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Thursday, January 10, 2008

Backtrack: Margaux's Christmas Party in School

Oh, this is another overdue...

Margaux joined her classmate during their christmas party last December 13. The toddler class was assigned to sing "Santa Claus is coming to town!" All the mommies were excited for our children's performances but lo and behold, during the party itself, the kids just stood still in front, watching us (the parents) while we were making faces and dancing their steps. Hay, nahiya ba naman lahat! But they were all so good during the final rehearsal the day before. Kakatawa cause it seems like kami na lang mga mommies ang pinanood nila...

And some mommies performed...ang mga makakapal ang mukha! (hihihi) and I'm one of them. We sang "Twelve Days of Christmas." Uy, ilang beses kaming nag-practise for it ha. (hehehe)

It was a simple but fun christmas party.


angelaze said...

Isa ata ako sa makapal na mukha... hahaha.