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Saturday, September 29, 2007

Can't get over it...

Ok, I was hit by the LV bug...

I can't get over it...

I am having sleepless nights...

I have been dreaming about it...

(masama na ata ito!)

I changed my mind...

My heart goes to Mini Lin Speedy...

"There are just somethings money can't buy...

It's priceless...

For everything else,

...There's VISA!"

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Two Nights to go...

Literally, dalawang tulog na lang!

Can't wait for Dicky to come home! (hey, I'm not after lang the pasalubong ha!)


Wednesday, September 26, 2007

And the mommy is happy...

I'm just happy...

So so happy...

The super loving husband said on the phone just now that he already got all my "bilins!"

He even bought me some more!

So I was wrong with my previous post na wala syang mabibili for me cause "kuripot" yun.

Ok, fine, binabawi ko na...

My new "toys" are coming soon... FABULOUS!

Can't wait...very timely for my TV!

Don't you just feel blessed to have a husband of such kind?

Ay, I'm sure, more than "kiss" ang kapalit nito! (wink, wink, hehehe)

On TV appearance...

Ok, I got a call the other day from Net25, (are you guys familiar with this channel?, i think it is being run by INC.) asking me to be a guest in one of their shows. I don't even recall the name of the show but it is going to be hosted by Gladys Reyes. I think it has yet to be shown so the shoot will be one of the pilot episodes. They want me to talk about "anything about being a mom." I was stunned after hearing the topic. I know there are lot of things to discuss about it, it's even broad. "but what in particular?" I asked. The lady on the other line said, "bahala po kayo? whatever you will be comfortable with."

I asked her to call me again cause I was driving that time. Thoughts rambled in my mind already as to what I'm going to do with that show! I could mess up. Finally, they called me again saying if I can discuss "sibling rivalry" and about "pregnancy and giving birth" Ok, that has been narrowed down but still lots of topics around it.

Bottomline, I agreed for the shoot. It will be on saturday at 1pm in their studio. I really hope I won't mess around, lol. Please share to me some inputs re the topics. They are asking me to bring the kids so they can shoot them also. The set will be like a home daw so the kids can play while me and Gladys are talking.

Wow, ang showbiz diba? I will definitely announce to the whole world as to when will it be airing. Hahaha. Watch out!

For the meantime, I have to grab nice clothes to wear for that day! Ok, token lang daw ito...hehehe...puede na rin, exposure ang habol ko....

Di nyo akalaing wildest dream ko pa lang maging artista ano? hehehe.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

I'll be missing a friend...

I will truly be missing a very dear friend...

Just came from a merienda coffee date that ended up until after dinner with my dear friend Tina. Tina and I met in Weddings@work when we were preparing for our own weddings about 6 years ago. We became friends even after that and our friendship even grew better. She became my alter ego for wedding coordination, heading my 2nd team. She in fact did more weddings than me last December 2006. I really appreciate all her help to me with the business. She did a great job especially during those times that I gave birth to my 2nd daugther Bianca.

But furthermore, she is indeed a very good friend. We call each other "sister" but now "mare" because she is one of Bianca's godmothers. I can talk to her anything under the sun, not just about the business, but my everyday life. She's the kind of friend that you can pull whenever you need someone to talk to about your dissapointments, your wishes, your feelings and emotions or just to hang around with you. I get to share to her everything about the kids and even though she wasn't blessed with one yet, she always has some good words to say to me after.

She is leaving already for New York very soon. I truly respect her decision and I'm behind her for it. When she got off my car a while ago, tears fell on my cheeks. And as of this writing, can't help but cry. I am a bit sad that she is leaving. I will miss my friend. I will truly miss her.

"Mare, I pray that the Lord may keep a close watch over you always. It will
definitely not the last time we will see each other. May not be here in Manila
anymore, hehehe. We will visit you in New York hopefully. Take care of yourself

Look at her picture above, isn't she pretty there? She's so reliable talaga cause I just convinced her out that time to become my model when I was training to become a make-up artist! Talking about being a friend who's always there for you.

Monday, September 24, 2007

And the daddy misses us...

Dicky left for Seattle last night. And yes, he misses us a lot. He already made 4 calls as of this writing upon reaching his destination about 7hours ago. He told me he cannot sleep, it was almost 2am when he reached his hotel room. He misses us a lot! He had to talk to Margaux on the phone and was so touched when Margaux said "love you daddy!" We are counting the days, he will just be gone for few days but you see, we are really not used to be apart and I'll never get used to it even if he has business trips once in awhile.

