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Thursday, January 31, 2008

Friendship Meme from Chat

Thanks Chat for this Friendship Meme.

Friendship Day is a special day... It is a special time when you can tell your friends how much you appreciate them and show them how happy and thankful you are to have them... and well, it is the best to let them know how you feel everyday... A Friend is someone who knows all about you and loves you anyway!!!
I'm passing this meme to everyone on my blogging buddies list!

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Metro Weddings Magazine

We coordinated 3 out of 8 weddings featured in the latest issue of Metro Weddings. These were:

Bienvenido Pierre Niles III-Stephanie Lim Uy
Andrew Robin Jones-Isis Rachelle Uy
Rene De Mesa Tadle - Joanne Cochon Tuazon

I love the pictures there. And I love the articles written down by my brides cause my name is indicated as their wedding planner.

Ah, free advertisement!

So I can claim even more that this job is prestigious? But check here my thoughs about it.

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

On Grey's Anatomy

So we are watching now Grey's Anatomy (Season 4) in DVD. Thanks to Jacqui for lending it to us. We finished 5 episodes last night. It's just so-so...

I miss the old seasons...

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Change of Eyeglasses...

It's time to change my eyeglasses. Athough, I have been a contact lens user, I still feel that I need to have my eyeglasses replaced to a trendier one. Look at this color purple frame.

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Some nice gifts...

I fixed my cabinets yesterday. It's a great achievement for me. Clap, clap, clap. But more than that I then I remembered some nice gifts I got last christmas...

Oktomat Camera (Lomocamera) from Jason Magbanua. The man, by the way, recently won an award again. He's one great person, one great friend. He influenced me to go for lomography. Apprently, I haven't been hardcore yet with this hobby but will try to post some of the pictures I took before. With this oktomat, each picture will capture 9 figures in one shot. Isn't it cool?

Kenneth Cole Black wallet from Madge Lejano. Love it. Love the many pockets inside to put all my cards. I just haven't changed my wallet yet, but I do intend to do so soon. Madge is a very good make-up artist and I have high regard to her work. It's always fun working with her team during events.

This is what I'm reading currently. Well, I just started last night. Thanks to my good friend Grace who sent it to me from the US. Grace was my bride before. I did their wedding. She's been very good to me and I really consider her as a dear friend. The book is about 10 essentials for achieving success as you manage a business. It talks about Martha's realization, her learnings while in prison. It's a good book.

(Pardon the blur of the picture). A personalized notepad with our names (dicky and jody liwanag). This came from John and Benz Rana. It's one of my favorites. Got the same thing before from Jong of Write Impression but it was just my name. I find this gift very useful, especially on the nature of my job. I'm just so proud carrying it around.

I'm grateful about the above things but more than that, I'm grateful for the friendships from these people.
Lovely life with friends around...

Monday, January 28, 2008

Fun Ranch

We went to Fun Ranch last saturday.

The kids enjoyed the gym play as well as some rides. Didn't get the chance to go to Avilon Zoo as it was already late. Will try next time.
Just two pictures...I'm lazy to upload...

Sunday, January 27, 2008

How to prevent stretch marks?

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Saturday, January 26, 2008

Another awards...

Thanks to Jean for the awards.

It's great to receive this on one saturday morning. I'm passing this to Peachy, Kelly, Jane, Apols, Jacqui and Leah.

Buying a Van...

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Thursday, January 24, 2008

Linky Love...

Thanks to Peachy for the love...

Cut and paste the following starting here.

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I'm passing the love to Apple, Arlene, Erika, Mich, and Jesse.

Big sister Margaux...

I'm so proud of my first born Margaux as she manifests a character of a true blooded "ate". Read here.

In school, her teacher said she has been acting like an "ate" as well. Read on what her teacher has to say this week:

It's nice to hear that you have been immersing her to the role of a big
sister or "ate." Such immersion had been very evident also in class with
how excited she is when asked about Bianca and how she acts in school. As
part of our topic, she often talks about how she hugs and kisses baby Bianca as
her way of being an "ate" to her.

