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Friday, October 30, 2009

New Costumes...

So after fitting the dumbo costume for Bianca and found out that the pants are too short for her already, I immediately went to the mall to grab some nice costumes. I really don't want those creepy costumes. I was looking for something nice yet affordable since I bet it would only just be worn once.

Was torn whether to get Margaux a Fairy costume because previously she was trying on some wings and wand.
But the fairy costumes I saw doesn't have her size anymore. So I just decided to get her another unique costume....although it was off the shelves one, I was proud that she was one of the winners in the halloween program in our village clubhouse. With more than 400 kids in different costumes, I was happy that she was chosen as the first-runner up in the Fantasy category. She was Cleopatra, an Egyptian Queen! lol!
As for Bianca, I got two overcoats with hood for her.  One as a red bug and another one as a leopard.

So here's Cleopatra and the Red Bug...

And then Cleopatra and her!

New Beginning with baby shower invitations...

It is a new beginning for my good friends, the Evans when we received their Baby Shower Invitations . Tammy is giving birth next month and they are inviting us for a special celebration of the arrival of their new baby as well as the blessing of their new home. The party invitations sent were actually joint celebrations since it is also Stan's Birthday. So those were birthday invitations, moving announcements and baby shower invitations rolled into one!

I am very happy for this new beginning of their married life. I bet the couple didn't take chances for their invitations as they want it very nice so they ordered from the one that provides exclusive and unique designs available only at CardsShoppe. I heard they even availed for the free shipping and free invitation cards when they ordered from the company's website, Everything is perfect for the invitations so I am also looking forward for the perfect party!

Bianca was supposed to be Dumbo...

Margaux wore her Dumbo costume 2 years ago and she got the best costume award from a trick or treat party from her dad's office . So I was hoping that Bianca can also wear the same costume and hopes that she would also win best in costume ;) (interpretation: tipid na sana, cause hand me down! lol) But we tried it on her last Monday and I was suprised to see that it doesn't fit her anymore...

Here's Margaux when she wore that costume...

Here's Bianca when she tried on the costume...

Hahaha! The pants are already short for her! She's such a cutie! It would do supposedly, without looking at her pants!

Thursday, October 29, 2009

It's Halloween already tomorrow...

You Are Traditional on Halloween

Halloween is all about the things you've loved since you were a kid. It's a holiday of big traditions for you.

You love carving pumpkins, eating candied apples, trick-or-treaters, and old horror movies.

You would never be found dressing up as the latest celebrity. You're much more likely to go for an old standby like witch or vampire.

Halloween has a lot of history for you, and you're not about to throw it all away for the latest Halloween trend!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Her party invitations...

We would release Bianca's Party Invitations for her classmates tomorrow. It's nothing fancy actually but I'm busy writing all the names of the classmates on the birthday invitation tonight.  Timely that they do have a school program tomorrow so all moms of the kids would be there as well.  We can handover the invites personally. 

I should have ordered the party invitation from Unique and exclusive designs are available only from CardsPersonalized. They have nice kid birthday invitations appropriate for any age and gender. I love the idea that you can change the color, the font and even the design of their cards. They do allow photos or any images to be inserted as well.  I should be bookmark the site so I can order from it next year.   

3-Day Super Sale Across Asia Pacific

Are you planning for another get-away with the family? With all the seat sales from different airlines today, it's really time to plan for your next travel. Check out Accor Hotels 3-Day Super Sale Asia Pacific. There are over a million hotel rooms at super sale price. Most hotels located at Asia Pacific. Rates are starting as low as $30/night. Travel period is from December 09 to April 10.

The promo would only run from Oct 27 - Oct 29 so better hurry in making your reservations at Accor Hotel Asia. The country list include Thailand, Korea, China, Japan, HK, Australia, Singapore, Vietnam, Japan, Malaysia, New Zealand, Fiji, Indonesia, Taiwan, India, Bali. The Accor '3-day Super Sale' coincides with record-low air fares across the Asia Pacific region, allowing travelers to enjoy some of the world's most exciting cities at bargain rates.  HongKong for example is just 650HKD/night!  That's unbelievable price!  Makes me want to book another trip to HongKong.  But the Singapore price is also amazing at 98SGD only!  And I so want to go to Bali, Fiji and China.  The prices are also at an incredibly low rates for good and reasonable accommodations. Go ahead and book now!

Monday, October 26, 2009

My kids...

Thanks so much to Diane for this lay-out...

They are sisters and they are best of friends....

Although I usually act as a referee when moments like they would have to struggle for the same toy at the same time ;)  I still believe that they are the best of friends. They love hugging and kissing each other.  They also love playing with one another. You should see them when they are sleeping together.  ;)  I love having two girls!  They're the sweetest!!!   

