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Monday, September 24, 2007

And the daddy misses us...

Dicky left for Seattle last night. And yes, he misses us a lot. He already made 4 calls as of this writing upon reaching his destination about 7hours ago. He told me he cannot sleep, it was almost 2am when he reached his hotel room. He misses us a lot! He had to talk to Margaux on the phone and was so touched when Margaux said "love you daddy!" We are counting the days, he will just be gone for few days but you see, we are really not used to be apart and I'll never get used to it even if he has business trips once in awhile.

Last weekend, I googled everything about his destination. Talking about my organization skills. I even gave him printouts of the location map, weather forecasts, local attractions in the area for him to check out and most importantly, SHOPPING AREAS where he has to go to! Hehehe. I was so happy to learn that Bellevue Square was just .02Kilometers from his hotel. The mall has my favorite kikay store-Sephora and my favorite make-up has a flagstore there as well-Bare Escentuals.

I also asked him to buy shoes and clothes for the kids. There's Stride Rite store as well as Children's Place store.

I have printed the pictures of my "bilins" Hope he would really buy these for me. I can't wait for my new "candies."

100% Lip Color - Gingersnaps

Eyeshadow Compact Quad

Get Started Eyes Kit

Three Perfect Blushes


Jen said...

i used to live in bellevue when i first moved to washington. you would absolutely love bellevue square ~ they have the BEST, BESTjeric stores. great area too!

Jen said...

ops, typo..

M0rN1nG & N!cE said...

it's really hard when one of family members are far away.