As I mentioned before, she still acts like an "ate" to her peers and has
become more and more independent everyday. During snack time, she packs
awayy her lunch box and placemat by herself; but when she does need help in
placing her lunchbox in the cubby she calls for help immediately.

Just as you have mentioned, Margaux had been really fond of going to the
art table, more specifically to write or draw with markers.

Finally, we have recently started assigning jobs or tasks in school which
teach the children responsibility. Margaux's preferred tasks have always
been to give out the placemats or to pray. She had been a placemat leader
for two days now and as a leader she doesn't forget to get the placemats after
praying. She gives them their corresponding placemats properly.

I'm just so proud of her. This is one of my simple joys.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

So Generous...

Got a super generous and kind client who gave me this...

It's a COACH Hamptons Signature Swingpack. I was jumping for joy when I opened the gift. I super love it. Thanks Cat!

Monday, January 21, 2008

How's Bianca?

This is Bianca now...

Still very adorable. She walks like crazy, pulling all cabinet knobs and pushing all chairs she can grab. Aside from putting all toys into her mouth!
After 15 minutes of holding her, I'm tired!

All in Pink...

It's all in pink today from the 3P's.

Pathetic! When I'm supposed to have time to blog, there's no opps to grab! Hay! :-(

Saturday, January 19, 2008

This weekend...

Oh, what a bliss this weekend! I don't have events to coordinate. Yahoo. I'm just happy to be with my husband and my kids. It's activity-filled weekend.

We are scheduled to go to the administration of the subdivision to talk to the engineer for the approval of the plan. Then we will also meet up the uncle of Dicky to further discuss the next steps on the construction of the "dream house."

Then will meet up with good old friends from our catholic community at Burgoo in Podium then malling with the kids after.

What a good way to spend saturday! Aside from hearing mass, I'm still thinking what's for tomorrow to maximize time with family.

These days are just priceless to me!

What's up for Valentine's Day?

Do you still celebrate Valentine's Day? Dicky and I do. We are both hopeless romantic. We make it a point to still go out on a date during Valentine's Day no matter how much traffic on the road we have to traverse and how much time we need to spend just to wait for our turn to dine in one of the finest restaurant. Well, we both love celebrating Valentine's Day. Aside from having a special dinner, we also make it a point to give each other a gift. Now, I'm wondering what could be a special something I can give to him this year. Have you ever thought on what to give your husbands already? I'm starting to search as early as now.

I have seen this Galileo 5-mm x 20-mm golf scope from Kohl's coupon codes. I'm sure it would be very useful for him since playing golf is already becoming his habit recently.

I'm planning also to partner it with golf shoes which I can get cheaper using Nike coupons. His current golf shoes is already worn out so I guess it would be nice suprise to him to get a new one.

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Thursday, January 17, 2008

Margaux's update in school...

Margaux went back to school last January 8 and as her first week has passed, this is what her teacher has to say:

"Generally, Margaux did not have any difficulty readjusting to the routine. She enters the classroom quietly but does not have trouble with transition from one routine to another.

Throughout the week, I observed Margaux has been paying attention to details around the classroom about family. She was the only one who noticed the drawing on the wall of a big brother, a big sister and a little brother; and she gets easily distracted with the family pictures in the circle area. She also acts like an ate by reminding her peers to return the books when I tell them that it's time to pack away, and even offers help to return the books to the bookshelf.

