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Monday, March 31, 2008

How did Margaux celebrate her birthday?

Find out here how Margaux celebrated her 3rd birthday last weekend.

Margaux for Big School?

We already went to Miriam College Child Study Center last wednesday to apply Margaux for First Step this coming June. We submitted the requirements and we were asked to go back the following day for her interview. We had a tour of the whole school facilities. Dicky and I were very happy of what we saw. They have a vast area for the students in CSC. The First Step class where Margaux will belong has a big play area with sand bars and a treehouse. They have their own library and chapel. What's good about it also is that they are separated from the Grade School Building so it is really not so crampped especially during drop-off and pick-up time of the students. The Principal was the one who toured us and was very pleasant in convincing us to enroll Margaux there this schoolyear.

We went back the following day for the interview. I was not allowed to come in but since Margaux doesn't really want to enter the guidance counsellor's room, she allowed the yaya to join Margaux inside. The interview was just less than 20 minutes. The guidance counsellor went out after to hand me a paper and said that results of the interview will be released a week after.

I was so "praning" and worried about it. I wonder if there's someone failing on the interview? I asked Margaux's yaya what happened inside. She said that Margaux was asked few questions but didn't answer. Yay! Well, she is really like that. She doesn't want to talk to someone she doesn't know. Medyo diesel kasi ang anak kong yun. But once she gets used to the environment, she's definitely fine already like with her current school, she's very happy and comfortable with her classmates and teachers already.

I immediately called up Dicky about it. I was so damn worried and up until now, I'm anxious until wednesday for the result. What if they don't accept Margaux? It will be not be a trauma for my daughter but it is going to be MY TRAUMA.

I would definitely protest! How could they not accept my daughter? What would be their basis, because she didn't talk during the interview? Isn't the reason why I'm going to enroll her in that school is for her to overcome her shyness and that her personality be developed?

Hay, I'm hoping for a good result on wednesday!

Mommy woes!

High School Life

Got this tag from Arlene.

THINK BACK TO 4th year high school… Let’s see how much you remember and how much you regret..

What section were you? Section 1

Who were your seatmates? I honestly can't remember na. Hahaha. Parang walang permanent seat kasi eh.

Still remember your English teacher?Yes, Mr. De Guzman, our class adviser

What was your first class? History

Made friends to the lower years? Yes, but few lang. (elite ka na pag 4th year eh).

How was your class schedule? 7:30am to 4:15pm

Made any enemies? I can't remember, hehehe. Wala naman siguro.

Who was your favorite teacher? Our adviser, Mr. De Guzman

What sport did you play? None. I'm not sporty eh. Mga plays and dance classes ang sinalihan ko! (and beauty contest, lol!)

Were you a party animal? Yep, yep yep!

Were you well known in your school? Hmm, I would say yes. Always been part of school programs.

SKIP CLASSES? No, super higpit. You can't really go out when you enter school.

Did you get suspended/expelled? Never.

Can you sing the alma mater?I think I can still recall.

What was your favorite subject? History and Physics.

Did you go to the dances? yes.

Where did you go most often during breaks? Foyer area.

What did you do on the last day of school? party!

I'm tagging now Jane, Thea and Peachy.

Easter Celebration

We celebrated the Black Saturday and Easter Sunday in Grande Island in Subic. We left at 630am, saturday, March 22 from south area to get to subic before 10am since the ferry boat to grande island is leaving at 1015am. We passed thru the new Subic-Clark Interchange and it only took us less than 40 minutes from the new exit in NLEX between Dau and Sta. Ines. It was a nice route. Ganda ng scenery. I would really recommend passing this new route whenever going to Subic. Ganda ng pagkakagawa, feels like your passing some freeways in the US.

We arrived in Subic as early as 9am. We boarded the Ferry Boat exactly at 10:15am. The ferry ride is just about 15-20 minutes. So we arrived in Grande Island before lunch. Since our rooms were not yet ready, we decided to eat lunch first and rent the ATV (all terrain vehicle) for 30 minutes. The resort is just A-ok. I think it wasn't maintained well. They only have one big pool and there's no kiddie pool. The food in the restaurant has no variety. They only serve Chinese food. Breakfast is also nothing spectacular. Good thing we only stayed for overnight. The service was bad also. I feel like they do lack in number of staff to assist the guests. I don't know if it was because they were fully booked that time but we have been to other resorts before wherein it was peak season as well but still felt that service was rendered properly. I won't really much recommend it actually. Nevertheless, we still made the most out of our trip and I guess the kids enjoyed na rin in the pool.

