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Thursday, April 23, 2009

Pilipino Cable

Any feedback about Pilipino Cable? We inquired from other cable companies and they said they do not offer in our area. The only one available is Pilipino Cable. The husband is asking me to inquire about the channels being offered by the said cable company since we wanted to make sure that our favorite channels like Star World, HBO, Lifestyle Network are actually included in their list. Of course, the husband wants to make sure also that they do have basketball TV or NBA channel. The kids would want of course Disney Channel and Nickelodeon. We need to apply soon as the Plasma TV has been installed already last night. We need to test it as well. But the husband is asking me also to check out from hardware store some compression connectors. I actually do not know what are those so I tried to reseach about it. I found out from a site that sells those that there are different compression connectors available like RG6, FS6U, etc. It is so technical, I can't even understand. So I'd rather send the site to the husband as I'm sure he knows better. Told him to just write in a paper the particular item I need to buy so I can just present it to an attendant in a hardware store.