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Saturday, March 01, 2008

Learning to budget

I had to admit that I am so bad in budgetting. I do not even know what it is. It is Dicky who is very good with it. In fact, he is starting to teach me to do it. He gave me an excel form to follow. Well, I account all the money coming in but those coming out, I barely record it. I am just good in using different credit cards. But I am a very responsible user of credit cards. I learned my lessons already so I am paying everything full on time to due date. With it, I want to learn more about handling money. I came across a site that offers information about money saving tips. Their comparison tables say for home insurance quotes and car insurance quotes can help you save money and guide you in choosing the right product or provider. This site is called which have interesting topic about saving money and making money. The have a variety of information where you can choose from. In fact this site is even one of the the Top 10 most visited websites providing Business & Finance Information in the UK. Check them out if you want to learn budgetting like me.