Here are some pictures...

Thursday, March 27, 2008

After Visita Iglesia

We went to a friend's farm after doing our Visita Iglesias last Holy Thursday to churches located in Tagaytay and Tanauan, Batangas. The kids have fun playing with all the animals in there, while me and Dicky enjoyed a lot the food prepared by the hosts. It wasn't fasting at all. It was fast eating. Hehehe.

Here are some pictures:

Dicky and Margaux feeding the ducks

Bianca doesn't want to go down with the ducks :-(

With Jon, our host, also Bianca's ninong

Playing with the horse

Bianca loves the dog instead.

Busy playing with Sam

Lounging around the grass

Finally a haircut...

No, not me. I don't have a courage yet to cut my hair. I need to pull all the forces to do that. I always want a sleek and straight hair so cutting it would make my rebond awful. The curls will definitely go back.

So instead of me going with the trend, we put Margaux's hair to test. Guess who cut it? The daddy!

She really doesn't want a haircut in a salon. We have been convincing her but we always fail. One morning yesterday, while busy watching sesame street, Dicky took advantage. She barely noticed that her hair was cut already. But she's definitely happy with it anyway. No more curls at the end!

It suits her. She looks fab and healthier. :-)

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

BFF Award

This came from Jesse. Thanks for never failing to give me awards. Keep it coming.

Ouch No More!

Finally, ouch no more for my toothache. I requested the dentist to just put fillings "pasta" for my cracked molar instead of insisting for a root canal. It is effective so far cause I'm not experiencing pain anymore. I guess the nerves are really not affected yet. Good thing, rather than giving in to the initial suggestion of root canal.

Friday, March 21, 2008

Margaux's Moving Up Day

It was Margaux's Moving Up Day last March 15. We were proud parents who were very happy because she performed well for the dance number they had in the tune of "Listen to the Water."

And I almost cried while watching her and also after listening to their perfomance of "Through the Years." The teachers prepared also a slideshow of the "kids at school" pictures with their individual video messages. Margaux said "I love you mommy and daddy!" in the video. I cried. Then she handed me a stem of rose afterwards.

Here are some pictures. (I can't post the video, tsk, tsk...internet connection issue!)

Another Ouch!

Can you imagine spending about 20K just for a tooth! This is the quote of my dentist to restore my cracked molar. 14K for the root canal and 6K for the crowning seal.

Ouch, lalong sumakit ang ngipin ko! I also had a headache after learning about it.

I'm now thinking if I'll push through with it.

I might as well have it extracted :-(

Crossroads, lol!

Tuesday, March 18, 2008


I have a toothache!

What caused it? I ate pancit in Tagaytay Highlands few weeks back and there's a stone on it! Nagcrack my molar. It's so ouchy now!

I'm going to the dentist first thing tomorrow morning.

I'll sedate myself to Mefenamic Acid for tonight.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Linky Love Tag again...

Thanks to Doc Joey for this.


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Now, I'm tagging Farah, Jesse and Dez.

Rule of Four

Got the tag from Farah and Jesse. Thanks for this.

4 jobs i have had:
Dealer Coordinator
Customer Service Officer
Business Development Officer
Sales Administration Manager

4 movies i watched over and over:
I don't really watch movies all over again. lol!

4 shows I watch:
American Idol
Sex in the City

4 places I have been:
For Local: Boracay

4 places I would rather be:
Shopping in Hongkong
Sightseeing in Singapore
Being with relatives in US
Touring Europe

4 things I look forward to this year:
Our 6th year wedding anniversary
My daughters' birthdays
Trips and
More Trips

Snag it if you like...

Friday, March 07, 2008

Off to Baguio!

Headed off to Baguio now. Have a wedding there tomorrow, Saturday. I love Baguio! I'll be back with Strawberries and Ube Jams.

Hope it's not raining there.

Will definitely miss the kids :-( :-( :-(

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Hand me downs...

Bianca has been wearing mostly the clothes of her Ate Margaux already.

The advantage of having both girls!

Bible Online...

