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Thursday, January 10, 2008

Backtrack: Christmas Day (December 25, 2007)

We stayed at the home the entire day as our relatives (my mom's side) arrived in our place to celebrate the christmas day. My tita Ronnie prepared a number of games for kids and adults alike. Didn't have much decent picture as a family. In fact, we totally forgot to take a picture as a family. Pathetic!

Our color theme for this year is Blue. My mom side of the family always come in color coded per family.

Meet my family... Note: Bianca was sleeping at this time.

We are the first degree "apos."

Mga apo sa tuhod at apo sa talampakan...

That is one thing that I'm so proud of my family...we are very close. You can see in the pictures. I'm so close to my cousins.

Here, Margaux and Dicky were part of the game...seems they were really enjoying!
Margaux joined the games...

Margaux dancing "papaya"

This proved that we don't have decent pictures last christmas day...the crying Bianca!