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Monday, November 13, 2006

Welcome Bianca Charize F. Liwanag...

It is with utmost joy to welcome the new addition to our family...a bouncing baby girl named Bianca Charize F. Liwanag. She came out to the world last November 5, 2006 at 9:18am via Normal Spontaneous Delivery at The Medical City. Bianca weighs 7.1 pounds and 19 inches in height.

You may view a special audio-visual presentation of her actual delivery courtesy of my anesthesiologist, Dr. Rene Berdan. It is fortunate that photography and videography are his hobbies! Thanks doc!

Now, for the birthing story... (brace's kinda long)

November 2 - I started to feel some crampiness in my stomach already but since I have a high tolerance to pain, I wasn't really concentrating on it. But I knew then that the time was already near. Told myself to just wait for our next OB check-up on November 4, saturday.

November 4 - I prepared early that morning for my OB checkup at 12nn. Dicky accompanied me and brought along Margaux. We came in the clinic of Dra Aguilar before 12nn. We just got a number to be cued and left first to go to Shangrila Mall to meet my mother-in-law and nephew, Deshawn. We were just walking around the Mall since we took our lunch already at home before we left. Margaux enjoyed riding the carousel at the second floor. I even got the 2 ceramic plates I painted in Color Me Mine. Friends were already texting if I'm due to give birth na cause they knew that I was due for check-up. With my pregnancy with Margaux, we also came from Shangrila Mall that time, went for check-up and viola, I was already in labor without me knowing! I was hoping the same thing would happen this time. True enough, we went back to the clinic of Dra Aguilar around 130pm and I was cued 4th to be checked already.

Dra Aguilar performed an (painful!) IE to me. She said after..."ang galing mo! planner ka talaga, pati delivery schedule mo, planado! you are already 3cm!" Wow, I felt excitement already. My OB knew that I want to give birth early november since I need to get back to work quickly for my December events. My 40th week is November 25 and I didn't want to wait that too long. I was exactly 37weeks that saturday, making the baby full term already and fine for delivery. Dra Aguilar asked me to just go home for a while, take it easy first and just go to the hospital after dinner. Dicky was excited also that time. He started calling our families. We just need to pick up Margaux and her yaya back in Shangrila where we left them with my mother-in-law.

We were cool, we knew already what to expect so we weren't so in panic. In fact, when we got home, Dicky even cooked spaghetti for me as I requested. I was even able to blog that I was actually in labor. We ate dinner at home, prayed the rosary, brought Margaux to sleep first before proceeding to The Medical City. Bags were packed and we were ready to go.

We arrived in Medical City at 915pm. We initially went to Admission to check available rooms. I was still walking at ease. After which, we proceeded at the 5/F with my admission slip from my OB presented to the pre-labor room. Texted Dra Aguilar that we were in the hospital already. A resident doctor perfomed an IE to me and I was hooked up to a monitoring device to check my contractions for around 20 minutes. Dicky was left outside the pre-labor room. I was kinda dissapointed when I learned that I was still in 3cm after the IE. I thought, I might have progressed. I texted my OB if I cannot be admitted yet so I can do some walking but she didn't agree. That 3cm according to her can last for days and me walking will not be a good idea cause cervix is starting to effaced and might get infection so I just agreed to be admitted.

As indicated in my admission order, we wanted to use the lamaze room (just like what we did when Margaux was delivered). I didn't intend to do lamaze but I just want Dicky to be beside me when I give birth. He can't be allowed in an ordinary labor/delivery room kasi.

I was transported to the Lamaze Room at 1025pm. Dicky was advised to get a room already. It has been agreed also that he will get a smaller room first and then we will just upgrade when delivery is done. Why? due to charges...hehehe...we already did it with my delivery with Margaux and it was effective. We made our research and computations about it already. Dicky knew what to do.

When I entered the Lamaze Room, I was suprised to see a mural painting on the wall and a TV set. Last year, it wasn't there yet though we used Lamaze Room2 last time, it was Lamaze Room1 this time.

I was hooked up to the monitoring device. As per advise also of Dra Aguilar, they will administer an IV to me with oxytocin (for contraction) and will also put buscopan to make my cervix effaced since it was still kinda thick. Buscopan was painful when inserted through an IV. I had to massage my hand after it has been administered.