Last weekend, I googled everything about his destination. Talking about my organization skills. I even gave him printouts of the location map, weather forecasts, local attractions in the area for him to check out and most importantly, SHOPPING AREAS where he has to go to! Hehehe. I was so happy to learn that Bellevue Square was just .02Kilometers from his hotel. The mall has my favorite kikay store-Sephora and my favorite make-up has a flagstore there as well-Bare Escentuals.

I also asked him to buy shoes and clothes for the kids. There's Stride Rite store as well as Children's Place store.

I have printed the pictures of my "bilins" Hope he would really buy these for me. I can't wait for my new "candies."

100% Lip Color - Gingersnaps

Eyeshadow Compact Quad

Get Started Eyes Kit

Three Perfect Blushes

Friday, September 21, 2007

Jody's Celebrity Look-alikes

71% Mandy Moore
66% Lacey Turner
66% Emma Thompson
63% Zhang Ziyi


Margaux Look-alike Meter

So the daddy is very happy...

Bianca Look-alike Meter

I had to snatch this look-alike meter from Jane's blog.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Tagged by Kelly...

Thanks kelly for the tag!

Q1: What are you doing 10 years ago?
- Just graduated from college
- Working in a Jaspage (the uso pa nun was pager)
- Single and living with my parents

Q2: What were you doing 1 year ago?
- busy with events/weddings
- have a hang-over from our US trip
- preparing to give birth to our 2nd daughter Bianca

Q3: What are 5 snacks you enjoy?
- any chocolate cake
- yellow cab pizza
- wendy’s bacon cheeseburger melt
- sbarro’s spaghetti with tomato sauce
- lucky me pancit canton (hehehe)

Q4: What are 5 songs you know the lyrics to?
- The Closer I get to you ---> Dicky dedicated the song to me while courting me.
- Feels Like Home
- How did you know?
- Christmas songs (chestnut roasting…) à it’s my lullaby song to my daughters (hehehe)
- Children’s Songs like songs from Barney

Q5: 5 things you would do if you are a millionaire
- Donate to charity
- Buy a lot and build our dream home
- Travel around the world
- Start a big business – could be real estate or franchising
- Invest abroad like a house or a business

Q6: 5 bad habits
- big spender
- late sleeper
- chocolate-addict
- I’m a slacker to go to the gym

Q7: 5 things you like to do:
- Travel
- Shopping
- Get fit
- Pamper self like spa/massage, mani/pedi, facials
- Surfing internet and blogging

Q8: 5 favorite toys:
Not much of a gadget person as well.
- My lomo camera
- My palm pilot
- My laptop
- My digital camera

Q9: 5 things you would never wear:
- too fit shirts bulging my tummy.
- too loose shirts. (just want the perfect fit)
- old fashioned printed maternity clothes
- fake designer bags and clothing
- fake perfumes

Q10: 5 things you hate to do:
- Dieting
- Ironing and Washing clothes
- Commuting
- Getting lost while driving
- Waking up early

I lack sleep...

For three days now, I really lack sleep.

The kiddos are sick. First it was Margaux. She had cough and vomits everytime she drinks milk. But she's better now. Thanks to Nebulizer!

Now, it's Bianca. The little girl finds it hard to sleep because of her cough and colds. Last night, she had fever already. Bought her to her pediatrician this morning. I hope she gets better soon!

It hurts me a lot seeing my kids get sick. I'm sure all mommies will agree.

Deal or No Deal?

No, this is not about Kris Aquino's game show.

Dicky is going to the US this Sunday. I hate it! It's too short notice. Di tuloy ma-planong sumama kami! Hehehe, asa pa ano?

But nevertheless, I have been busy researching kung ano ang mga papabili ko sa kanya. Yikes, knowing my husband, walang mabibili yun, I bet.

I really don't want him to go but call of duty eh so I agreed but the deal is we will plan a trip to Singapore. He is taking PAL so together with his accumulated mileage, we can already get free round trip tickets.

I'm really hoping that he gets a PAL Business Class flight!

Told him, it's my only deal!

Tuesday, September 18, 2007


Got inspired by Jane's blog, I also wanted to post my choices. Dicky said it's a social injustice to buy such kind of a bag. I just's an investment! Whaah!

I'm saving up for a christmas gift for myself!

Monday, September 17, 2007

Not our luck...

We went to see again yesterday the above house we saw two weeks ago...the dream house! Even bought mother-in-law to show it. But we learned that it is no longer for sale :-(. Owner decided to live there and use it as their showroom. They are into build and sell business.

But maybe, it is really not for us. Not the Lord wanted us to have. We are taking it as a sign...

A sign whether to pursue buying a lot and building our own or pursue other plans...

We still don't know...we are at crossroads and we are praying for it.

