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Monday, April 12, 2010

Back to School...

Yes, summer has just started but in no time, students would be back to school already in few weeks. I wonder where to get cheap textbooks? This is for my cousin who is studying in college already. Helping him find some used textbooks for sale. He would still get the list of textbooks that he needs when enrollment starts in two weeks time. Apparently, he is taking up BS Biology, as he plans to pursue being a doctor so I could imagine the number of books he requires. I have checked the internet and learned that he can actually get a number of titles for sale from the net. All he needs is to search for the specific title of book he may need or he may even search by subject or by author of the book.  It would direct you to a number of stores that sells 2nd hand books.  I promise to help him with it as I really support him on this endeavor to become a doctor.  I would have to tell him that college textbooks do sell fast so we really have to search and buy early per semester.  Should you also need one, do check out the site.  I'm sure you would find what you need.