Another resident doctor performed an IE to me around 1130pm and I was at 3-4 cm, 60% effaced. I was getting impatient. I was counting the number of hours we were in Lamaze Room cause rate is per hour! Hehehe, lumabas ang pagkakuripot ko. But I realized that we only came in at the around 1025pm. The resident doctors are actually advising Dra Aguilar of my status. I still didn't feel any pain of contractions but based on the monitoring device, I was already in active labor cause contractions are timed at every 3-4 minutes already.

Dicky was already with me in the Lamaze Room. He was given a pillow by the midwife. He was able to sleep pa. I was able to sleep too. I told myself to sleep this time cause previously with Margaux, I was awake the whole time while being monitored. I just can't put myself to sleep. But this time, I took advantage to sleep cause I knew that I need some rest to keep myself in good level of performance during "pushing" time.

I was sleeping lightly from 1am to 5am. With occasional check of IE from the resident doctors. I was progressing very slowly.

November 5 - At 6am, Dra Aguilar arrived already. She performed a (painful again) IE to me and said that I was already 4 to 5cm, cervix still a little thick. She told me that she will already rupture my water bag to make labor quick. I insisted to have an epidural first before rupturing but my anesthesiologist was still on his way. I was afraid it will be painful but she said that rupturing is not, what will be painful will be the contractions that I would feel already. So I just agreed for her to rupture my water bag.

From then on, I was feeling all the contractions already, every 2-3 minutes this time and it was painful. We were still waiting for my anesthesiologist, a different one from my last delivery. Dr. Rene Berdan came in at 630am. Dicky and I was introduced to him by Dra. Aguilar. I was joking Dr. Berdan that if he didn't arrive in the next 15minutes, eh sisigaw na ako! hehehe. I was brought to another room (i think it was the operating room) to administer the epidural anesthesia cause Dr Berdan wants to do it in a flat bed.

Dr. Berdan even prayed for me before he performed the task. I appreciated it very much. When I was brought back to the Lamaze room, Dr Berdan already prepared his camera. I realized that photography was his hobby and he usually brings his own camera during patient's delivery. Dra Aguilar was teasing Dicky that he will have more pictures this time cause we've got a photographer already in the room. Last time kasi, si Dicky ang taga-kuha ng pictures and then he has to coach me pa during delivery. But Dicky knew better also this time, we already bought a tripod so the videocam was already set to capture the whole thing.

I didn't realize that the camera of Dr. Berdan was for photo and video as well so I was suprised to see the AVP that he did.

At 730am, Dra Aguilar performed another IE to me. This time, epidural anesthesia was already at work! I was joking Dra Aguilar..."IE all you want!" hehehe. It was a light atmosphere in the room. I was already 6-7cm. Wow, rupturing the bag of water really made it quick.

At 815am, another IE was perfomed, I was 8cm already. We practiced pushing 3 times.

At 840am, I was almost there. According to Dra Aguilar, she can almost feel the head of Bianca. She went out of the room and instructed the resident doctors to prep me. 10 minutes after, the Lamaze Room was full. Dr Berdan was beside me all throughout. The pediatrician arrived already with nurses from huggery, 2 other resident OBs arrived. 2 midwives prepared me already. They propped up my feet na rin. Dicky, who had a quick sleep was suprised that they were preparing me already.

The midwife was telling me to resist the urge to push cause Dra Aguilar was still out suit scrubbing. Few minutes after, Dra Aguilar came back to the room. Checked me again and said it was time already. Dicky was already beside me holding my right hand. I was telling him, I was excited already. He told me, "kaya mo yan! i love you!"

The 2 OB residents were coaching me when to start pushing. It usually has to be during the peak of contractions. They were telling me to "inhale, hold breath...push...1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9, and 10" In the video that Dicky captured (with the help of tripod), it was a total of 4 pushes. It was quick, really quick. I was expecting it to be longer cause with Margaux, it took us a while before she came out. The doctors even have to perform a fundal push to me. But this time, no need for that. Bianca came out naturally! It was just like coming out from the comfort room! Hahaha, what a description!

It was 9:18am when Bianca arrived. I was still widely awake, very much conscious. Dicky then took snapshots and video already of Bianca while being cleaned. At 930am, Dra Aguilar was done with episiotomy. Bianca was brought to me for latching to encourage breastfeeding. But it was just quick. We had photo sessions of course. Dr Berdan was even coaching us to pose. It was really cool!

