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Thursday, April 16, 2009

I'm not a fan...

so much of Adam Lambert. I know his voice is good and getting a standing ovation from Simon last week was a first time in all AI seasons. But then, I still love the softness and soulfulness of Danny Gokey and Matt Giraud. Although they say that Matt has been choosing wrong songs recently, I still like how he puts his tenderness when he sings. He reminds me of Phil Collins. I hope he could stay for few more weeks.  I'm not hoping that he would win the final round but I just feel that he should not leave yet this week.  

And speaking of American Idol, David Cook is having a concert in Manila on May 16 if you still do not know. It would be at the concert hall of Mall of Asia. Told myself before that I'm watching this guy if ever he would go here for a concert and be willing to pay even a hefty price of 10K just to be in front to watch him. But the date of his concert is falling on the same date that we would have an MBAP outing and I already confirmed to that. My other friends are watching and I'm so envious! I'm thinking if its going to be worth it to go home right away from Tagaytay to catch his concert. But it might be too traffic to go down from the south. Still deciding though.