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Monday, October 05, 2009

Sending moving announcements...

I am helping a number of friends to get Free Moving Announcements from Announcements-Shoppe. Most of them are moving to higher places or different areas after the country has been hit by the storm. Though its not actually a house warming invitation since most of them were really badly hit, the cards that would be sent out to their family and friends especially those living abroad would just be moving announcement.

These announcements moving cards would be ordered from I can modify any card design or color as I request it. They have great selection of available cards that would surely match any requirement. Better inform your friends who might need it as well as they do offer some free shipping and even free invitation cards for some designs selected. It is important to still be in touch with friends who have moved homes so getting new addresses would be essential. 


Anonymous said...

Really cute housewarming invite. Here's more great moving announcements at See what you think!