Bianca was then brought to the nursery. I told Dicky to make sure she has a hospital tag already. I even asked for the Apgar Score. It was 9. I was brought to the recovery room and Dicky went back to our room and informed already our families about my delivery. I was the only one in the recovery room cause luckily, I was the only patient that time. I was the only one giving birth that time. Not even in labor room,wala akong kasabay. Oh, I'm sure di napalitan ang baby! It was the same thing with Margaux last year. Wala rin akong kasabay nanganak.

As per Dr. Berdan, I can already eat. No restrictions. So Dicky bought food for me and requested the nurse to give it to me in the recovery room. Stayed in the RR for 2 hours. I was able to rest there a bit.

I was brought to the room before 12nn. Dicky was waiting for me. He asked me to eat my lunch first. We were waiting for the advise of the admission dept if we can already transfer to a bigger room. While room was still not available, I wanted to see the baby already and go to the breastfeeding room. Dicky wheeled me there using a wheelchair. But I can already walk.

Bianca was brought to me in the breastfeeding room. The moment I saw her, I was teary-eyed. She looks like Margaux! I was suprised to know that she was a 7-pounder baby. Margaux was just 6.15lbs and yet Bianca came out so easily and quickly. Well, it's my second anyway.

I took her pictures. I need to cause Dicky needs to bring the copies to Adworks in preparation for the chocolate souvenirs for our hospital guests. I took note also of the details to include in the cover.

After an hour of breastfeeding, went back to the room and we were ready to transfer to a bigger room. Our families arrived in the afternoon. They were able to view Bianca during the viewing hours. I was happy to see Margaux as well. She climed up in my bed and kissed me. She was with her daddy when they went to the nursery and she was pointing to Bianca.

We stayed for another 2 days in the hospital. Went home last November 7. I was just going to the breastfeeding room when called or every 3 hours. We didn't room her in so I can still take some rest and sleep.

When we went home last Nov 7, I was anxious as to how Margaux will accept her baby sister. How will she feel if she sees me carrying Bianca? Dicky and I were suprised when she held Bianca in the head. She was very happy with the arrival of her baby sister. She kisses Bianca always on the head and on her hands. She's even very protective. She says "no!" to the yaya whenever the yaya will hold Bianca.

We now have 2 princesses. Dicky was telling me the other night, 3 na kaming babae sa buhay nya! Our life has changed again this time...the Lord is so good for his blessings. Our family is a blessing!

For pictures, you may want to check the link below.

Thanks for reading this far.

Saturday, November 04, 2006

This is it...

After 37 weeks of waiting...our 2nd baby is ready to come out to the world!

Just came from an OB check-up, 2 hours ago and I was already 3 to 4 cm according to her. She advised us to go to the hospital after dinner tonight. It was de javu! It's the same thing that happened when I was about to deliver to Margaux a year ago. She asked us to just get our stuff from the house, take a bath and proceed to the hospital.

I'm actually in labor as of this writing...but barely can feel the pain!

Hoping for a normal and safe delivery! Hope Bianca is also healthy and normal. Please pray for us!

Monday, October 30, 2006

How's Margaux?...

I realized, I haven't been blogging about Margaux recently. She's already 1 year and 7 months to be exact today. Where did all the time go? Everything was still clear to me when I delivered such a precious baby.

I'm proud to say that she knows already the different parts of her body and face when asked. She even perfects her shape sorter as well. She's good in colors and shapes. Thanks to Brainy Baby DVDs.

Look, how she enjoys riding a motorcycle while his dad plays this videogame in the mall.

"Go faster daddy!"

Monday, October 23, 2006

New Found Hobby...

My partner friend, Tina and I got introduced to a new found hobby...CERAMIC PAINTING!

It was fun doing it in Color Me Mine Shangrila Branch...

Painting my 2nd round plate...

Showing the first plate I did...will see the finish product this week!

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Maternity Portraits...

I was already 32 weeks when these photos were taken by Ging Lorenzo! Worth keeping...worth sharing...!

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

New look...

Been thinking for months now if I would have a haircut! I have been delaying it! But since I would give birth in a month's time, I decided to finally put myself under those scissors of Lucy Britannico herself!

When I went to her salon in glorietta last wednesday, I just tried my luck to check if she was there. And there she was! Hay, i said to's time for a new look!

The above photo was taken by a very talented up and coming photographer, Ging Lorenzo! Thanks Ging! More of these photos in my next post.

Friday, September 22, 2006

And the gender is...

