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Friday, June 27, 2008

It's Dicky's Bday today...

It's my dear husband's birthday today.  Happy Happy birthday babes!  

Celebrating it here in Peninsula Manila.  Our family checked in today till sunday.  

Will be back with pictures! 

Monday, June 23, 2008

Please help save Yuki!

I just like to help one of Dicky's officemates on their plight to fight for the survival of their daughter, Yuki.  

They need to raise 4M pesos for the liver transplant that needs to happen in Taiwan.  The mother will act as the organ donor.  It is important that the operation should happen in the next 3 months.  Otherwise, Yuki won't make it.  Please join me in saying a prayer for Yuki and her whole family.  And if you have anything to spare, they do accept donations that can help them raise the amount needed for the operation.  Please click Yuki's Appeal for Good Health Blogspot account and know how YOU can be one of her heroes.   The full story of her ordeal is also written down there.  They have created a paypal account so I'm appealing to my blogging friends.  Any amount would be greatly appreciated by their whole family.
"Each difficult moment has the potential to open my eyes and open my heart."
-- Myla Kabat-Zinn

Sunday, June 22, 2008

It's a rainy sunday...

so we are stucked here at home. Too bad, we don't have any DVDs any more to watch, we have finished almost all of our favorite series like Greys Anatomy, House and 24. But we decided to just preview again our favorite action-packed series, featuring of course Jack Bauer of CTC. Guess it right? Yes, we are so addicted to 24. I wonder when's the next series going to come out or is being shown already . Been outdated about it. I have always like the plot of this series and how Jack has really been consistent in pursuing the terrorist suspects.  In one of the episodes, he even fall prey as one of the suspects to get into the real motives of the terrorists.  He was then rescued from a dark field by the tactical team of CTU using high powered equipments that uses Surefire weapon light.  What amazes me more about this series is that the entire thing happening in just 24 hours that why it was named just like that.  

Friday, June 20, 2008

On the 3rd day...

She cried again...


She was very clingy with the dad...

Maybe she was getting overwhelmed with the number of kids. Maybe she's just adjusting. But what if there's something bothering or worst bullying her in school? I really hope none. I'm so paranoid already.  I hope its just part of the transition. I'm setting up a consultation with the teacher next week. Well, least to say, she's not the only one crying! There were even some worst who literally scrambling in the floor.  

Dicky and I were talking that we would strategize differently next week.  Let's see if what we thought of would work.  We won't make the "going to school" a big deal for her.  Baka, pressured yung anak ko sa akin eh!  Hehehe.   Alam nyo naman, dotting OC mother, ang dami kong "bilin" parati.  Hehehe.

But during dismissal, it's always a different story.

She's a happy little kid already....

I hope today will be the last as we were talking yesterday about no more crying and she replied : "1 last."

Otherwise, I'm now considering homeschooling! Bwahahaha! Nyayahahay! LOL!

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Friendship Flame!

Thanks to Farah, Thea and Em for this flame!

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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

The 2nd Day History...

I guess Margaux woke up today on the wrong side of the bed. Know why?

Pakanta-kanta pa while we were on the way to school. She was by the way in green uniform this time.

But when we got to school, here she was saying: “Ayaw ko school!”

Waaah! What’s the matter? Ang taas ng adrenalin ko last Monday, biglang I was in my lowest this morning! Hahaha! My gosh, 2nd day pa lang! There were a lot of things running already in my head like what if she really doesnt want to go to school anymore?

Me: "Anak, hindi puede, sayang ang bayad! Ang mahal pa naman! :-( " Nyahahay!

It took a lot of pushing, pulling, coaching, and bribery that had happened just for her to enter her classroom. And you could also imagine how loud she cried!

I felt sad to leave her behind but we weren’t really allowed to come inside. (sigh) We were only allowed to send her right before the door.

But then when I picked her up during dismissal, (lakas ng kaba ko, kala ko umiiyak pa rin!) she was again singing on her way out! She looked happy already. And I had to take her picture right at that moment when she was smiling already...

Ayan kakamadali ko, blurred tuloy!  Hahaha!

But I really hope it would be a different scene on Friday. Gotta talk to her about it.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Margaux's First Day in School (part 2)

As promised, here's the little girl in her uniform...

