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Monday, March 31, 2008

Easter Celebration

We celebrated the Black Saturday and Easter Sunday in Grande Island in Subic. We left at 630am, saturday, March 22 from south area to get to subic before 10am since the ferry boat to grande island is leaving at 1015am. We passed thru the new Subic-Clark Interchange and it only took us less than 40 minutes from the new exit in NLEX between Dau and Sta. Ines. It was a nice route. Ganda ng scenery. I would really recommend passing this new route whenever going to Subic. Ganda ng pagkakagawa, feels like your passing some freeways in the US.

We arrived in Subic as early as 9am. We boarded the Ferry Boat exactly at 10:15am. The ferry ride is just about 15-20 minutes. So we arrived in Grande Island before lunch. Since our rooms were not yet ready, we decided to eat lunch first and rent the ATV (all terrain vehicle) for 30 minutes. The resort is just A-ok. I think it wasn't maintained well. They only have one big pool and there's no kiddie pool. The food in the restaurant has no variety. They only serve Chinese food. Breakfast is also nothing spectacular. Good thing we only stayed for overnight. The service was bad also. I feel like they do lack in number of staff to assist the guests. I don't know if it was because they were fully booked that time but we have been to other resorts before wherein it was peak season as well but still felt that service was rendered properly. I won't really much recommend it actually. Nevertheless, we still made the most out of our trip and I guess the kids enjoyed na rin in the pool.

Here are some pictures...