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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

It's been a year...

Yes, we are almost celebrating our 1st year in our dream house. It's our first year of celebrating happy memories from what we have built in our home.   The kids love our area. We adore our location being near to other major cities.  I love our community. The amenities inside the village is just superb. In fact, I have recommended to few friends and I'm glad that one of our closest friends is able to get a property next to our street. They are already building their dream house as well and we are very happy for them. In just few months, they are moving close to us already and we are excited. My friend is already asking me to assist them during their move. I told her to start packing those unnecessary items on their current place and probably just let go of it. But she's a very sentimental person like me that she would probably keep most of the items. Now, she is actually checking some self storage companies available from the net. She was able to compare some companies already based on what is available on her local area. She started reserving for few space for her boxes already.  In no time, we would be neighbors!  I can't wait!