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Tuesday, April 28, 2009


I'm cooking up something. My feet is itching...hehehe. So what else could i be planning? A yearly quick get-away for me and the husband. I'm planning for another out of the country this year.   I hope this would push through as our super-delayed post celebrations for our wedding anniversary on Monday, May 4 and our bdays by June.  So would probably go on a July, just like last year when we went to Singapore.  This is different from the HongKong trip with the kids this October.  

We have miles expiring by September from our Mabuhay Miles memberships and also a complimentary accommodation to any two asian destinations which needs to be used up also by August from our timesharing membership. So I have an excuse to travel! Yipee! Its such a great deal since we have free accommodation and would just have to get one round-trip travel ticket since the miles expiring can cover one more ticket. I really really hope the husband would agree since I'm firming up things today so will present it to him later. Would just need to decide which of the two destinations are we taking.  

Thanks to PAL real deal promo and to an able customer service officer whom I called over the phone, I was able to get flight confirmations to both and also allowed me to even pay it in their office until tomorrow.  

Will post next time as to where exactly we are going once tickets and vouchers are with me already!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Pilipino Cable

Any feedback about Pilipino Cable? We inquired from other cable companies and they said they do not offer in our area. The only one available is Pilipino Cable. The husband is asking me to inquire about the channels being offered by the said cable company since we wanted to make sure that our favorite channels like Star World, HBO, Lifestyle Network are actually included in their list. Of course, the husband wants to make sure also that they do have basketball TV or NBA channel. The kids would want of course Disney Channel and Nickelodeon. We need to apply soon as the Plasma TV has been installed already last night. We need to test it as well. But the husband is asking me also to check out from hardware store some compression connectors. I actually do not know what are those so I tried to reseach about it. I found out from a site that sells those that there are different compression connectors available like RG6, FS6U, etc. It is so technical, I can't even understand. So I'd rather send the site to the husband as I'm sure he knows better. Told him to just write in a paper the particular item I need to buy so I can just present it to an attendant in a hardware store.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Missed posting these...

I think I missed posting these fab photos.  The only ones I have actually so please bear with me.  These were taken by a great photographer, Oly Ruiz of Metro Photo. during the w@w 10th anniversary party in Fernbrook Alabang. So if you are not yet my friend in facebook, you probably haven't seen these...

Friday, April 17, 2009

I'm glad...

that Matt Giraud is staying for another week. I still like his style nevertheless like what I have written here.  His performance last night was really a better one than what he did last week.  Hope he can really redeem himself next week.  Looking forward as its disco theme by then.  I feel like the AI contenstants this season are all great, especially the remaining ones.  And oh, I also like Allison, Anoop and Kris.  So that means, I rooting for Li'l to be eliminated next.  But sad that two has to go already next week. 

Thursday, April 16, 2009

The garden...

is being done already. I love the landscape design presented to us by the interior decorator. But I hope we would have a lavish garden despite the freaking hot weather now. I am not a gardener so I hope I can managed or the maids can manage to maintain it. Oh, how I wish we have an 80 degrees weather like in Arizona so I would have lovely pathway landscape within the lawn area.  Weather is particularly important for any garden.  And I'm starting to hate the heat now.  I hope it won't get any heater as the days go by.  I'm pretty sure our electricity bills will shoot up this month especially that the 3-toner aircondition at the ground floor has also been set-up.

I'm not a fan...

so much of Adam Lambert. I know his voice is good and getting a standing ovation from Simon last week was a first time in all AI seasons. But then, I still love the softness and soulfulness of Danny Gokey and Matt Giraud. Although they say that Matt has been choosing wrong songs recently, I still like how he puts his tenderness when he sings. He reminds me of Phil Collins. I hope he could stay for few more weeks.  I'm not hoping that he would win the final round but I just feel that he should not leave yet this week.  

And speaking of American Idol, David Cook is having a concert in Manila on May 16 if you still do not know. It would be at the concert hall of Mall of Asia. Told myself before that I'm watching this guy if ever he would go here for a concert and be willing to pay even a hefty price of 10K just to be in front to watch him. But the date of his concert is falling on the same date that we would have an MBAP outing and I already confirmed to that. My other friends are watching and I'm so envious! I'm thinking if its going to be worth it to go home right away from Tagaytay to catch his concert. But it might be too traffic to go down from the south. Still deciding though.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Not now please...

Oh I am suprised to learn from the one who bought our Optra last year that she is actually looking as to where to get the best-priced Chevrolet Radiator. The casa is actually charging her a hefty price for it so she is looking for alternative. Told her to check out as they have a variety of radiators for sale which she can purchase and order online.  Oh I could understand her dilemna.  I hope she can work out something soon.  And now I am also hoping that the CRV wont also conked out on me.  It wouldn't be the best time for me.  

Pool playing

in portable inflated pool is what the kids can do for the meantime. I am still hoping we could hit the beach soon despite our busy schedule. We haven't really planned anything for a family outing. So to make up for it, we usually allow the kids to play in that inflatable pool which I feel is too small for them already. Now, I am thinking to get those big ones which we can put up in the new garden as well. I'm sure the kids will have a blast with it. For the meantime, see how they have simple joys with what they have currently....

Is it to rustic?

I am not sure if this chair actually would fit in the patio of our lawn area. What do you think? I really like it because it exudes a nature feel which would be appropriate for our garden but the husband thinks otherwise. He is really not into so much rustic furniture. He said we should get something more modern that this. But I was explaining that it's the garden anyway and we would like to have more appropriate furnishings based on the greens. Instead, he wants to get those steel garden sets. Hmm, let's see who will win this time?

Seriously looking...


That's her usual site whenever watching Dora, the Explorer. I know, she's too close to the TV at this site. But she's too engrossed in watching dora, boots and swiper the fox. Know also what's her other favorite? Oh, it's Mr. Bean. She laughs incredibly whenever watching him.

I'm a slacker...

recently with all my blogs. It's not easy to actually maintain about 4 blogs actually plus a company blog which I haven't really updated for months now. I'm bad. Oh and I have 2 domains which would be expiring soon so I better start looking for the best web hosting company since I am really planning to change my current provider. A friend recommended to me Webhosting Geeks which offers an updated reviews of the different web hosting companies available in the market since 2004. They based their review on features of the company like space provided, traffic given and the price of course. All things you need to know about web hosting is in the site. Not to mention if you are looking for a company that is good in hosting multiple blogs, which I am planning to do as well. Because as or me it would be easier to manage and maintain as well.  Now, I am eyeing already a company to host my domains.  Hopefully, I can do this one step already.  Not that I am also promising that there would be daily updates in my blog but atleast I am going to work hard on it.  Weekly would probably do.  I hope our transfer to the new house would also be a breeze when I transfer my internet connections. 

Friday, April 10, 2009

Selecta Ice Cream Gold Series

have you tried it? It's superb and I highly recommend it. Yummy, yummy chocolate truffle. It would be a good alternative for haagen-dazs ice cream, (since we always can't buy it coz it's too expensive). The price is affordable. Mind you, it's always out of stock in groceries.

I'm enjoying my cup now!

Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Me and Bianca!

in Manila Oceanpark!  Other pics taken during Margaux's Bday Celebration,  click here.