And so if you are reading between the lines of my previous post...

We are having another BABY GIRL!

Might be another carbon copy of Dicky based on the 4d ultrasound...

We will name her BIANCA CHARIZE

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Say hello to our 2nd bundle of joy!

Just came from our 4D Ultrasound in Cardinal Santos. Thank God, the baby is very normal and healthy...

Such a cutie baby...

High nose bone like Margaux...

Her feet...

And then compare her with her Ate Margaux...(her 4d pictures!)

Don't you think they are alike?...

It's for you to tell...

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

The California Trip...(2nd Part)

So here's the second part...

After SFO, my lola picked us up in the evening of August 13, Sunday to stay in their place this time in Salinas, California. It was like 2 hours drive from Marriott San Francisco.

We were very tired already that day so our family slept during the trip. We arrived in Lola Lilia's house around 8pm. We had to unpack some of our stuff and then got ready for a late dinner. It was worth the wait...Lola Lilia served us Tenderloin Steak! Super Yummie! Dicky got excited with it. It was the real American Big Tenderloin Steak. We just can't get enough...hahaha. That's why we ended up sleeping late that night.

The following day, Margaux enjoyed playing in Lola Lilia's garden.

We headed out to check Monterey Bay as well as the 17-mile drive. We also went to Monterey Bay Aquarimum. Margaux enjoyed checking out the fishes...Here are some pictures from the places we've been to...

within 17-mile drive

this area is famously called "Ghost Tree"

Margaux was amazed when she saw the school of Fish!

With the penguins...

We just had to stay with Lola Lilia's place for 2 days. We headed back on Tuesday afternoon in SFO airport for our trip back to Ontario, California. Ate Lyn fetched us in the airport, this time with my mother-in-law. Mommy flew in to LA last minute. She can't miss the reunion that will happen the following weekend with Kuya Erick's family.

We just had to rest the following day and went shopping in Costco and Wal-Mart. Since it's going to be a big Thursday! Disneyland!

Thursday, August 17 when we went to Disneyland. We were suprised to see a lot of people on a weekday. It was summer break actually so then we realized. Margaux had a blast in Disneyland. Can't believe we were actually there. My mother-in-law joined us there.

My favorites...the Winnie-the-Pooh ride and the shops! So many items to and collectibles. Too bad, weren't allowed to ride Indiana Jones so it was just Mommy and Dicky who rode that while Margaux and I enjoyed strolling around.

We waited for the parade as well as the fireworks. I got carried away during the fireworks as i kissed Dicky thanking him for bringing us there! He whispered to me "I promise you, we will go back here again!" He kissed me and Margaux while watching the fireworks on the ground. I shed some tears! Grabe sa drama! But there was something there talaga that made me emotional, esp for the first-timers! Siguro it was the music..."Disneyland, the happiest place on earth...dreams do come true!"

The Parade...

Margaux enjoyed her carousel ride...

This is what you will see in the colorful world of Winnie the Pooh!

In front of the Castle...

Of course...with Mickey Mouse!

It was already almost 11pm when we got home from Disneyland. We were so tired but it's all worth it. The following day, we woke up early for another trip...San Diego, California. Ate Lyn and Mommy picked up in the airport Kuya Erick and his family in San Diego airport. We met them after for lunch in Seaport Restaurant. San Diego is around an hour from Temecula.

We saw a fighter ship docked in San Diego Port and we took advantage of it for some photos...

The Boys... Julian (Kuya Erick's son, Dennis, Dicky and Kuya Erick)

The Girls...(Mommy, Ate Ellen-Kuya Erick's wife, Ate Lyn, me and Margaux)

Late that afternoon, we went to Pechanga Casino which was just near Ate Lyn's place. Played again the slot machine. Too bad, luck wasn't really on our side.

In front of Pechanga Casino

We had to rest early that evening cause the following day was Universal Studios Day. The whole family went. It was truly fun and we all enjoyed the fact that the whole family of Dicky was complete. We arrived in Universal Studios before lunch. We had our quick lunch at Jody Marconi...yummie sausages.

We enjoyed the rides/attractions of Van Helsing, Waterworld, Shrek, Backdraft and the Studio Tour. Though there were lots of people so had to wait for almost 45 minutes for each ride. Too bad, wasn't able to ride Jurassic Park and Mummy Returns already as pregnant women and kids age like Margaux were not allowed. We are hoping for a "next time" anyway.

