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Thursday, January 24, 2008

Big sister Margaux...

I'm so proud of my first born Margaux as she manifests a character of a true blooded "ate". Read here.

In school, her teacher said she has been acting like an "ate" as well. Read on what her teacher has to say this week:

It's nice to hear that you have been immersing her to the role of a big
sister or "ate." Such immersion had been very evident also in class with
how excited she is when asked about Bianca and how she acts in school. As
part of our topic, she often talks about how she hugs and kisses baby Bianca as
her way of being an "ate" to her.

As I mentioned before, she still acts like an "ate" to her peers and has
become more and more independent everyday. During snack time, she packs
awayy her lunch box and placemat by herself; but when she does need help in
placing her lunchbox in the cubby she calls for help immediately.

Just as you have mentioned, Margaux had been really fond of going to the
art table, more specifically to write or draw with markers.

Finally, we have recently started assigning jobs or tasks in school which
teach the children responsibility. Margaux's preferred tasks have always
been to give out the placemats or to pray. She had been a placemat leader
for two days now and as a leader she doesn't forget to get the placemats after
praying. She gives them their corresponding placemats properly.

I'm just so proud of her. This is one of my simple joys.