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Friday, February 29, 2008

The result...

It’s primary complex!

It’s sad. It’s a long process of medication but come to think of it, my “mommy’s instinct” worked. I have a bad feeling she has that’s why I really insisted for her to be tested. We have started medication yesterday.

Now, all of us in the house must be tested. I want to know who’s the culprit!


MGY said...

aw :( Here's a hug for margaux.

napaisip ako, meron din kaya akong mommy instinct :D

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Paul and Toni said...

aw. :( hope she's ok.
like mel napaisip din ako kung may mommy instinct ako. hehe!

che-ann said...

hi mare, thanks for living a message in my inactive blog. missing you too ...

sad to see the news ... be patient with the treatments and always remember that this kind of things happen so whoever the culprit is, be very gentle ok. kisses to margaux.

Jody said...


Thanks for the cyberhug. I know she's going to be ok naman. Pero buti na lang din nga nadetect agad. Now, we know but di sya tumataba.


I'm sure we all have mommy instincts. Margaux kasi have been coughing na rin for 2 weeks tsaka parang di gumagaling then pumayat talaga sya. Kaya insisted her to be tested.


Mare, miss you a lot! Hoping to catch on you soon online. I have chika for you. Kaya nga tyaga daw sa treatment. We don't know yet sino ang meron sa amin, baka nga mamaya nasa amin pala ni Dicky. Papatest din kami eh.

abie said...

HI Jody,

hugs for margaux. Hope she will be okay soon. Buti na lang din na detect agad para ma treat sya agad.

Pam said...

Hi Jody,

Hope Margaux is all well..

♥SomethingPurple♥ said...

hey jody don't worry too much, ive known kids with that kind of condition especially there with all the pollution's 100% treatable so stop worrying ok. margaux will be fine.

btw, kindly add me to your sites thanks a bunch! happy weekend!

Kelly said...

hi jody, good thing you had your little girl checked.

what are the signs ba of primary complex?

apple said...

aaaw, PC nga! =(
si austin din payatot, kaya pala, PC din. hopefully, we'll be done with the meds before his actual bday.

ok lang yan, tyagaan lang talaga and kontig ingat. wala namang bawal eh.

theworkingmom said...

Hi, Jody! Don't worry too much about primary complex, it's treatable naman, mahaba nga lang ang gamutan. That's the problem here in the Philippines, TB is still endemic (widespread) kasi. A lot of people do not take the whole course of medications (6 months) even if they are diagnosed kaya hindi sila gumagaling at nakakalat nila ang TB bacillus.
--Joey (my new site)