommended to few friends and I'm glad that one of our closest friends is able to get a property next to our street. They are already building their dream house as well and we are very happy for them. In just few months, they are moving close to us already and we are excited. My friend is already asking me to assist them during their move. I told her to start packing those unnecessary items on their current place and probably just let go of it. But she's a very sentimental person like me that she would probably keep most of the items. Now, she is actually checking some self storage companies available from the net. She was able to compare some companies already based on what is available on her local area. She started reserving for few space for her boxes already.  In no time, we would be neighbors!  I can't wait!

Ten Commandments of Health

Got this text message this morning...

1.  Less Meats More Vegetables
2.  Less Salt More Vinegar
3.  Less Sweets More Fruits
4.  Less Eats More Chews
5.  Less Clothes More Bathes
6.  Less Talks More Deeds
7.  Less Desires More Sharing
8.  Less Worries More Sleeps
9.  Less Rides More Walks
10.  Less Anger More Laughs

Monday, April 12, 2010

Back to School...

Yes, summer has just started but in no time, students would be back to school already in few weeks. I wonder where to get cheap textbooks? This is for my cousin who is studying in college already. Helping him find some used textbooks for sale. He would still get the list of textbooks that he needs when enrollment starts in two weeks time. Apparently, he is taking up BS Biology, as he plans to pursue being a doctor so I could imagine the number of books he requires. I have checked the internet and learned that he can actually get a number of titles for sale from the net. All he needs is to search for the specific title of book he may need or he may even search by subject or by author of the book.  It would direct you to a number of stores that sells 2nd hand books.  I promise to help him with it as I really support him on this endeavor to become a doctor.  I would have to tell him that college textbooks do sell fast so we really have to search and buy early per semester.  Should you also need one, do check out the site.  I'm sure you would find what you need. 

For a collateral...

A friend who works in a financial institution mentioned about a Collateral loan which we can avail. Actually, she is offering it for us. Although, we are not really in need of such, it would be nice to share what it is all about.  We could use the existing car titles we have for this kind of loan called car title loans. This is somehow the same with those car title loans Los Angeles. It is like a secured loan that let you borrow money using a property as a collateral. You can use a piece of land, pink slip of car, truck or van to get the value of your loanable amount. It is somehow a kind of loan that you will need especially for emergency or immediate requirement. This kind of loan can be paid based on agreed monthly installments of over period of 36 months. If payment has not been made, there is a chance that the property or whatever car title you have put as collateral would be repossessed.  Getting into something like this should be given careful thought and consideration.  You do not want to come into terms which something that would put you in a more terrible case of losing all properties.  I guess reviewing your family's income and plotting your monthly expense would give you an overview on how much you've got each month.  Should it be enough and you really do not need any for emergency case, do not put yourself into a more problem matter later on.  Well, just my thoughts.  

Saturday, April 03, 2010

5 years in blogging!

I have been blogging for 5 years already. Can you believe that? It started as journal about my kids and then I also blogged about myself, our family. I even shared most of my plans, emotions and everything under the sun. I eventually learned how to earn through blogging and it lead me to handle multiple blogs even. Yes, in most cases, I am multi-tasking. Now, a friend is even inviting me for adsense revenue sharing site. It is about writing an article, sharing it in the world wide web community and getting paid for the advertising revenue. Quite a handful of workload so I am not sure if I am up for such opportunity but my friend said you get a whooping 80% of the advertising revenue which others don't actually offer. Would still have to learn my ways into it.