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Thursday, August 03, 2006

Bound for LA

It's final, we are flying via PAL! After careful thought and consideration, the confirmed booking we got was from PAL. Maybe, it's a plan for us.

Tomorrow at 10pm is our flight bound for LA. It's gonna be one heck of family bonding for me, Dicky, Margaux and the little one inside me! We are one big family. We really wanted to fly via Cathay since there are individual monitors even though there is a stop-over in HK. But we weren't able to get a booking. I guess, plan na ni Lord yun for us, one long haul. Hoping our flight won't be delayed.

We are excited to see the only sister and the brother of Dicky. We will be staying with them most of the time. One hectic itinerary. Too bad we won't be able to go to the east coast anymore to visit his other brother cause I still have a 3-day bridal fair which will happen in SFO.

We have planned for this trip a long time's a much awaited vacation!