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Saturday, January 19, 2008

What's up for Valentine's Day?

Do you still celebrate Valentine's Day? Dicky and I do. We are both hopeless romantic. We make it a point to still go out on a date during Valentine's Day no matter how much traffic on the road we have to traverse and how much time we need to spend just to wait for our turn to dine in one of the finest restaurant. Well, we both love celebrating Valentine's Day. Aside from having a special dinner, we also make it a point to give each other a gift. Now, I'm wondering what could be a special something I can give to him this year. Have you ever thought on what to give your husbands already? I'm starting to search as early as now.

I have seen this Galileo 5-mm x 20-mm golf scope from Kohl's coupon codes. I'm sure it would be very useful for him since playing golf is already becoming his habit recently.

I'm planning also to partner it with golf shoes which I can get cheaper using Nike coupons. His current golf shoes is already worn out so I guess it would be nice suprise to him to get a new one.

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