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Monday, March 03, 2008

Mother's Instinct...

They said mother's instinct always works best. A number have asked me what made me suspect Margaux has Primary Complex. Here are some of my observations:

1. She's not fond of eating thus...

2. She's not gaining weight.

3. She has cough and colds often like almost every month.

4. She sometimes complain of being tired after playing.

5. She complains of chest pains last week.

The above made me suspect she has primary complex so I insisted her to be tested. We're on our 4th day of treatment. Good thing the little girl is not complaining of the medicines she has to take.


Jane said...

on #3. ganyan din si sophia eh ... i wonder if i should let her get tested.

Peachy said...

u wont notice the 6 mos.. buti shes ok with the meds:)

and just like u, tested kmi lahat dito sa household, even ung helper namn dati. pro joaqui got his from gelo's dad. kasi madalas din kami dun before.

good health for the kids:)

Jody said...

Jane, better ask your pedia pero si Sophie naman eh malusog so baka wala. Ask mo na lang baka naman allergy na yung kanya like allergic rhinitis kaya parang parating may sipon.

Peachy, medyo tyagaan nga eh. Pero you mean, meron din si Joaqui before? Yun nga eh, wala naman sa amin ata. Ata pa lang cause my parents di pa nagtest.