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Monday, March 03, 2008

Nip and Tuck...

Are you watching the show Nip and Tuck? Well, I watched few episodes in cable. It is pretty entertaining. In most of the episodes I watched, there would always be a patient who would want either a tummy tuck or a liposuction. Honestly, I have been thinking if these kind of procedures are worth it to try to get back to my figure of 110lbs before I got married. There are more pounds to shed and it's hard to get back to the groove of exercising! I'm frustrated. Well, can't blame those who would really like to try it especially the celebrities who did it because of the need for their job. It's also so hard to diet so I'm kinda hopeless already. Well, they said that after pregnancy, which I had two already, you will really have excess skin and fat around the belly. Pregnancy also decreases the strength and tone of the muscles beneath. Most are opting for abdominoplasty to address this problem. And this is very common not only for women but for men as well. In the country, there are few known surgeons who could do this. But I learned that in the US, a number of people are trusting Rodeo Drive Plastic Surgery. Well, it is located in the popular location of Rodeo Drive so you could expect hollywood celebities being some of their patients. When you actually make your initial consultation, they will examine and discuss with you the recommendations they have on the specific type of abdominoplasty. There's a number of procedures to choose from actually. But since this procedure will create a scar on the skin, they also offer a scar reduction program, which would work to minimize the appearance of the scar. Oh, and they also offer breast augmentation. They are also known to have perfected this procedure. Well, reading about Rodeo Drive Plastic Surgey, I have associated it with all the things I have watched in Nip and Tuck.