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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Happy Birthday Margaux!

She turns 5 exactly today! It's all over my blogs. I wrote a short letter for her here. I just can't stop the time for moving on but she would definitely be my baby forever.  Just savoring each moment with her.  I hope she would grow up as a very fine lady and that she would remain sweet as always. 

Friday, March 26, 2010

Safety Gears...

Should you need 3M Peltor ear muffs, Legion Safety is the right supplier for such. They have all the necessary safety gears that includes arc flash clothing, work gloves, respirators, high visibility vests that are all recognized with safety standards. Everything can be bought from their site. They can even accept credit cards. Check them out.

Friday, March 19, 2010

The Princess is turning 5!

Yes, Margaux is turning 5 already by end of the month! She has been growing to become a very pretty young lady. She prefers wearing dresses now that the usual jeans and shirts outfit. She also loves her hair to be well-groomed all the time. I think, she's getting most of these characters from me. So vain! lol!

She recently had her advance birthday party in school. We had to do it like 15-days in advance since their last day was last Tuesday. Yes, they are officially on summer break. We would have a simple get together with other kids in the neighborhood in time for her birthday. I am hoping to book the clubhouse in our area.

She was all pretty in pink (which is her fave color) during her party in school...

Insurance Quest...

We are currently on insurance quest. The husband has been bugging me to review already the number of proposals we got from different agencies including the one from Anthem Tonik. We are not only considering increasing and getting new life insurance for me and the husband but also to increase our coverage for health insurance. I believe the above mentioned insurance covers obama blue cross health insurance that is why we are carefully reviewing it as well. We want to get a health insurance that has a network of doctors and even hospitals that stretches from coast to coast. Any factors I should still consider on this matter?  I hope we could arrive at the right choice. 

Loot Bags nowadays...

The above is Margaux's loot box for her simple party in school last monday. Yes, nowadays, loot bags are not just ordinary plastic bags but as beautiful as this one, it is a loot box already. Saw it from a party of a friend before and I love the idea that kids can use it to put on their toys. Well, souvenirs really matter even if its just for birthday parties of kids like this. A day after, Margaux received additional nice gifts from classmates, lol! 

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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Margaux's Birthday Cake...

Obviously, her birthday theme is Disney Princess. It was for her advance birthday party in school last monday.

Sunday, March 07, 2010

Car Title Loans?

Two of my cousins are currently selling their cars and we were talking about pink slip loans. Do you know what it is? It is about the different collateral loans that even includes car title loans. My cousins were selling their cars cause they need to use the money for something else. One is actually getting married soon. The other one would need it for their business. So we were discussing how they can actually use the title of their cars to get money out of it. One of my cousins recommended that there are servicing companies like this which actually provides loans without surrendering your car. You can actually keep and drive your vehicle as long as it has a minimum wholesale value of $5000. I heard a company would only require the original notarized title of the car, the car registration, copy of driver's license, social security card and recent paycheck stubs. The car must have comprehensive insurance as well. They would also review your entire home bill including cellphone and utility bills.  It is actually a good option in case you really need cash for some immediate requirement or emergency.  Now, my cousins are actually exploring that option instead of just selling their cars.  It's a better option I think. 

Saturday, March 06, 2010

He loves cars!

Looks like the husband is sure to get a new vehicle already. I know he have shelved the plan last year. But he said, he really want to push through with it already after our major trip. Well, my husband realy loves cars to begin with. In fact, he hasn't really decided on what to get and might even consider a used bmw car since that's one of his dreams. He is not shelving the idea of checking used cars. He was telling me about site based in UK where you can find good condition used ford cars, used volkswagen carsused vauxhall and even used mini. Let's see what he would end up with but I would love him to check an SUV instead ;)

Thursday, March 04, 2010

Help for a Friend...

A friend is actually asking for reference for some seniors housing Seattle. They need assistance for their grandfather who have been diagnozed with Alzeimer's Disease. I can imagine how hard it could be for them to be in such situation. They really would want to help their grandfather but they also need assistance on how to manage him. My friend have been making a lot of research about the disease as well and I know that her family can only do much. They still need support and assistance. I told her that she can try to check local community boards as well for information as I am sure there would be. Although I know there is a website which collects information on senior housing providers across America. I saw somehow that they do have options and providers listed on the following: for adult family home, residential care, alzheimer's living, independent living, skilled nursing, and of course nursing home. I think they have a good list of seniors housing New York as well seniors housing in Los Angeles so I am pretty sure there's also data for Seattle.

Monday, March 01, 2010


on this...

Carbonara with Pineapple Juice

Cheating on my no-carbs diet! lol! 

Back to 24...

Husband got hold of the complete season 7 of TV Series 24, starring Keifer Sutherland as Jack Bauer. I was so happy. We started the series last night and we just watched about 3 episodes as it was already 1am. It has been our regular date night watching this series but we stopped after we failed to get hold of the full season's series. Finally, it was out in the market. We were again on top of our feet as we watched it by the minute. We have always been a fan. Whether the shows themes are about kidnappings, bomb threats, personal vendettas, asssinations or terrorist attacks, the themes are handled in such a compelling way that the viewer is hooked at every jump and turn. I heard that they actually blew away a number of vehicles in the set that includes trucks.  Talking about trucks, husband was telling me about this  truck bed cover that is priced at $300.  He talks about his friend who actually bought the Access tonno sports which actually offers more benefit and features.  Hmm, I wonder if he is also interested to get a pick-up truck? 

Blogging for years now...

Yes, I have been blogging for close to 5 years now and I would say that it has been a regular activity for me eversince. Although I am guilty for not being able to update as often as I would like to, I still manage to write senseful stories in my blogs. I am also proud that I also gained a number of blogging friends because of this actibity. A cousin of mine based in Texas is actually asking for my help on how to start a blog. I actually told her that it wasn't an easy 1-2-3 to create one. I told her that is she is going to make it a regular habit to blog to get noticed and earn few dollars as well, she might consider getting a good domain name, create a nice theme for her blog and use Wordpress as her flatform. I told her to check Austin wordpress expert who has been developing beautiful and high-ranking sites that are accepted and recognizable by San Antonio Search Engive Optimizations. The SEO is actually needed to increase PR ranking. I actually do not know much about such but I just manage to keep my blog afloat by regularly postings and also hopping to other sites.  I am making a tutorial for her now.  I hope she gets to understand it correctly.  

Winter Olympics Closing

Did you see the closing ceremonies of the Winter Olympics? I was amazed with the great ceremony they held. I love those special effects that they used like the streamers and those confetti cannons like those wedding confetti that we use here. United States was the lead in terms of the total medals of 37. But Canada got 14 Golds out of its total 26 medals. It was a sweeping win for Canada on the finals of the ice hockey game. Germany is second with total of 30 medals, 10 of which was gold. Everyone is looking forward to the Winter Olympics in London in 2012.