Dicky woke her up at 6am while I was already in the kitchen preparing her "baon." She immediately got up, took breakfast and off to take a bath. It was a breeze that morning. I just hope this would last! Hahaha. I mean, getting up easily in the morning, eating breakfast and taking a bath. She sometimes have a tendency not to do what is told! But yesterday was easy as 1-2-3! I was practically very, very happy mom!

More of her pictures...

My gosh, we are officially parents of a preschooler! I was almost in tears! Where did all the years go? OA ba? Hahaha.

We hit the road at 705am and ofcourse, what do you expect, Dicky and I have to be both present in sending her in school. While in the car, I was telling Margaux how much she would enjoy school. I was telling her to make friends, ask the name of the teacher, eat her snacks, etc...(hahaha, ang dami kong bilin!)  

Then I asked her if she was excited. She said she was and even said this "Mommy and Daddy also excited to go with me in school!" Bwahaha, super natawa kami ni Dicky dito. Na-obvious na nya na kami ang excited actually!

There was a bit of slow traffic hitting Katipunan flyover but it was fast already right after Ateneo Gate 3. We went straight to gate 1 of Miriam College, of course, we already got our cars the school stickers so we don't have to line up that morning. Good thing, because it was a long cue during that time.

We parked right away, and of course, flicking of the camera still continued....

Then we headed already to the gate of her building, the Angel Gabriel Hall. A number of parents were there as well. Margaux got excited more to see other students walking towards the hall. Well, the gate of their hall looks like Oscars corded lane since there were lots of flickings of flashes of digital cameras and roving of video cameras of the parents. We were like paparazzis there. Dicky and I were one of them.

Parents were not allowed to go inside the hall. Parents were all proud to see their sons and daughters enter so independently to their building. As if we wanted to shout, Yahoo! to every little one coming inside. And we were all cheering and waving our goodbyes to our kids. The scene was just so funny!

Here are Margaux's pics going inside the hall:

It was a relief to see her join the teacher aid without hesitation. She was welcomed by her Teacher Joyce by the door.

But after a while I realized, she never even looked back to us! Waaah! Big Girl na talaga!

It will be a shortened period for them for the next two weeks. She will only come to school 3 times a week and they would have an early dismissal.

Dicky and I decided to have breakfast together in Jollibee right outside the school. Dicky was supposed to go to the office already but decided to wait till Margaux's dismissal time so we can fetch her together.

We went back to MC 15 minutes before their dismissal period. There were a flock of parents again in the gate. When the students started to come out the building, it was the same scene again just like that morning, a lot of camera clicks and video streamings again!

Margaux was like dancing and singing while going out the building. I learned from her that singing and dancing was their last activity before going out. May LSS (last song syndrome) yung anak ko! I immediately handed the dismissal card to the guard.

It's like ages that we haven't seen her when I greeted her in the gate!

Ah, parenthood! And I'm loving it!

Margaux's First Day in School (part 1)

I woke up early yesterday to personally prepare for Margaux's First Day in School. I had to prepare her baon and her outfit and ofcourse the obssesive compulsive in me has to take snapshots of all these things...

the school bag...

the snacks (snacks ba ito, with rice?hehehe)

the debut of the outfit...

Yes, of course she has to come in pink.  Well most of the girls yesterday were really in pink.  Her matching Miriam College CSC socks (yes, may label pati ang socks!), her undies in pink, her hanky in pink and her clips in pink. Of course her stride rite rubber shoes.  

Part 2 will be the little girl in uniform already!

Sunday, June 15, 2008

The Orientation

Dicky and I attended the orientation last friday for the parents of incoming First Step students of Miriam College Child Study Center.  It was good that we weren't late.  In fact, we arrived early.  The administrators welcomed all of us and introduced the rules and policies of the school.  

Some of the important things I remembered:

1.  We need to label all materials including snack bags by writing our child's name and section.  
2.  No bringing of pencils, crayons, notebooks, books and envelopes.  All of these will be provided by the school.  
3.  Use only reuseable containers for our child's snacks.  They do discourage use of tetra paks, styrofoam and all other disposable materials.  Junk food and soft drinks are not allowed.  
4.  The student should always come in complete uniform with NameTag and clean handkerchief daily.  Rubber shoes should be worn and not black shoes. 
5.  The dismissal card should always be presented when fetching the child.  No dismissal card, no release of child.  
6.  In case of being absent, an excuse letter should be presented to the teacher on the day our child returns. 
7.  Birthday parties in school are allowed provided that it is just a simple celebration.  No mascots or clowns allowed. 
8.  Bringing of any kind of toys are not allowed. 

