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Thursday, September 20, 2007

Deal or No Deal?

No, this is not about Kris Aquino's game show.

Dicky is going to the US this Sunday. I hate it! It's too short notice. Di tuloy ma-planong sumama kami! Hehehe, asa pa ano?

But nevertheless, I have been busy researching kung ano ang mga papabili ko sa kanya. Yikes, knowing my husband, walang mabibili yun, I bet.

I really don't want him to go but call of duty eh so I agreed but the deal is we will plan a trip to Singapore. He is taking PAL so together with his accumulated mileage, we can already get free round trip tickets.

I'm really hoping that he gets a PAL Business Class flight!

Told him, it's my only deal!


Jacqui said...

Hi Jody!

Actually, when we found out aalis si Dicky, hanap kme sa Amazon pwede pa-deliver! We are trying to get his address but di pa nya alam for the item delivery. hehehe! Kami din, di nakapag-handa...short stay din kasi sya. Sayang nga eh!

Anyway, I downloaded pix na pabili ko just in case mapunta sya any Toy Store. I wanted to get something for Sam as bday gift. Mura kasi sa US eh than here.
My First Leap Pad, orange ($19.99) + Dora book ($9.99). Hehehe!

Hopefully maalala nya, may time sya to go out at sipagin magdala si Dicky. Hehehe!