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Monday, December 28, 2009

Wedding Anniversary Invitations...

January 4, 2010, would be our 12th year of togetheress. May 4 of 2010, we would be celebrating our 8th year Wedding Anniversary. I was kidding the husband that I should start choosing for our Wedding Anniversary Invitations should I want to have a party to celebrate. I know I can get unique and exclusive designs of anniversary invitation only at Announcements-Shoppe. I saw nice pieces of anniversary party invitations which would be appropriate for the theme I am even thinking. Yes, there should always be a theme whenever I throw in a party!

I saw from the site an anniversary wedding invitations which I can change the font and color. I even want to include back the monogram that was used previously in our original wedding invitation.   I'm getting pretty excited about all the planning when the husband suddenly interrupted my day-dreaming!  No big party for us to celebrate the wedding anniversary next year since we are planning for a major trip also for the same anniversary month!  He said he would just compensate me by adding some shopping money for me!  I rest my case.  I'm so easy to talk to about such things!  lol!

Every afternoon...

this is their usual play....Biking!

We also recently got them their new bikes as our christmas presents for both of them! They are enjoying so much some outdoor fun with our neighbors' kids as well.

We just love our's perfect for the kids!

Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas!

From our Family to yours....

We wish you a very happy christmas! It is pure happiness to celebrate it with your whole family! We wish you happy moments on this season!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

On High School Graduation Invitations...

Should you need High School Graduation Invitations, you can order online from GraduationCardsShop. Their great website, offers nice and cute high school graduation party invitations. They even have those high school graduation announcement as well.

We ordered from them last time for my cousins high school graduation invitation and my aunt is very happy about the final product. She was able to put the graduation picture of my cousin in the card making it more personalized. She actually changed a bit some of the designs by changing the colors and the font. It was a very nice card afterall. Now, we are ordering another one for my other cousins graduation next year.  Can't go wrong with their site. 

My holiday wish...

Your Holiday Wish is Being with Family and Friends

The holidays are near and dear to your heart. You don't need much to make you happy this time of year.

As long as you're able to be near the people you love most, you are content. It's really that simple.

You want nothing more than a full house of people celebrating the season. It doesn't matter if it's your house or not, just as long as everyone is there.

And if someone doesn't happen to be around during the holidays, you think about him or her often. You get very sentimental this time of year.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Kids Birthday Galore....

We received a number of Kids Birthday Invitations last month so we were attending birthday parties left and right. Of course, the kids enjoyed it a lot and so as me as well. They've got lots of loots and prizes from the parties we attended. All the parties do have specific themes which actually was reflected on the kids birthday party invitations.

I love kids birthdays and since my SIL is pregnant at this time, I am already overly excited for their new baby first birthday invitations. In fact, I am even willing to sponsor it for them since I practically know that I should just order it from Unique and exclusive designs of birthday invitations are available only at CardsPersonalized. I would like to order from them since I can even add a photo of the celebrant in the card. I also have the option to change the colors or some of the borders or designs I may have chosen. I'm sure my SIL would love that if I would take on the responsibility for that.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

My heart...

You Have a Content Heart

Your heart doesn't crave much. It doesn't take much to make your heart happy.

You may or may not have found love, but either way, your heart is at peace.

If your heart has been broken, you are over it. Your heart has no scars.

Your heart is open to anything. You have a lot of love to give to the world.

Looking for College Graduation Thank You Cards...

My aunt is already looking for College Graduation Thank You Cards for my cousin who would be finishing school by next year. She has been bugging me to help her with such. Of course, I only recommend the site which I usually order any kind of graduation cards, whether for college graduation thank you card, high school graduation thank you card or preschool graduation party thank you cards.

Unique and exclusive designs are available only at I usually order from them since personalize everything and can even view the cards using their patented instant preview feature.  GraduationCardsShop is really a good supplier for any invitation cards or thank you cards related to graduation. They have all those cute designs appropriate to celebrate a milestone in a student's life.