Margaux enjoys playing with her peers. Together with her friends, she pretended to be a dog and crawled on all fours around the room. They also pretended to be choo choo trains around the room. She also enjoyed other movement activities such as our "jack be nimble" activity wherein they jumped over a cardboard candlestick. She stands up excitedly and goes near the candlestick. "

Since the start of her class last week, Dicky has been the one bringing Margaux to school. He brings her to school before reporting for work. The daddy said he enjoys this routine a lot. In fact, I'm one proud mommy that Margaux just enters the classroom and vibrantly waving goodbye to her dad everyday. (this is according to our co-parents). Then I just pick her up after class. Thanks to Dicky for doing this, atleast, I can sleep some more in the morning. (hehehe) and also do some more work. Well, this is a good option for us now cause Margaux is never late from class since last week. Cause if I'm the one bringing her to school, she would always tell her teacher when she gets inside the classroom, "Teacher, traffic!" (hahaha, turuan ba ang anak magpalusot???!!!)

Cash, cash, cash...

I'm just so happy to finally get hold of my blogging money. I withdrew some from my paypal money last week and transfered it to my Unionbank Eon account. Today, when i checked my account online, the money is already there! Yahoo! And then i tried to withdrew it in a Unionbank ATM an hour ago and it worked! As in literally, I'm jumping for joy. Paid blogging rocks!

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

My name...

Got this tag from Abie and Toni. I'm excited to do this...

All I have to do is spell my name using the letters and their corresponding meanings.Here’s mine.

J: Makes people laugh (it's true)
O: Has one of the best personalities ever (naks!)
D: Is great in bed (*wink, *wink)
Y: Loved by everyone (except sa mga naiinggit! hahaha)

A: Gorgeous (makatotohanan!)
N: Sexy
N: Sexy (doubly! hahaha)

I super love this tag! Hahaha.

Tell me what's the meaning of your names Nol, Pheng and Jesse.

You will like this tag girls!

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Wedding Invitations...

As a wedding coordinator, looking for wedding invitations for my clients is part of my task. I would normally encounter overseas couples who would rather order their elegant wedding cards online. I usually help them find the suited invitations according to their needs and even to their wedding theme. I found out about wedding that offers a wide selection of all affordable wedding invitations.

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Saturday, January 12, 2008

I wish I could just sleep...

Bed weather today! I wish I could just sleep. But gotta get up cause I have another event today. It's a busy day.

Wish, wish, wish!

Construction Industry

We are already in the first step in building our dream home. We are talking already to some contractors that could help us. We are choosing among the options and we would be finalizing it hopefully before the end of the month. But we are also awaiting the final plan from the architect. Dicky and I are both excited about this. We have communicated to the architect all our specifications and essentials that should be part of the plan. I'm also busy looking around for sample plans and designs from the internet until I finally come across a site that provides information for people employed in or around the construction industry. This could be a great site that I can forward to the uncle of Dicky who we are likely to consider to build our dream home. CSkills promote career development for those in the said industry by providing topics on latest health and safety legislation and even information on how to become a certified in their trade by 2010. I guess this is essential to anyone who is into construction business in order to hone their skills and perfect their craft.

Friday, January 11, 2008

Backtrack: Intercon Hotel (December 31, 2007)

We checked in at Hotel Intercon last December 31 and we celebrated the new year's eve there. Upon checking-in, we headed out to the swimming pool. Even cold, Margaux loves the water. Makes me think as when could be the best time for me to enrol her to swimming lessons. She tries hard to kick her legs while floating. I guess she's braver than me with regards to water. I learned to swim when I was an adult already. Would you believe, I had my swimming lessons when I was almost 22 years old? (hahaha, pathetic ano?!)

But Bianca was freezing cold when we tried to dip her into the water.

Here's our family picture in the pool...
And the little girl just wants to relax...
We just had dinner at Modern China?/Asia? in Glorietta. Can't remember cause we were rushing to find a place to dine that night cause Glorietta was closing early. I think it was the only restaurant that was open that time. Afterwhich, we heard Mass in the lobby of Intercon. Good thing that they had that special new year's eve mass. It was a different experience for us cause we didn't celebrate it at home. But it was fun. We enjoyed it and it was hassle and stress-free, at least for me in preparing food during that time. But we managed to also bring in a bottle of wine, with bread and ham. (hehehe). Tipid no?! We also brought a buco salad that my mom did. O diba, may baon pang dessert?

