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Saturday, January 12, 2008

Construction Industry

We are already in the first step in building our dream home. We are talking already to some contractors that could help us. We are choosing among the options and we would be finalizing it hopefully before the end of the month. But we are also awaiting the final plan from the architect. Dicky and I are both excited about this. We have communicated to the architect all our specifications and essentials that should be part of the plan. I'm also busy looking around for sample plans and designs from the internet until I finally come across a site that provides information for people employed in or around the construction industry. This could be a great site that I can forward to the uncle of Dicky who we are likely to consider to build our dream home. CSkills promote career development for those in the said industry by providing topics on latest health and safety legislation and even information on how to become a certified in their trade by 2010. I guess this is essential to anyone who is into construction business in order to hone their skills and perfect their craft.