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Thursday, March 04, 2010

Help for a Friend...

A friend is actually asking for reference for some seniors housing Seattle. They need assistance for their grandfather who have been diagnozed with Alzeimer's Disease. I can imagine how hard it could be for them to be in such situation. They really would want to help their grandfather but they also need assistance on how to manage him. My friend have been making a lot of research about the disease as well and I know that her family can only do much. They still need support and assistance. I told her that she can try to check local community boards as well for information as I am sure there would be. Although I know there is a website which collects information on senior housing providers across America. I saw somehow that they do have options and providers listed on the following: for adult family home, residential care, alzheimer's living, independent living, skilled nursing, and of course nursing home. I think they have a good list of seniors housing New York as well seniors housing in Los Angeles so I am pretty sure there's also data for Seattle.