We went down in Ayala Avenue to watch the grand fireworks display near Peninsula Manila. We had to wake up Margaux in time for midnight so we can all go down. Apparently, we didn't let Bianca join us anymore downstairs cause I didn't want her to be exposed to so much smoke as she has very sensitive skin.
Here are some more of our pictures...

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Backtrack: Lunch at Serendra (December 31, 2007)

Before proceeding to Hotel Intercon to check-in that day, we had lunch first at Abe at Serendra and to check again from Crocs store if they do have my size already. Unfortunately, none again.

We love the food in Abe, that's why we keep coming back there.

Some of our pictures while in Serendra...(obviously, whoever is missing is the photographer that day-->dicky)

Backtrack: Christmas Day (December 25, 2007)

We stayed at the home the entire day as our relatives (my mom's side) arrived in our place to celebrate the christmas day. My tita Ronnie prepared a number of games for kids and adults alike. Didn't have much decent picture as a family. In fact, we totally forgot to take a picture as a family. Pathetic!

Our color theme for this year is Blue. My mom side of the family always come in color coded per family.

Meet my family... Note: Bianca was sleeping at this time.

We are the first degree "apos."

Mga apo sa tuhod at apo sa talampakan...

That is one thing that I'm so proud of my family...we are very close. You can see in the pictures. I'm so close to my cousins.

Here, Margaux and Dicky were part of the game...seems they were really enjoying!
Margaux joined the games...

Margaux dancing "papaya"

This proved that we don't have decent pictures last christmas day...the crying Bianca!

Toys for the little girls...

The two girls were ecstatic when they saw the big boxes of gifts we have for both of them. We actually kept it from them and just put it near the christmas tree in time for them to open on christmas day itself. And they were excited to open both...
They are playing these toys together...I love having both girls. It makes them share their toys!

Almost broke...

I guess most of us were almost broke during the holidays. Like me, I had a number of godsons and goddaughters and I just ended up giving money to all of them as I don't have time to buy christmas presents anymore. For those of you who are out of cash, there's an alternative solution to get by after the holidays. Get a cash advance loan that is available to be applied online. Perfect Cash Advance is known for a fast application process and easy approval. They actually don't check credit and don't even ask for any documents to be faxed. This kind of payday loans is becoming popular since most of working inviduals are having difficulty in meeting both ends meet. The site actually streamlined the application process and made it available online to anyone. It is quick, easy and often cheaper than doing any cash advance in person. One can have a minimum loan amount of $300 to a maximum of $1500. After approval, the loan amount is wired to your bank account overnight. Then it would be deducted automatically from your checking account on your next payday unless you have an arrangement with your loan counselor to roll it over the next payday and just pay the finance charge. This cash advance loan is actually very secure and private. So next time, you get broke, you can consider this payday loan.

Backtrack: Margaux's Christmas Party in School

Oh, this is another overdue...

Margaux joined her classmate during their christmas party last December 13. The toddler class was assigned to sing "Santa Claus is coming to town!" All the mommies were excited for our children's performances but lo and behold, during the party itself, the kids just stood still in front, watching us (the parents) while we were making faces and dancing their steps. Hay, nahiya ba naman lahat! But they were all so good during the final rehearsal the day before. Kakatawa cause it seems like kami na lang mga mommies ang pinanood nila...

And some mommies performed...ang mga makakapal ang mukha! (hihihi) and I'm one of them. We sang "Twelve Days of Christmas." Uy, ilang beses kaming nag-practise for it ha. (hehehe)

It was a simple but fun christmas party.

Laptop fixed...