After the general orientation, we were breakout in groups based on the sections of our children.  Margaux belongs to First Step - 2.  We then met Teacher Joyce.  In FS-2, there will be 13 students.  We were given a brown shoe box that would serve as Margaux's grooming box.  We were asked to put items like: comb, 1 roll of tissue, toothbrush and toothpaste and small alcogel.  Teacher Joyce said that we could decorate the box whatever way we would like.  So I did.  

Here's Margaux's grooming box:

What's inside?

Oh, and I was able to take some photos of what's inside Angel Gabriel's bldg where the classroom of Margaux will be.

Their Comfort Room:

The shelves for the toys and pegs:

The main classroom and the tables:

Their discovery center:

I'm excited for the little girl's first day of school tomorrow.  And she is also very excited.  In fact, sleeping already as of this time, as we have to hit the road by 7am to be in her school before 8am.  We would definitely take pictures of her tomorrow so watch out for it.  

We got busy today as we went to the mall to have a bag tag made.  We also had a sticker made for all her materials and bought a string for her name tag.  We are all set for tomorrow!  Yipee!

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

I love being a mom!

I got this tag from AA and Mich.

Question: What I love most about being a mom?

Almost everything associated with it, whether ups and downs, I'm gladly embrassing motherhood.

---> I love to be hugged and kissed by them!
---> I love being called everytime they need anything.
---> I love the moment whenever I put them to sleep.
---> I love teaching them.
---> I love playing with them.
---> I love shopping for them.
---> I love the small things I learn from them.
---> I just love the bonding that we share together.

Look here at our pictures as how I make my trip to the groceries nowadays!

Look at me here! (was telling them to just sit down!) Hahaha

I am now tagging Jane, Thea and Abie.

Thursday, June 05, 2008

With my co-parents...

Celebrated my bday with my co-parents from the previous school of Margaux. It was our get together as well in the place of AA as we won't all be together anymore this coming school year. Most of us moved to big schools, but others still stayed. It was nice to meet them again. I hope this won't be the last even if our kids are not classmates anymore. We have built our friendships already.

AA with Allie who recently gave birth, me and Margaux, Nile, Myra. There were two other moms who weren't in the picture.

And AA gave this beautiful cake for me. Ofcouse its beautiful cause it has my face on it!

And I also made some money this afternoon, had a mini-garage of my old clothes and from the kids, few bags that are not used already. Wow, I made about 2K all in-all! Nabawi ko ang pinanglibre sa kanila! Hahaha!

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

My Snacks...

Fresh from cooking in her kitchen, Margaux gave this to me just few minutes ago.

Margaux: Mom, snacks ka muna!

Me: Thank you sweetie! Looks yummy!

It is her home-made spaghetti! (made out of clay)   And she has to include a cola huh!

Monday, June 02, 2008

The Bday Celebration...

was very simple. I'm happy that it was a non-working weekend so I just savor the time to be with my family.  At first, Dicky wants us to go out on a bar date last saturday night to watch Nina in Hard Rock but I refused as I just wanted to rest early and be with the kids.  So we just decided to head out to the mall last saturday afternoon.  Actually, instead of shopping for myself, just bought shoes and clothes for the kids instead.  And then Dicky treated me for a take out of this...

I was giddy happy for a quart of my favorite ice cream and flavors as dulce de leche and strawberry! Yum, yum, yum. Was munching on it while watching House series when we went back home.

Yesterday, my exact birthday, Margaux handed me a bday card upon waking up. That actually starts my day!


She did the card together with her dad last saturday before we headed out to mall, while I was taking my nap. She wrote her name with the help of her dad and she drew those circles inside the cake.  So sweet!

Then we prepared as we heard mass that morning but we passed by Dampa in Libis first to order take-out food for lunch. Bought crabs, shrimps and liempo as my "handa" for a simple celebration with my family. We were all so full for lunch.

Then for the dessert, candle-blowing for me, (hihihi). I bought my own cake! (pathetic) but i forgot to ask for a candle so just grabbed whatever I found in our kitchen cabinet! Notice it was blue! It was so overwhelming to hear my kids sing happy bday for me. Call me "mababaw" but this is one of life's precious moments!

It was just great to spend my special day with my family with no fuss, just plain and happy celebration! Having them is enough! (naks)