Way back when we were still in a Catholic Community, I have always been a Bible reader. I have to admit that I have not been religiously reading recently. But I still turn to the bible especially for any concerns in life. I always believe especially in most decision-making we would have to do, it is still good to read the bible cause you will definitely find an answer from there. I also would love to receive those bible verses from emails. I envy the patience of those who have the time and effort to evangelize people. In one of the emails I received, a friend introduced me to an
Online Bible. This is such a great resource for reading scriptures with the medium of internet. Well, that's how technology goes, that you can even read bible online. Admittedly, it is a such bright idea. Imagine reading a daily scripture that can inspire you for the rest of the day? It is indeed a brilliant concept. The site is also a good resource especially for those handling bible study groups cause it can give insights and tools in how to manage in discussing the selected verse. And my favorite christian songs are also posted there complete with lyrics. I'm definitely adding the site to my favorites.

Monday, March 03, 2008

Mother's Instinct...

They said mother's instinct always works best. A number have asked me what made me suspect Margaux has Primary Complex. Here are some of my observations:

1. She's not fond of eating thus...

2. She's not gaining weight.

3. She has cough and colds often like almost every month.

4. She sometimes complain of being tired after playing.

5. She complains of chest pains last week.

The above made me suspect she has primary complex so I insisted her to be tested. We're on our 4th day of treatment. Good thing the little girl is not complaining of the medicines she has to take.

Nip and Tuck...

Are you watching the show Nip and Tuck? Well, I watched few episodes in cable. It is pretty entertaining. In most of the episodes I watched, there would always be a patient who would want either a tummy tuck or a liposuction. Honestly, I have been thinking if these kind of procedures are worth it to try to get back to my figure of 110lbs before I got married. There are more pounds to shed and it's hard to get back to the groove of exercising! I'm frustrated. Well, can't blame those who would really like to try it especially the celebrities who did it because of the need for their job. It's also so hard to diet so I'm kinda hopeless already. Well, they said that after pregnancy, which I had two already, you will really have excess skin and fat around the belly. Pregnancy also decreases the strength and tone of the muscles beneath. Most are opting for abdominoplasty to address this problem. And this is very common not only for women but for men as well. In the country, there are few known surgeons who could do this. But I learned that in the US, a number of people are trusting Rodeo Drive Plastic Surgery. Well, it is located in the popular location of Rodeo Drive so you could expect hollywood celebities being some of their patients. When you actually make your initial consultation, they will examine and discuss with you the recommendations they have on the specific type of abdominoplasty. There's a number of procedures to choose from actually. But since this procedure will create a scar on the skin, they also offer a scar reduction program, which would work to minimize the appearance of the scar. Oh, and they also offer breast augmentation. They are also known to have perfected this procedure. Well, reading about Rodeo Drive Plastic Surgey, I have associated it with all the things I have watched in Nip and Tuck.

On search for friends...

I do miss some of my friends. I miss my friends way back in grade school. I miss those in high school and some from college. I also miss my former officemates way back when I was still working. A number of them have actually moved out. Some migrated to different countries. I have lost touch with them. It is sad cause I still want to be in in touch with them. I wonder what's up to their lives. I wonder what they have been doing recently. I would love to learn more about them. I don't know where to start so I started to research. I tried to find if there's a site where you can find people. I wonder if there's a site that offers people search, where I could get information for my friends' contact details. It would be great to learn about their email addresses at least so I can be in touch with them. What a suprise to learn that there's actually a People Finder site. Yes, there is. The site actually have a master database of billions of records with updated and current contact information for the person you are searching for. is actually an online service to locate, contact and verify people and businesses. Don't you think it would be a good idea to be reunited with friends you have lost touch with? I have been looking now for some of my friends way back in grade school. A number of them are staying in the US already. I have sent them emails already. Can't wait for their replies.

Margaux's new addiction...

The little girl has been imitating me on using her laptop. She just loves it. She said she's going to the office also. Well, the new toy is very educational. Bought it in the US a year ago but didn't open it till she learned how to use it by herself.

But can you see how "thin" she is now? Hay :-(

Saturday, March 01, 2008

Learning to budget

I had to admit that I am so bad in budgetting. I do not even know what it is. It is Dicky who is very good with it. In fact, he is starting to teach me to do it. He gave me an excel form to follow. Well, I account all the money coming in but those coming out, I barely record it. I am just good in using different credit cards. But I am a very responsible user of credit cards. I learned my lessons already so I am paying everything full on time to due date. With it, I want to learn more about handling money. I came across a site that offers information about money saving tips. Their comparison tables say for home insurance quotes and car insurance quotes can help you save money and guide you in choosing the right product or provider. This site is called which have interesting topic about saving money and making money. The have a variety of information where you can choose from. In fact this site is even one of the the Top 10 most visited websites providing Business & Finance Information in the UK. Check them out if you want to learn budgetting like me.