Yes, my laptop is now fixed. Spent more than 5K for the shouldering of the power connection and on buying a new adaptor :-(

I blew my top talking to the customer service of PLDTdsl this afternoon. Finally, I have internet connection now. I hope tuloy-tuloy na. Pero bilang na ang araw nila cause I want to replace them already. Grrr, I'm so pissed with their service. They are really a slow giant who is so not concerned of their customer's satisfaction. Sagot ba naman sa akin, "wala po kaming magagawa eh!" Grrrr! Kakagigil!

And finally, I can also update my other blog cause I also remembered na my username and password! I'm so happy!

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Where was I?

I have been out of touch for weeks now! Yes, been in hiatus with blogging. I lost a number of paid opportunities. I think there were about 5-7 opps that expired on me. I know, I's not good with page ranking but I have bigger concerns to work around.

Events poured last December and the first week of January. Stress-level was high. I was sleep deprived and physically exhausted. But I can't show it to clients. Still during events, I have all smiles in the world even if I have been thinking if it was all worth it...days that I was out and away from my family. Don't get me wrong, love my job, really love it! As you know, December-January are the months when wedding suppliers don't rest. It's our busiest months. I should just consider this as happy concern/problem. I have to admit, "ang yaman" ko after this month! Bwahahaha! (*wink, *wink). But again, it's not about money. (ahem, ahem). It is how passionate about what I do, how I want to give good service to all our clients.

The first seven days of January were the busiest. We were only free January 1 and 2. Meaning our events started January 3 till 7. That was straight of 5 days! It was my first time to do it. But was glad to survived it! We capped all the weddings in flying colors and I was so proud of it. I'm so proud of my team members. I love all of them. They all did great jobs.

Yesterday, January 8 when I was about to go back online, pathetic it may seem but had problems with my internet connection. After waiting the whole day for PLDT dsl to fix it, was finally able to connect just last night before going out again for another meeting. All my internet files were deleted as the technical of PLDT asked me to delete all my files and cookies. So that explaines also why I don't have an update to my other blog (my own domain). I forgot the url to wp admin panel. Thanks to Jane for giving it to me last night.

And so I thought, I can again go online this morning, when my laptop hibernated already. Lo and behold, after plugging in the power cable, it was not charging! Grrrr! I can't determine if it was the power cable or the battery is the problem.

Now, I'm having it fixed here in Laptop service in eastwood while writing this blog in an internet cafe! Oh, I really hope that they would get to fix the problem. Can't live another day without my laptop:-(

I still cannot update also my other blog cause after knowing the url of the admin panel, I totally forgot now my username and password! How pathetic! Cause it was just saved in my laptop already and I can't seem to remember. Blame it to my two shots of epidural. Gotta wait for the email of Amore so I could recover my username and password.

If my laptop won't get fixed, SOMEONE could be telling me to just relax, sleep all day tomorrow and stop worrying! In order words, stop working first and have a time for myself and my family. Let's see if that would happen...

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Backtrack: Tagaytay Trip (December 20, 2007)

Reunited with good friends, (a kumare) from Sydney, Australia, Cheann and her husband Manny. We fetched them early thursday morning that day and headed out to Tagaytay. It feels so good to be in company of old friends. We just enjoyed the whole trip to Tagaytay despite the traffic in SLEX and we don't run out of stories to tell.

We had lunch in Sonya's Garden. Suprisingly, Sonya's was full for lunch but it was wise of me to make an advance reservation. I still love Sonya's. Love the salad of course!

We wanted to have our massage, unfortunately, they were fully booked. Sayang! :-(

So we just headed out to Bag of Beans for more talks and some coffee...

It was a fun day, catching up on each other. We are missing them again. Hope we can visit them in Australia some time.

Friday, January 04, 2008

Backtrack: Barney Live in Manila (December 19, 2007)

We watched the concert of Barney and Friends live in Manila on the first showing date last December 19, 2007. Margaux enjoyed it a lot. I just felt that it was kinda short. Nevertheless, the little girl had a blast!