Some of our pictures in the Universal Studios...

Taken infront of the bookstore in the movie "Notting Hill"

Waiting for our turn for the Universal Tour.

Margaux met Dora, the Explorer.

Getting ready to go home.

We had a great time here.

We ate dinner at Bucca de Beppo again inside the Universal Park. It was a long cue before we were given a table but worth the wait cause of the super yummie food. Di ata ako natunawan ng gabing yun. After which, we checked in Marriot Hotel Courtyard in Old Pasadena. We just had to sleep after checking in because we were so tired from Universal Studios. The following day, Sunday, Dicky together with Margaux, Julian and Kuya Peter went swimming in the pool. Look, how Margaux enjoyed her time!

Dicky and I walked through the Old Pasadena and enjoyed our lunch in one Mexican Restaurant. Old Pasadena is very nice. It was popular for the Rose Parade. We saw Colorado Street where the good restaurants are located. We checked out late that afternoon then we proceeded to Hollywood park and went to hear mass in the church where Ate Lyn and Kuya Peter got married. After the mass, we went to Rodeo Drive/Beverly Hills where the famous expensive shops are situated. We end the day by eating in Max's Restaurant in Glendale as per request of Kuya Erick's family. Hay, bundat na naman kami sa kabusugan!

We went home in Temecula late again that evening. Kuya Erick and his family went back to Alabama already the following day. We just rested that Monday. Tuesday-Friday (August 22-25) were just spent as Shopping Days! We went out everyday after Ate Lyn's off from work to go to the dollar store, Costco, Wal-Mart and last outlet stop in Cabazon. This was the best part! Shopping Galore!

It was friday when we packed and Dicky can't seem to figure out how to fit all the stuff we got in our luggages. We ended up bringing home 3 Balikbayan Boxes, 2 Luggages and we even used up some of my mother-in-law's space in her luggage to fit everything. That's a whole lot of shopping!

We had some last pictorial in the house of Ate Lyn and Kuya Peter before we left for the airport on a saturday afternoon (Aug26). Huhuhu, it was our last day na and we were very very sad :-( Time flew so fast...How we wished we just landed on the airport!

In their kitchen...

In their backyard...

A proof that we had brought along our 2nd baby...

Getting ready to hit the airport...

In the airport, we were saddened for the fact that we are going back home to Manila already. That means going back to real life! Our flight was delayed again for another an hour and a half but that was fine cause we didn't have to make a stopover in Hawaii. We arrived an hour and half early also in NAIA International Airport from the expected 530am to as early as 4am.

Margaux with her mini "baggage"

Do we look sad?

The Jetsetter...

Well, that concludes a blow by blow account of our trip. For more pictures, you can check it at

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

The California Trip...(1st Part)

I still have a hang-over from our 3-weeks vacation in California last August 4-26. It was one great grand vacation for our family. Wouldn't trade off the experience even if it was a hurried and tiring escapade. Allow me to recount the details on this blog...(and oh, these is just the 1st part...)

Aug 4 at 1130pm when we left NAIA terminal 2. We were in the airport around 630pm in time for the 3-hour in advance flight of 10pm. But as usual, PAL is always late. Margaux was already sleeping when the plane took off.

Waiting in line to check in our luggages.

It took us almost 2 hours to get through the check-in and all those security measures being implemented in the airport. Afterwhich, Margaux enjoyed running around the boarding area. In fact, we noticed how happy she was that time and so because of exhaustion, she vomitted! Good thing we were not boarding yet and I had some spare clothes in the carry on luggage. Hay, sayang her terno outfit!

We have boarded the plane but still waiting for the plane to take off, which actually happens after an hour and a half!!! That made Margaux sleep already.

Since we left Manila late, we also arrived in Tom Bradley Airport (LAX Airport) almost 2 hours late. Our ETA was 745pm but we arrived at 930pm. Long cues in immigration awaited us that took us another hour to claim our luggages and meet Dennis (youngest brother of Dicky). We travelled another an hour to get to Riverside where we stayed for the night. This is the place of Ate Lyn and Kuya Peter which they are selling already.

We barely slept that night as Margaux had a hard time adjusting her body clock. We were up until 4am playing with Margaux. 730am when we woke up in preparation for our first itinerary...VIVA LAS VEGAS! We were so excited also about this 5-hour trip. We wanted to hit the road early so we can arrive there in Treasure Island (our hotel in Vegas) in time for check-in. Dennis rented a nice Toyota Van so it was so convenient for us. Thanks to Ate Lyn for providing the carseat and umbroller for Margaux.