I hope they would continue to be as loving sisters as they are till they grow up and that no matter what happens, they are still the BFF (best friend forever) of one another!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Different Types of Baby Shower

Do you know that there are different Type Baby Shower? Yes, there could be couples baby shower wherein the mom and dad would be present during the baby shower itself. Well, you can determine the types baby shower you are attending depending on the baby shower invitations you would receive.

In Cards-411 for example, you can modify any card design or even change the color so it would be appropriate to the type of baby shower you would throw for a friend. If you cannot find exactly what you are looking for from their selections, they can actually create a special design suited for your requirement. Their website, features a patented instant preview so you can view your personalized invitation before you finally place your order. 

Wednesday Happy Thoughts

1. The husband lost about 12lbs as of this writing.
2. No meeting for the day!
3. Pasta for merienda.
4. Online Assignments
5. Online Payouts
6. Online Shopping
7. Bianca's bday preparation
8. Artscow free coupons
9. Finalizing trip for Guam
10. Having coffee now!

To know how this started and credits of the header, click here.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Free Thanksgiving Invitations...

Get your free Thanksgiving Invitations or Thanksgiving dinner invitation if you visit the site, Free Thanksgiving invitations are being given away for lucky shoppers if you order in advance and in bulk. In fact, not only do you get some free invitation cards, you could also get free shipping for some orders.

Unique and Exclusive Designs are only available at Invitations-Shoppe. You can actually proof-read right away the card that you have chosen within an hour from your order. They can make unlimited changes to your thanksgiving invitation wording without extra cost. It is indeed a superb service! Check them out since Thanksgiving is just few weeks from now!

Way to go Babes!

A sample of the foods that were delivered for the husband for his full day meal.  This was Day 6 of his South Beach diet.  He started Monday of last week and he already lost 10 lbs!  Clap, clap, clap!  Bravo!  I am giddy happy I tell you!  I hugged him every morning after weighing himself on the scale.  Cause I know, 1 lb loss is already another year of healthy life!  He really needs to shed off a lot of those pounds.  Still a long way to go but he should be getting there!  I'm so proud of him!  And I am in full support for him on this challenge!

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Short but Sweet...Thank You Cards!

The above is a sample of a short but sweet Thank You Cards. It is so heartwarming to receive such baby thank you cards. I love in particular the picture of the baby. Check out and order all kinds of thank you cards including party thank you cards, and even business thank you cards from

Unique and very exclusive designs are all available only at Express-Invitations. What I like about them is that you can modify any card design or even change the colors. You can even add photo of your baby like the one above. Its a perfect thank you notes for all those godparents your child would have or just about to all guests who attends your baby's baptism.  Do visit their site as they also have some promos like free shipping and some free cards.  

Friday, October 16, 2009

For cars that were affected by flood...

Since my friend's car was affected of the flood in their area, she is now on the lookout for reasonable car parts available for her Toyota Vios. Apparently, there's a long cue of cars to be fixed in the dealer's casa so she is now looking for alternatives to have her fixed by a regular mechanic. In fact, it took almost two weeks before her car was towed in a nearby parking lot in their area. The husband recommended our own good mechanic so our friend can also save a lot in labor.  We know it could be taxing in the pocket really so I even recommended that she takes a look at the discounted prices and free shipping offered by Car Parts Warehouse.  Told her to check their site at .  If you know someone who is in need also to buy parts for their cars, do refer the site as we they have available parts of almost all brands.  

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

CNN's Hero of the Year...

Reposting this from an email I got.  Saw him also in TV the other day...

Each year, CNN gives $100,000 to the winner (from a field of ten finalists---winnowed from 9,000 nominees from all over the world) of its "Hero of the Year" award. This year, a 28-year-old Filipino, Efren PeƱaflorida, made it to the top ten. (A panel of 12 well-known personalities from various fields picked the finalists. Colin Powell was among the judges this year). If Efren wins this year's award (based on how many votes he gets, which will depend on us), he will be able to expand his mobile school program for the children of the slums in the Philippines. What this young man is doing to improve the lives of the kids in the slums is truly inspiring.

Here's the link to Efren's story and his Dynamic Teen Company (the organization he founded). You can vote for Efren by clicking on the link found in the article.

Voting is open between now and Nov. 19
. CNN will announce the winner and give out the award at a star-studded show on Thanksgiving night in L.A. at the Kodiak Theater (same venue for the Oscars). So, let's all help Efren win so that he will, in turn, be able to help more impoverished kids. The more votes Efren gets, the greater his chances of winning the "Hero of the Year" award and the $100K. It will take less than a minute to click a button to cast your vote. Let's all help Efren continue to make a difference in those slum kids' lives. Without his mobile school and his group of volunteers, those kids will probably never have a chance to set foot in a real school and learn their ABCs. Let's all vote for Efren! Please don't forget to pass this on to everybody you know---Filipinos and non-Filipinos alike----so more people can vote for this young man with an extra big heart. 

