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Friday, October 30, 2009

New Beginning with baby shower invitations...

It is a new beginning for my good friends, the Evans when we received their Baby Shower Invitations . Tammy is giving birth next month and they are inviting us for a special celebration of the arrival of their new baby as well as the blessing of their new home. The party invitations sent were actually joint celebrations since it is also Stan's Birthday. So those were birthday invitations, moving announcements and baby shower invitations rolled into one!

I am very happy for this new beginning of their married life. I bet the couple didn't take chances for their invitations as they want it very nice so they ordered from the one that provides exclusive and unique designs available only at CardsShoppe. I heard they even availed for the free shipping and free invitation cards when they ordered from the company's website, Everything is perfect for the invitations so I am also looking forward for the perfect party!


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