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Thursday, September 20, 2007

I lack sleep...

For three days now, I really lack sleep.

The kiddos are sick. First it was Margaux. She had cough and vomits everytime she drinks milk. But she's better now. Thanks to Nebulizer!

Now, it's Bianca. The little girl finds it hard to sleep because of her cough and colds. Last night, she had fever already. Bought her to her pediatrician this morning. I hope she gets better soon!

It hurts me a lot seeing my kids get sick. I'm sure all mommies will agree.


Jen said...

When they're sick and they can't tell you what's wrong but you know they need something :(.

Hope your babies get well asap!

Jen said...

btw, linked you up.

Mich said...

Hi Jody! Bloghopping here. :) I know the feeling. My Alex just got well now, she also had cough, colds with fever pa. Her pedia called it "Viral Pneumonia". So scary! Anyway, hope your kids will get well soon.