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Wednesday, September 26, 2007

On TV appearance...

Ok, I got a call the other day from Net25, (are you guys familiar with this channel?, i think it is being run by INC.) asking me to be a guest in one of their shows. I don't even recall the name of the show but it is going to be hosted by Gladys Reyes. I think it has yet to be shown so the shoot will be one of the pilot episodes. They want me to talk about "anything about being a mom." I was stunned after hearing the topic. I know there are lot of things to discuss about it, it's even broad. "but what in particular?" I asked. The lady on the other line said, "bahala po kayo? whatever you will be comfortable with."

I asked her to call me again cause I was driving that time. Thoughts rambled in my mind already as to what I'm going to do with that show! I could mess up. Finally, they called me again saying if I can discuss "sibling rivalry" and about "pregnancy and giving birth" Ok, that has been narrowed down but still lots of topics around it.

Bottomline, I agreed for the shoot. It will be on saturday at 1pm in their studio. I really hope I won't mess around, lol. Please share to me some inputs re the topics. They are asking me to bring the kids so they can shoot them also. The set will be like a home daw so the kids can play while me and Gladys are talking.

Wow, ang showbiz diba? I will definitely announce to the whole world as to when will it be airing. Hahaha. Watch out!

For the meantime, I have to grab nice clothes to wear for that day! Ok, token lang daw ito...hehehe...puede na rin, exposure ang habol ko....

Di nyo akalaing wildest dream ko pa lang maging artista ano? hehehe.


Apols said...

I will mark it on my calendar hahaha.

Goodluck Jody! =)


Jane said...

uy, will watch this. let us know ha!

Kelly said...

dati magazine features lang, ngayon TV guestings na ha! :) if they need other moms, I'm free! hahahaha!