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Thursday, January 17, 2008

Margaux's update in school...

Margaux went back to school last January 8 and as her first week has passed, this is what her teacher has to say:

"Generally, Margaux did not have any difficulty readjusting to the routine. She enters the classroom quietly but does not have trouble with transition from one routine to another.

Throughout the week, I observed Margaux has been paying attention to details around the classroom about family. She was the only one who noticed the drawing on the wall of a big brother, a big sister and a little brother; and she gets easily distracted with the family pictures in the circle area. She also acts like an ate by reminding her peers to return the books when I tell them that it's time to pack away, and even offers help to return the books to the bookshelf.

Margaux enjoys playing with her peers. Together with her friends, she pretended to be a dog and crawled on all fours around the room. They also pretended to be choo choo trains around the room. She also enjoyed other movement activities such as our "jack be nimble" activity wherein they jumped over a cardboard candlestick. She stands up excitedly and goes near the candlestick. "

Since the start of her class last week, Dicky has been the one bringing Margaux to school. He brings her to school before reporting for work. The daddy said he enjoys this routine a lot. In fact, I'm one proud mommy that Margaux just enters the classroom and vibrantly waving goodbye to her dad everyday. (this is according to our co-parents). Then I just pick her up after class. Thanks to Dicky for doing this, atleast, I can sleep some more in the morning. (hehehe) and also do some more work. Well, this is a good option for us now cause Margaux is never late from class since last week. Cause if I'm the one bringing her to school, she would always tell her teacher when she gets inside the classroom, "Teacher, traffic!" (hahaha, turuan ba ang anak magpalusot???!!!)


macy said...

ang cute! "teacher traffic". love it.