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Wednesday, October 07, 2009

What's happening?

It is so depressing to watch the news. I wonder what's happening to the world? There are calamities left and right. After the storm Ondoy that affected most of parts of Manila, came Pepeng who battered Northen Luzon. Good thing, no one was reported who died from the super typhoon. Then there was the earthquake in Indonesia. About 800 people died from it. Then there was also the heavy flooding in India. Reported casualties were at 300 already and still rising. The tsunami in Sonoma Islands also brought series of earthquake all over the world. A lot are in despair, thousands became homeless. I hope the world can recover from these tragedies. In our area, electricty and water were already restored few days after the Ondoy wrath. I hope the government or other agencies can also work out something for those who still without. How I wish there's something like Able Restoration from where we are. The company actually helped repair the water damage San Diego. Having an able group who specializes on how to manage this problem should really be considered.