We had a blast in Las Vegas from August 5-7. There were lots of people since it was summer break that time. Margaux was not fond of riding the umbroller the first day. We had to explain to her and show her that other kids were riding it so she will agree. That was the hard part of the trip since we have to go from one hotel to another.

My favorites...

the awesome fountain show infront of Bellagio Hotel.

the magnificent facade of Ceasar's Palace.

Monday, August 7 when we checked out from our hotel. We had our yummie buffet lunch at Luxor Hotel and proceeded to Las Vegas Premium Outlets. It was so hot that day but nothing can stop us to enjoy shopping. I got new pairs of shoes for Margaux. I got excited when I saw that there's Stride Rite Outlet there. We finished shopping late afternoon, enough time for us to travel back to Riverside. We stayed for another night there.

Tuesday morning, August 8, when we travelled going to Temecula, California already. It was our first time to see the house of Ate Lyn and Kuya Peter. It was so beautiful. Dicky and I were joking that we don't want to go back to the Philippines anymore, instead stay there na lang for good. Ate Lyn and Kuya Peter were generously offering their place.

Margaux enjoyed playing in their big backyard.

That same day, Kuya Peter and Dicky enjoyed playing in the driving range of Redhawk, the golf and country club near their village, while Ate Lyn, Margaux and I waited for them in the club.

We went shopping to Costco afterwards. I love Costco! There's a lot of things to buy there. The day after, we also went to Temecula Mall. I enjoyed shopping in Bath and Body Works. While Margaux enjoyed her time in the play area.

August 10, Thursday is our domestic flight to San Francisco. We took the Ontario airport which is just about 30 minutes away from Riverside so we stayed there the night before. It was the exact day when the liquids and gels are not allowed in carry on luggages. And security level in all US airports were heightened. Good thing i had presciptions with me for the medicines of Margaux. I was worried for this flight because of our last experience on the place with Margaux but Dicky was just so good in entertaining her and we survived it.

Ms Sherry's family (former boss of Dicky) fetched us in the airport. She wasn't there cause that was the same day that she has to go to Denver for work. We couldn't thank her enough for the generosity she and her family extended to us during our stay in SFO. We enjoyed the company of her kids and husband, Ronnie. Coming from the airport, we ate in a Chinese Restaurant nearby and headed to the must-see places in SFO. Oh, and I love the weather there!

We walked up to the middle of Golden Gate Bridge.

Can't believe we were there! Finally saw it before my eyes and not just in pictures and movies! (OA ano?)

We enjoyed our late afternoon here...Fisherman's Wharf!

Eating the super yummie...clam chowder!

We were actually dropped off in our Hotel-Marriott San Francisco at around 8pm already. We had a good night stay that evening in preparation for my events the following day.

Next day, August 11 is the time for me to set-up for the bridal fair. I was suprised to realize that the venue of the fair was just a building away from where we were staying, Marriott San Francisco. It was so convenient! I also attended the cocktails that happened that night. Dicky and Margaux had to walk with me going to Bayanihan Community Center, where the cocktails took place and we enjoyed strolling around downtown SFO.

The bridal fair run for 2 days (saturday-sunday). While I was in the fair, Dicky and Margaux enjoyed walking around the city and playing in Yerba Buena Gardens which was just across the fair venue. They also visited me once in a while in the fair.

And oh, we had a sumptuous lunch at Bucca de Beppo on a Saturday courtesy of Mickee! Super yummie the food. Margaux and Kail met also the first time...

That Saturday evening, Ms. Sherry and her family again picked us up in our hotel to go to Pacifica. This is one of our most memorable experiences. We were actually in the shores of Pacific Ocean. It was so cold....can't barely stand being outside for a long time.

It's freezing cold here...

Dicky's feet got numb after dipping it into the water...

Look at Margaux's face!

The wind blew us out!...with the family of Ms. Sherry!

And then we ate in the famous and expensive Cliff House! (where famous personalities and celebrities dine in)

We were brought back to the hotel almost 11pm already. Still have another day for the bridal fair.

What's good about the entire trip was that it was summer in California that time so at 730pm, the sun was still up. Sunset begins around 8-830pm already.

This was a recount of our first 9 days in the California...there's more to tell...will post the 2nd part soon.