On Bianca...

Our dear Bianca is already 10months old now...such a sweetie...

Taken using my Holga 120CFN.


We are still Yaya-less for Margaux. The prospective yaya I talked to last week supposed to start today. Texted her last night that I will pick her up this morning. Apparently, she texted back na "pasensya na po...di na po ako papasok sa inyo!" Hay, ang labo!

But I said to myself, buti na rin yun...kesa naman baka 2 days pa lang eh umalis na kasi napilitan lang...Help! Anyone who has recommendation for yayas? I actually need a yaya and an-all around.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Margaux's First Week in School

Just like to share what's written in Margaux's Journal written by her Teacher Cecilia. It is so good to note these milestones. I shall keep her a diary.

Margaux's first week in school was filled with a lot of activities. A new theme on water was introduced, expriments and projects were accomplished and she attended a birthday party at the last day.

She was generally very eager to try many things. She explored different areas and several activities in each area. At the Art Center, she played with dough, painted with paintbrushes and made artwork using medicine droppers. At the Manipulative Table, a frequented activity was the small colored plastic bottles and colored beads. Filling and dumping, typical characteristics of toddlers, has allowed her to practice many areas of development such as wrist control, eye-hand coordination, etc. At the
Block Area, she also discovered the vacuum cleaner, shovels and colored Duplo blocks. Using her shovel, she even started her own activity which Enzo followed of separating the blocks by "slicing" them.

She has shown that she is independent and confident. She knows what she likes and does not like. At present, as she is still getting to know her physical and social environment, thus there are still instances when she needs a more familiar face with her, such as her Mom; however, she has also shown that she can handle many things on her own.

Generally, the class has welcomed the theme on water very well. We will be having more experiments and other hands-on activities the next couple of weeks.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

What's Up?

I miss blogging for a couple of weeks. Wow, whatever happened to me saying that blogging can be addicting? Yes, it is still true but just caught up with a lot of work that was not able to get myslef to sit down and write everything. Anyway, enough of my excuses.

So what's up?

1. Margaux's yaya left for " vacation only" supposedly last August 24. She promised to go back mid September. Malinaw na usupan. But after a week, she called Bianca's yaya that she is no longer coming back. Grrr! I knew it was coming but I was still hoping for the best. I didn't purposely looked for a replacement before she left cause I was really counting that she will go back. Syempre pa naiba na ang ihip ng hangin pag-uwi sa province. Now, I'm on a look out for a yaya.

2. I have been asking around even to the yayas, mommies in the school of Margaux. And I have prospects which I will know by today.

3. Yes, you read it right. Margaux goes to school already. And it's everyday from 9am-1115am in Child's Space. It is just about 10 minutes away from our house. She started just last Sept3. I finally give in to bring her to school already. At first, I felt she might be too young for early school but realizing the curriculum or the activities set by the school, I believe her time won't go to waste. She's learning new things everyday. And I'm so proud my daughter is so independent.

4. With the above, my mornings are occupied. I'm the designated driver. I bring her to school everyday and pick her up as well. I enjoy it so much. She rides behavely in her carseat. Our trip to school and going back home is our "moment together." That's our bonding time. We just talk in the car and I'm so amazed that she talks like an adult when talking to me. Like, ",mommy, margaux will go to school now and eat snacks!" Hahaha, favorite ng anak ko ang snack time! Nangunguna parati sa table.

5. I have not been going to the gym for 3 weeks now! It's bad and I feel so bloated. I have meetings almost every afternoon till evenings so I don't get to access time for the gym. I know, it's not an excuse.Hope I can atleast go twice this week. I'm going to try later.

6. I got a new camera...a toy camera. I have a lomo camera already. I got inspired by Jason Magbanua. Dude, thanks for the films. Yes, it uses films. Para daw ito sa mga nagmi-mid life crises! Hehehe. I will share more about this lomography next time.

7. Checked last week a dreamhouse. Dicky and I love it. I even dreamed about it. We're on crossroads on deciding on this one. We wanted to get our own house already and we can. But we have to consider also our other plans for the family.

8. I've got to get moving for Bianca's bday party planning. I'm due to have her dress made next week. Still proofing the invites. I'm not yet done buying prizes. No food selection yet from the caterer. Well, I'm a crammer for my own family celebrations.

9. I was so busy the last two weeks. So many things to do. I was stressed. So I rewarded myself by buying a new bag! It's my consolation. When Dicky saw it, sabi nya, "bag na naman?" Yes, I now have 33 pieces! It's my addiction!

10. I'm blogging here in an internet cafe nearby Margaux's school. I have to get going now cause she'll be dismissed soon.