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Tuesday, September 18, 2007


Got inspired by Jane's blog, I also wanted to post my choices. Dicky said it's a social injustice to buy such kind of a bag. I just's an investment! Whaah!

I'm saving up for a christmas gift for myself!


Jacqui said...

hi jody!

naku..Magulat dicky nyan! hahaha! :)

Beng bought Speedy style LV from HK last cloth fabric. Ng nakita ni dicky sabi nya : "grabe mahal nyan!! buti na lang di ako asawa mo!" :) kaya, I can imagine itsura nya pag nakita nya bag mo! :)

anyway, ok to reward yourself naman with LV bag. Don't feel guilty...hard-earned money naman yan! kaya, Go ako! :) I personally liked the LV pwede ilagay shoulder... Mas on the go ako with that than hand-carry eh :)

btw, dicky will go to US this weekend, nagpa-deliver kami items from amazon! bwahaha! :)

M0rN1nG & N!cE said...

nice bags! :)

autumn said...

hi jody,

ako naman, i'm dreaming of a speedy and a batignolles...sigh...hehehehe :-P