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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Ouch No More!

Finally, ouch no more for my toothache. I requested the dentist to just put fillings "pasta" for my cracked molar instead of insisting for a root canal. It is effective so far cause I'm not experiencing pain anymore. I guess the nerves are really not affected yet. Good thing, rather than giving in to the initial suggestion of root canal.


Mickee said...

Hi Jody, share ko lang... you might want to have your infected tooth x-ray'd. When Regie came over, our dentist had to re-do all his fillings kasi nabubulok na pala talaga yung loob, puro filling lang ginagawa ng dentist dyaan pag sumasakit ang ipin. Sabi nga ng dentist namin, pwedeng mag-cause yun ng bad breath pag hindi naayos yung bulok na ipin sa loob ng pasta.

Just sharing my two cents...

Jody said...

Hi Mickee! How are you? Actually had it xray nga and nakita na di pa affected the nerve inside. Buti na lang, so fillings na lang talaga and no need for root canal. Thank God!