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Wednesday, August 22, 2007

100th Post...

Yes, you read it right, this is my 100th post. I just realized that this blog has been part of my regular dose of sites to visit in the internet. I just learned my way around here and practically enjoyed the world of blogging.

As I have written down in my first ever post,

"I'll be putting down my notes, my thoughts, my feelings about being a wife, a
mother, an entreprenuer or just about being myself. This will be my EXPRESSIONS!
(whether a happy note or a violent reaction!)

I will share my
activities, my emotions and even my plans/goals in life. It's a good way for me
to document everything here as there will be a time that i can just look back to
the memories."

My welcome note says:

"Welcome to the Scribbles of my Life! This is all about my emotions, my goals, my
activities. This is all about my different roles in life. Just all about me, my
life and my family. "

It is so good to read again the previous postings. You remember the moments, the feelings. I am happy to note the milestones in our family, our marriage, our kids and even to my business.

It is just so good to reminisce.

I also gained a number of cyber friends through this blog and it is great to share news, updates, whether good or bad. I might not have met all of there in person yet but I'm sure they all have big hearts to share as a friend.

It is just so good to scribble.

Blogging could be addicting.

Monday, August 20, 2007

On Party Planning...

I'm on high gear in preparation for Bianca's 1st Bday party happening on November 3. There are still so many things to do but I hope I can get by soon. With only 11 weeks to go, I have to get going in booking suppliers, finalizing invites, shopping for prizes, etc.

And speaking of shopping prizes, we survived Divisoria yesterday. Yes, amidst the rains in the morning and worries of getting stranded because of flood in Manila, Dicky and I were able to manage. Yes, you also read it right. I was with Dicky. The very "reklamador" Dicky. He swore that he won't go back to Divisoria anymore after our first trip when we were preparing for Margaux's bday. Because we came there during christmas season so you can imagine the flock of people. That's why he was so mad at me to bring him there that time. But due to my persistence, he agreed to accompany me yesterday.

We arrived there before 1030am. And we finished shopping at 3pm. Dicky said it wasnt bad at all. Goodness gracious, buti naman, di nagreklamo ngayon at di na uwi sa away ang pagpunta namin dun. Hehehe.

But I still felt that we still lack some more prizes. I have gone to the toy shops also in the malls so was able to buy a number of things already. I'm doing an inventory now so I would know if its still worth it to go back there or just purchase everything in the mall.

I just want the best for the party and I have to live up to the expectations of the guests who came to Margaux's bday party when she was a year old. To reminisce, view Margaux's bday kwento and pictures.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Anong klaseng mag-asawa kayo?

Naks, tagalog ang posting ko ngayon ha...

Ok, nabasa ko sa blog ni Kelly ang tungkol sa "That Kind of Couple".

Aaminin ko, hindi kami ganun na mag-asawa. Iba-iba rin pala talaga ang mga mag-aasawa ano? Sa kaso namin, Ako ang "spender" at si Dicky naman ang "saver." Sa madaling salita, ako ang "gastador/maluho" at ang asawa ko naman ang "matipid/kuripot."

Ganito kami, dahil kapag binigay nya sa akin lahat ng sweldo nya, siguradong wala kaming maiipon. Hehehe, gastos to the max ako eh. Ok, hindi ako titigil ng gastos hanggang may laman ang wallet ko! Hehehe, yes, nabasa nyo ito ng tama.

Totoo, ganyan kaming mag-asawa at epektibo ang ganitong proseso sa amin. Tutal mahilig ako gumastos, napagkasunduan namin na sa akin galing ang mga gastos sa bahay tulad ng meralco, pldt, mwss, yayas, pamalengke at pang-groceries. At ok lang sa amin pareho yun. Pero sa kanya ang mga mahal na "appliances" at pati mga "investments" Sabi nga nila, tingnan nyo kung anong bagay sa inyong mag-asawa. Nadadaan lahat sa pag-uusap at plano.

Meron kaming "joint account" na puede akong kumuha ng pera ano mang oras, pero wala akong kontribusyon dun, hehehe. Kaya naman, nakakahiya ring kumuha dun parati diba? Meron akong sariling "bank account" at wala rin syang pakialam dun. Di yun "joint" eh, so di sya puedeng kumuha talaga. At di rin ako masyadong nakikialam sa mga kinikita/sweldo nya. Buo ang tiwala ko sa kanya. Ang importante sa akin, meron kaming ipon, at nakikita ko yun sa libreta ng "joint account" namin.

Ika nga nila "Ang pera nya, pera ko. Pero ang pera ko, pera ko lang!" Hehehe.

Kayo, anong klaseng mag-asawa kayo?

Friday, August 10, 2007

Weird Things About Me!...

Thanks Kelly for the tag!

I'm not sure if these are all weird but here's my take on the subject...

1. I eat everything that is fried with ketchup! (Del Monte Original Blend that is)

2. I cannot sleep without a blanket, even if it is summertime. I want to feel warm when sleeping.

3. I hoard tissue paper like crazy! It is something that I don't miss in my grocery list. I buy those in boxes, those in rolls, even paper towels.

4. And since I hoard tissue paper, I hate it when our comfort rooms are not refilled with tissue paper.

6. I love to go to the groceries. I spent almost 3 hours shopping. It's my theraphy.

7. I love shopping alone and I shop like crazy! I love the idea of carrying a number of bags getting out of the mall.

8. I love hoarding! I also hoard bags. I have about 37 bags right now. Yes, I just counted it. And Dicky hates me for collecting bags. He feels it's a waste of money.

9. I have been buying scrapbooking materials up to now but I haven't even finished even one album! Hay, I hope I can really get myself to do my kid's albums.

10. I surf like crazy in search engines for travel destinations! Just surfing but not really booking! Hehehe. I hope I can really convice Dicky for another getaway before the year ends. Hope our schedules will permit that as well.

Now, I'm tagging Jacqui, Melisse and Mickee.

Saturday, August 04, 2007

A year ago...

Exactly a year ago, we took a PAL flight bound for Los Angeles, California.

Bianca then was 6months in my womb. It was a total bonding for our whole family. There are so many things to recount and reminiscence from that trip.

I damn miss so much that trip. I was looking at the pictures this morning.

Hope the whole family can do it again.

Friday, August 03, 2007

Who wants cupcakes?

These were taken from Blow Up Babies Serendra, about a month ago.
(pardon the blur of the pictures cause I just scanned it.)