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Sunday, January 27, 2008

How to prevent stretch marks?

I don't think there's a quick and easy way to prevent stretch marks. I guess this is inevitable especially when you are pregnant. There are just so many products in the market today and I'm not sure which one is an effective stretch mark cream. I guess it is very important to review each product first before actually purchasing one. Two of my friends right now who are pregnant are looking for great products for stretch mark. I told them to check out that is a skin care solution resource which is recently talking about the said issue. In the post, they have posted creams they have tried and tested to see it's effectivity. Topping their list is revitol stretch mark cream. There were some respondents to their test who showed the effectiveness of the product. Pictures were shown of their tummies from before using the product and after using it for few weeks. There's no guarantee to it I guess but the product looks very promising. This product can also be bought online. So I told my friends to check out the site so they could learn more about it. It could be the answer to their concerns. There could be no harm in trying.


angelaze said...

Ako din may share! Matern yung name nya. Only 750php sa watsons. Tpos yung mga preggy moms na tulad ko maganda kung sobrang cut nila nails kse unconsciously nagkakamot sila habang natutulog. hope this helps!