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Sunday, June 15, 2008

The Orientation

Dicky and I attended the orientation last friday for the parents of incoming First Step students of Miriam College Child Study Center.  It was good that we weren't late.  In fact, we arrived early.  The administrators welcomed all of us and introduced the rules and policies of the school.  

Some of the important things I remembered:

1.  We need to label all materials including snack bags by writing our child's name and section.  
2.  No bringing of pencils, crayons, notebooks, books and envelopes.  All of these will be provided by the school.  
3.  Use only reuseable containers for our child's snacks.  They do discourage use of tetra paks, styrofoam and all other disposable materials.  Junk food and soft drinks are not allowed.  
4.  The student should always come in complete uniform with NameTag and clean handkerchief daily.  Rubber shoes should be worn and not black shoes. 
5.  The dismissal card should always be presented when fetching the child.  No dismissal card, no release of child.  
6.  In case of being absent, an excuse letter should be presented to the teacher on the day our child returns. 
7.  Birthday parties in school are allowed provided that it is just a simple celebration.  No mascots or clowns allowed. 
8.  Bringing of any kind of toys are not allowed. 

After the general orientation, we were breakout in groups based on the sections of our children.  Margaux belongs to First Step - 2.  We then met Teacher Joyce.  In FS-2, there will be 13 students.  We were given a brown shoe box that would serve as Margaux's grooming box.  We were asked to put items like: comb, 1 roll of tissue, toothbrush and toothpaste and small alcogel.  Teacher Joyce said that we could decorate the box whatever way we would like.  So I did.  

Here's Margaux's grooming box:

What's inside?

Oh, and I was able to take some photos of what's inside Angel Gabriel's bldg where the classroom of Margaux will be.

Their Comfort Room:

The shelves for the toys and pegs:

The main classroom and the tables:

Their discovery center:

I'm excited for the little girl's first day of school tomorrow.  And she is also very excited.  In fact, sleeping already as of this time, as we have to hit the road by 7am to be in her school before 8am.  We would definitely take pictures of her tomorrow so watch out for it.  

We got busy today as we went to the mall to have a bag tag made.  We also had a sticker made for all her materials and bought a string for her name tag.  We are all set for tomorrow!  Yipee!


angelaze said...

excited na si mommy!

Jean Marie said...

weheeeeeee. Feeling ko mas excited ang mommy kesa kay Margaux. LoL.

Jhona said...

wow excited na exited na talaga si mommy. happy monday sis!

Kelly said...

nice naman ng classroom ni margaux! and ang cute ng cr nila ha! =D

abie said...
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abie said...

uy sis, ang ganda sa Miriam...sayang malayo kami dyan...

at ang ganda ng grooming box ni margaux...

Jody said...

Thanks Abie!