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Friday, October 16, 2009

For cars that were affected by flood...

Since my friend's car was affected of the flood in their area, she is now on the lookout for reasonable car parts available for her Toyota Vios. Apparently, there's a long cue of cars to be fixed in the dealer's casa so she is now looking for alternatives to have her fixed by a regular mechanic. In fact, it took almost two weeks before her car was towed in a nearby parking lot in their area. The husband recommended our own good mechanic so our friend can also save a lot in labor.  We know it could be taxing in the pocket really so I even recommended that she takes a look at the discounted prices and free shipping offered by Car Parts Warehouse.  Told her to check their site at .  If you know someone who is in need also to buy parts for their cars, do refer the site as we they have available parts of almost all brands.