Another Baby Shower

A friend is all geared up in releasing her Baby Invitations for Baby Shower that she would have next week. I heard she's even having a baby diaper fund contest! What a very brilliant idea! There are really just so many themes and ideas for baby shower these days. And it gets me excited whenever I receive cute baby shower invitations like the one above! It brings so much joy and means new beginning whenever I think about a new baby!

Birth-Cards have beautiful crafted designs to choose from. Check their site at and you would be amaze to see hundreds of unique and exclusive designs to choose from. The company offers to email you right away within one hour during business day for the proof. You can make unlimited changes at no additional cost. Plus it is good to note that they can also print and ship your orders the same day that you approve the layout.  Will definitely recommend to friends!

Disney on Ice...

Got information from friends that this is a good one. I wish we can also watch. Need to ask the husband first though...

I'm sure the kids would love it especially Bianca who loves Mickey Mouse to bits! I wonder if we can squeeze it in our super busy December schedule? 

For information about it, click here.

Heard also that they do pre-selling of tickets for BDO credit card holders until October 16. Otherwise, you can only purchase tickets after that date.

I'm wishing they can also accept paypal payments already!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

St. Partricks Invitation

I am not really familiar about the St Patricks Invitations which I saw from site There were a number of designs available pertaining to St. Patricks party invitations. 

Apparently, its the most celebrated national day of Ireland commemorating their patron saint, St. Patrick himself.  Irish are really taking time for this celebration with family and friends so sending out St Patricks Day invitations is quite a common practice with them. 

Holiday-Invitations offer all kinds of invites whether for Christmas, Easter, New Year and even those party invitations St Patrick's Day.  You would be happy to note that you can modify any card design or any color as you may wish so.  And in case you don't find anything that you like, they would also be able to make a special design based on your preference.  Do remember them for any holiday invitations you may need. 

Wednesday, October 07, 2009

What's happening?

It is so depressing to watch the news. I wonder what's happening to the world? There are calamities left and right. After the storm Ondoy that affected most of parts of Manila, came Pepeng who battered Northen Luzon. Good thing, no one was reported who died from the super typhoon. Then there was the earthquake in Indonesia. About 800 people died from it. Then there was also the heavy flooding in India. Reported casualties were at 300 already and still rising. The tsunami in Sonoma Islands also brought series of earthquake all over the world. A lot are in despair, thousands became homeless. I hope the world can recover from these tragedies. In our area, electricty and water were already restored few days after the Ondoy wrath. I hope the government or other agencies can also work out something for those who still without. How I wish there's something like Able Restoration from where we are. The company actually helped repair the water damage San Diego. Having an able group who specializes on how to manage this problem should really be considered.  

Monday, October 05, 2009

Sending moving announcements...

I am helping a number of friends to get Free Moving Announcements from Announcements-Shoppe. Most of them are moving to higher places or different areas after the country has been hit by the storm. Though its not actually a house warming invitation since most of them were really badly hit, the cards that would be sent out to their family and friends especially those living abroad would just be moving announcement.

These announcements moving cards would be ordered from I can modify any card design or color as I request it. They have great selection of available cards that would surely match any requirement. Better inform your friends who might need it as well as they do offer some free shipping and even free invitation cards for some designs selected. It is important to still be in touch with friends who have moved homes so getting new addresses would be essential. 

Free Laundry For Typhoon Ondoy's Victims

Reposting this from an email I grabbed from Newlyweds@work egroups...

MR. WYDEN KING, owner of KALINISAN STEAM LAUNDRY, INC., one of the biggest  industrial laundry company in the country that serves various big establishments like hotels, hospitals, & garment factories, is offering FREE LAUNDRY & WASHING of all clothing materials (linens, bedsheets, pants, shirts, dresses, etc.)  to all victims of typhoon Ondoy in Marikina, Quezon City, Cainta, Pasig, Taguig, Antipolo City and other areas in NCR, Rizal & Southern Tagalog. 

You can get in touch directly to Kalinisan by calling or texting these numbers: Tels. 6350601 to 05 local 128; CP # 0917-8909577 look for ALEX MALCO; or 0917-8591917 look for ESPIE DITABLAN. Likewise, you may call or text me at 09178936630.

Saturday, October 03, 2009

Remembering High School Graduation Announcements...

Got a beautiful invitation for our High School reunion next month. Oh, I remember our High School Graduation Announcements as well when one of our teachers threw us a party. She gave out a special graduation party invitations to our families. I am still keeping few pieces of that high school graduation invitations since there are so many memories about it.  High School life was truly fun. I miss my high school friends so I am definitely attending.

Those invitations were ordered from GraduationCardsShoppe. The site,, offers all different kinds of graduation cards including college graduation announcements. They are known to print and ship your orders the same day that you place your approval for the layout. They also allow modification to whether in color, font style or any designs you may choose from. Now, I can't wait to see my friends from High School again!